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Compatibility by date of birth in love and marriage

Compatibility by date of birth in love and marriage: numerological calculation

You can easily calculate compatibility by date of birth with a partner, using numerological methods. As a result, get a detailed analysis of your relationship, identify their strengths and weaknesses.

We share ways.

How to calculate compatibility in love and marriage

Despite the fact that each person is an individual with his own character, strengths and weaknesses, with the help of numerological methods you can literally “put it on the shelves”.

Compatibility by date of birth in love and marriage

Numerology is a mathematically exact science, that is why the compatibility horoscope surprisingly coincides with real life. To find out the compatibility of your pair, you need to know the full dates of birth of both partners.

Consider the calculation by example:

  1. Date of birth of the girl: 10/16/1991. Add all the numbers: 1 + 6 + 1 + 0 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 1 = 28. Continue the addition until one prime number remains: 2 + 8 = 10, 1 + 0 = 1.
  2. Similarly, count the number of compatibility partner. For example, his birth date is 01/01/1984: 0 + 1 + 0 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 4 = 24, 2 + 4 = 6.
  3. And then add both numbers: 1 + 6 = 7.

As a result, you will get the compatibility number of your pair. Next, you need to decipher what the number you received by means of simple calculations means, and determine the forecast of relations in the near and distant future.

The value of each digit will be considered separately.

This number indicates a partnership. In a pair, both set one common goal and go to it, investing equally.

They prefer to do everything together, it is easy for them to agree with each other. Strive to develop and become better.

Compatibility by date of birth in love and marriage

But there are drawbacks to such a union. Both the man and the woman in this pair are strong personalities.

Therefore, everyone will strive to dominate, insist on his own, to be the main. This problem is solved if you manage to learn to find compromises and listen to each other’s desires.

This union is very dependent on money. Most likely the relationship is based on something material. There is a high probability of a marriage of convenience, for mercenary purposes.

Well, if both of it settles, and there is no consumer attitude.

In general, the union can be favorable, because people enjoy being with each other, they respect and accept the interests and desires of the partner. If they are united by a business or some other common cause that brings profit, true love can come to marriage.

You should not wait for a strong passion, but trusting and harmonious relations are quite likely.

Union of two frivolous, creative individuals. They are never bored with each other, but they will have to forget about peace of mind.

Stormy conflicts alternate with equally stormy reconciliations.

In this pair, passions will always seethe, no one is able to endure such emotional heat for a long time, therefore everything can end in parting with painful consequences.

Betrayal, unfulfilled promises, irresponsibility and betrayal — the probability of all this is too high for a marriage to be successful.

In such a pair, partners are very comfortable. They choose calm, stability.

This is a union of two conservatives, perhaps even Monogamous, so the relationship can exist for a very long time.

In relationships reigns harmony. There is true spiritual intimacy between man and woman.

They strive to give each other warmth, care and attention, and all the negative prefer to live only in the surrounding world.

Five — the number of love. This is a bright, passionate relationship in which people are inexorably attracted to each other.

The union will be favorable if the man and the woman can reach not only sexual, but also spiritual affinity.

It is very important to sometimes forget about your own egoism, learn to listen to a partner, understand his desires and needs. Then happiness and harmony are just around the corner.

Five relationships are exactly what is shown in romantic love films. Everyone dreams of them, forgetting about the hidden, “dark” side, which is usually not visible to others.

Very mundane people, realists. Stand on their feet and never soar in the clouds.

They may become ideal business partners, but they may lack emotion in relationships.

The best interaction for these men and women is friendship, and for love it’s worth looking for someone else. Because if feelings arise, they will pass very quickly, giving way to habit and mutual respect.

The most harmonious version of the union. Here everything is in balance — enough love, good sexual compatibility, enough common interests, goals and views on life converge.

Partners are able to negotiate, easy to make compromises, always fulfill the promises given to each other.

Compatibility by date of birth in love and marriage

Their life in marriage is not always cloudless, but they successfully overcome problems: both external (material, related to health or work), and within the family. Virtually exemplary in the eyes of the surrounding steam.

There is a strong attraction between a man and a woman, but it can become dangerous. In such a pair, one of the partners is usually heavily fixated on the other.

He literally dissolves in his beloved, losing himself as a person.

The result is disappointing: the one who is addicted, sooner or later ceases to be interesting to his second half, and the gap is almost inevitable.

This pair can be called very strange, even unusual. These are relationships that do not fit into social and social standards.

They anger, surprise, provoke others, go against the rules.

A very rare variant of an almost perfect union. Both partners are very spiritually developed personalities, striving for balance and harmony in everything.

If there are no material problems in the family, there is a great chance that the marriage will last until old age.

Compatibility forecast is very favorable if a man is in a pair — responsible for all material things, and a woman is in charge of family, creativity, home, and keeps home. The traditional model of the family with a certain touch of housebuilding.

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Do you believe horoscopes?

Calculation of compatibility by dates of birth of partners is carried out not only by numerologists. Astrology also uses its methods to determine how partners match each other.

But we do not recommend believing in horoscopes, and this is why:

  • Most horoscopes in the network, newspapers and magazines have nothing to do with reality. They are not made up of experienced astrologers, but amateurs, so their predictions cannot be trusted.
  • Even if you receive information from a reliable source, keep in mind that zodiacal compatibility is far from the ultimate truth. Yes, you will see which signs are best for you. But this does not mean that in the end you will create a family with a completely inappropriate horoscope candidate.

But we cannot underestimate astrological predictions, for their compilation we also use almost mathematical methods. The main thing is to use the services of experienced specialists who will conduct individual work with you.

To find a real pro, read the reviews, ask recommendations from friends.

And always remember — regardless of the method of calculating the compatibility that you use, you will never get a forecast that is one hundred percent correct. Therefore, it is not necessary to part with a man, if you suddenly find that you are completely incompatible.

Numerology and astrology only indicate problem areas of the relationship, which you can further work out and correct.

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