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Christmas fortune telling ‘guardian angel board & raquo;

Christmas fortune telling «Guardian Angel Board»

Christmas is a time of faith in a miracle and, of course, Christmas divination. One of the most popular is the fortune telling «Guardian Angel Council». It helps to know what to expect from the future and how not to stumble on the path of life.

What you need for fortune telling

First of all, you need the appropriate attitude. This point is neglected by many, but we have decided to especially mention it. Being skeptical, it is difficult to carry out even an uncomplicated ritual, and fortune-telling for the future, with simplicity that seems at times, is still a very extraordinary thing, because only in order to interpret the signs, it is necessary to get down to business seriously.

However, the excessive fear of fortune-telling also leaves its mark on the fortuneteller and can confuse him with all the cards.

The ideal state to seek advice from the guardian angel is calm, willingness to listen and hear, as well as even breathing and no fussiness. To achieve such a state, you can meditate, use breathing techniques, or read a prayer from the bottom of your heart.

What prayers to read before fortune-telling — and is it worth it at all before fortune-telling to read prayers? In fact, this is a personal choice for everyone. Someone doesn’t approve of Christmas-time divination, someone treats them with interest, but the fact remains that people have long been guessing on the eve of Christmas.

If you want to read a prayer text, refer to the prayer to the guardian angel.

In addition to a suitable inner mood, you will need: a clean towel, a wide container of water and a candle (preferably white too; on our website you can read more about the symbolism of the color of candles).

The process of fortune-telling «The Council of the Guardian Angel»

To start melt part of the candle. You can do this in a large spoon, at the bottom of a ladle or in a saucepan, in a water bath. Then pour the melted wax or paraffin into the container. Under her pre bed towel.

When pouring out the wax, speak to yourself about the guardian angel. It may sound like this:

My angel, keeper, help, tell me what to expect from fate.

But you can also vary the text so that you can believe in your words.

You will need to interpret the resulting figure to understand what advice this Christmas fortune telling you for the future gives you. Being engaged in decoding, focus on yourself and your inner feeling. For example, a figure in the form of a child for a girl who wants to start a family promises the possibility of marriage and conception, and for an artist who is passionate about art, the creation of a picture, a book or other fruits of creativity.

After divination, thank heaven for the sign from above. To get more Christmas tips and learn more about the future, you can read about Christmas signs or read more about candle fortune telling. Wish you good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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