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Christmas divination on the constricted

Christmas divination for the contender is perhaps the most romantic form of Christmas magic. This is an opportunity to at least catch a glimpse into the greatest mystery of your life — with whom fate will connect you, with whom you will have to share joy and sorrow.

Suicide — the most important person in the life of a girl and Christmas magic allows you to see in advance or at least predict its individual features. The most common types of Christmas divination to the contender, we describe below.

Christmas divination on the constricted

Perhaps the most mysterious and exciting Christmas rite — Christmas divination with a mirror. To do this, around midnight, light candles and place a smaller mirror opposite the large mirror. It is possible to guess both in loneliness, and in the company of girlfriends, but at the same time full silence should be observed.

It is recommended to guess in the attic or in another non-residential premises, with loose hair. To see the narrowed one, one must, after becoming a small mirror, peer into his reflection in the large.

You will see a peculiar corridor there.

At the same time it is necessary to say:

Continue to peer into the mirror and soon you will see the outline of your betrothed there. But don’t look at it for too long.

Speak «Chur me!» And get away from the mirror. Otherwise, the magic corridor in the mirror can tighten a part of your soul.

If you want to know the name of your future groom, you will be helped by Christmas fortune telling on the contender in the name of the condemned. To do this, it is necessary to go outside on Christmas midnight and ask his first man’s name.

The same name will be worn by your betrothed. Another type of Christmas divination in the name of the future bridegroom is divination by the book. At midnight, take the first book from the shelf at random and open it on any page.

The first name that you get on this page will be your betrothed name. If there are no male names on this page, look at the following pages.

If you already have someone in mind and you want to know are you destined to be together, Christmas divinations will also help you. To do this, on the eve of Christmas, you need to take the tambourine king and, looking at him, think about the person you like.

After that, put the card under the pillow and if you dream about it on Christmas night, it means that it is your betrothed.

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