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Compatibility of names in marriage and love: numeric code

Compatibility of names in marriage and love — the calculation of partnerships

The secret of the name is contained in a numeric code that can be recognized. Since ancient times, thinkers and philosophers have tried to understand the hidden meaning of a combination of sounds in their numerical terms. Name compatibility is the key to harmonious and long-lasting relationships.

This provision has already been approved by modern psychologists. We learn how to calculate the prospect of a relationship with a partner in love and marriage, and how to avoid annoying misunderstandings in relationships.

Compatibility of names in marriage and love: numeric code

Meaning of the name

The sound of a person’s name causes a different emotional response in people. Someone like the name, and someone causes unpleasant associations.

What is the reason? The name of a person creates in space certain vibrations that make a change in the surrounding reality.

If these vibrations coincide with ours, the person seems pleasant to us. If they do not coincide, we cannot perceive it adequately.

Choosing a name is a crucial step, because its value determines the future life of a little person. Our Orthodox ancestors were not wise with the choice of name, and called the baby in honor of the saint, celebrated on the day of birth of the newborn.

This determined the fate of the new man.

In the modern world, not many people are named according to the calendar, mostly they are guided by the euphony of the name and other criteria. People who want to get married should independently study the meaning of the name of the chosen one in order to make an approximate forecast of the success of their choice.

The numeric code of the name contains all the information about the person:

  • his character;
  • attachment;
  • hobbies;
  • attitude towards the opposite sex.

This numeric code is read by the subconscious and determines our relationship to the person. It is not necessary to hear the name — you can just read it. The coincidence of the numerical code is important not only for the selection of staff, it is also important for the relationship between a man and a woman.

You can make a relationship horoscope, but the numerical vibration makes decisive adjustments in the sphere of human communication.

The calculation of the numeric code of the name will give an idea about the dynamics of the development of relations, about the compatibility of the marriage couple, about the necessary adjustment of relations. Also, this information will help to understand the mysteriousness of the partner and find out the motives of behavior.

Compatibility of names in marriage and love: numeric code

Numeric code

First we proceed to the calculation of the numeric code names. It is based on the search for a unifying number name

This calculation is suitable both to determine the compatibility of marriage partners, and to determine the prospects of a business union.

To calculate, you need to write the name and surname of a person in a column, and next to each letter put its serial number in the alphabet. For example, the sequence number of the letter A is 1, the letter B is 2, and so on. Calculate the numeric code for the name Maria:

Now let’s calculate the numerical code of the last name — Ivanov.

We ended up with two fours. Now you need to add them to get the final number.

It will be equal to eight. Now the same actions are carried out with the name and surname of the chosen one or business partner.

After that, you need to add up the final numbers — yours and your chosen one. The harmony of relationships is determined by all even numbers, the disharmony is expressed by all odd numbers.

The exception to the rule is the number 18 — it symbolizes complete indifference and lack of interest.

Does an odd final number predict an unhappy marriage and a lack of understanding? This is not always the case, and mutual understanding can be.

But all the circumstances will develop in the most unfavorable way, and the marriage couple will have to overcome various obstacles on the way to happiness.

The exception to the odd series of totals are the numbers 19 and 21 — they predict a harmonious and happy union.

The question of changing the name

How will the change of last name affect the marriage relationship? The most direct way.

Therefore, before marriage, it is necessary to make a calculation with the name of the future husband and see the result. If it turns out to be unfavorable, it makes no sense to change the last name.

Compatibility of names in marriage and love: numeric code

Name sound

This technique allows you to determine compatibility in relationships through the perception of a name by ear. How do we perceive the sound of the name, how do we react to sound waves?

The sound defines a set of letters — a combination of vowels and consonants.

The more similar sounds in the names of partners, the more harmonious the relationships will be.

The ideal relationship in this case will be matching names — Valentine and Valentine, Alexander and Alexander, etc.

Consider what characteristics each letter of the alphabet has.

  • And — bears vibrations of activity, power, internal force.
  • B — allows extrasensory perception.
  • B — allows you to feel the unity with the world, and is also characterized by some flimsy.
  • G — brings secrets and mystery.
  • D — determines the propensity to the esoteric, and also gives a person a capricious character.
  • E — gives the gift to see the essence of things, as well as the ability to overcome obstacles on the way.
  • E is an emotional perception of the world, a desire to express your opinion.
  • W — gives a rich imagination and versatile development.
  • З — endows the intuitive perception of the world, and also gives dissatisfaction with what has been achieved.
  • And — gives a subtle perception of the world, responsiveness and extravagance.
  • K — gives insight and gives a sense of support.
  • L — a rich imagination, acting skills, a creative approach to the world.
  • M — conscientiousness, hard work, shyness, attentiveness to others.
  • H — gives a person ambition and claims to success, gives a lively imagination and a desire for the right way of thinking.
  • About — unrestrained people in emotions.
  • P — endows complexes and superstitions, a person puts a mask on his face to hide his insecurity.
  • Р — unshakable self-confidence, following the established rules.
  • C — gives a person a critical mind, a desire for power and control over all.
  • T — gives the sensitivity and desire for self-improvement.
  • Y — gives the development of intuition and the ability to empathy.
  • F — gives tenderness, original thinking and the desire to exaggerate everything.
  • X — defines variability in the interests, decency and sexual modesty.
  • C — the desire to dominate, ambition and excessive pride.
  • H — this is dedication and ambition.
  • Ø — the desire for power, lack of tolerance.
  • U — a person of an open soul, a developed mind, a sense of purpose.
  • Kommersant is the ability to negotiate, loyalty.
  • S — materialism, earthiness.
  • B — the ability to ripen to the root.
  • E — curiosity, the ability to express your thoughts beautifully.
  • Yu — sacrifice, willpower.
  • I am a developed mind, creative thinking, pride.

The presence of growling consonants in the name determines the rigidity of the character. Also, the rigidity and complexity of the character is determined by the length of the person’s name.

What is the role of the patronymic in the fate of a person? The sound range of the middle name makes its own adjustments to the general numerical code — it strengthens or weakens the bright sides of the character.

For example, a hard name with a soft patronymic significantly softens the overall final version. Therefore, you need to investigate the quality of a person by name and patronymic.

What if the partner’s name forms his ugly character traits? In this case, numerologists advise to come up with a tender nickname, having thought through the combination of all sounds in advance.

If people do not match each other by name, you can always find a way out of the situation by applying ingenuity.

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