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Comic divination for the New Year

Comic divination for the New Year

Comic divination for the New Year will make any meal a fun and unforgettable adventure. Down with the standard greetings and toasts! If you want to diversify the holiday with something unusual, then fortune-telling in a comic form will fall just in time!

New Year’s fortune telling

The game «Fanta» is familiar to all. Only the New Year’s version of this game is to pronounce the predictions for the New Year. This comic fortune telling is best done in a big campaign. Each guest gives the host one personal item.

All things stack in one bag or bag. Those who wish to make a prediction for all those present at the table are blindfolded. The presenter gets the fant, and the task of the newly-minted Nostradamus is to make a prediction for the owner of this fan.

The funnier the predictions, the more fun divination will be.

Fortune cookies

The most traditional comic divination for the New Year are cookies with predictions. You will need to bake cookies, nuts and put inside the leaves with the composed predictions. During the New Year’s Eve, each guest will choose his own cookie and read the prediction for the New Year.

Comic fortune telling with the Christmas tree

When you decorate the Christmas tree, count how many toys are on it. In the midst of a New Year’s feast, hold an auction. Guests must guess the exact number of toys hanging on the Christmas tree.

The facilitator may give clues, saying more or less. Before this game, you must definitely announce to the guests that the number of toys that guessed in the New Year will be happy and fortunate.

How to celebrate the New Year, so spend it. Meeting the holiday with a positive and a smile, you can be charged with a good mood for all 12 months. And do not forget next year to remember whether your prediction came true.

Jokes, jokes, and very often it is such fortune-telling that turns out to be true. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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