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Compatibility Guess

Compatibility Guess

Guessing on love compatibility will help you find out your future with the person you are interested in, or rather, answer the questions: will you be with him or not and whether he is suitable for you.

For a free guessing on compatibility, you will need a red thread or a tape about 20 cm long, your ring, which you constantly wear and the thing of the person you are interested in, on which compatibility you want to tell fortunes. You can take any thing: it can be a photograph, a watch, a decoration and even a piece of clothing. The main thing is that this thing has a direct connection with the person conceived.

How to tell fortunes

Thread the thread or ribbon into the ring. You should have a pendulum. On the table in front of you, place the thing of the person you want to tell fortunes to. Take the pendulum in your hand and lift it over the thing.

The distance from the pendulum ring to the thing should not be very large, maximum 5 cm.

Focus on who you’re guessing. Think of his positive qualities, then about the negative ones. Introduce him next to you.

Next, observe how the pendulum will behave. From this depends on the result of divination for compatibility.

  • If the pendulum rotates back and forth or clockwise, this is a good sign. You are well suited to each other and your future together is very likely.
  • If the pendulum began to rotate counterclockwise or left-right, then with this you do not fit each other, you do not have compatibility, and your pair is likely to fall apart, or you will be together, but you will not be happy.
  • If the pendulum remains in place and does not move, then it means that your future with this person will be in his and your hands. If you both want to be together, then everything will work out.

Of course, you shouldn’t trust fully the compatibility guessing, whatever it is. However, it is possible, and even necessary, to think about the prediction itself! If this fortune telling will show that you will not be together with a partner, then this is no reason to be upset, but, on the contrary, the motivation to action!

Everything can always be changed! Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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