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Christmas divination — learn your fate

Magic Christmas fortune telling for the future

Christmas divination came to us from the pagan times of the ancient Slavs. It was believed that the Christmas season during the winter season is especially strong, therefore from the Christmas Eve through Baptism — the most favorable time for divination.

Let’s talk about the most popular sacred mysterious rituals.

Christmas divination - find out your fate

Features svyatochnyh divination

The main “target audience” of the divination of divinations is young unmarried girls who sought to find out who is prepared for them by fate. And how happy the married life will be.

Also, during the Christmas time, people tried to find out what the harvest and what fate awaited them in the coming year.

You can treat fortune telling seriously, but you can take them as innocent girlish entertainment — you decide.

Christmas divination methods

And now we will plunge into the world of unknown and mysterious things and tell you about the most ancient Christmas divinations, which are still in demand.

Christmas divination - find out your fate

Divination with felt boots

The easiest way. Valenki in the wardrobe of a modern girl may not be found, but it does not matter — use a boot or shoe.

All you need to do is to throw your shoes on the road and see which way the “felt boot” will point. From the other side, your destined wife will come to you.

Divination with a mirror

This magic ritual must be performed in the dark. You will need a large, clean mirror and candles.

It is better to use wax: made from natural materials, they have powerful energy.

A girl who wants to see her future groom has to put a mirror in the room, turn off the lights and light candles. Then you need to sit down at the mirror surface and try to see in the reflection the image of your betrothed.

The most suitable period for fortune-telling on the mirror — from 12 to 1 night.

Group divination for marriage

A good way to gather a company of girlfriends and immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of Christmas divination together. This magical ritual will help you know who will marry in what order.

Divination is very simple — each of the girls should take a thread and set it on fire. And then watch whose thread burns faster.

That will go under the crown of the first.

It also happens that the fire goes out almost immediately. This is a disappointing sign — a girl whose thread is extinct may not become someone’s bride ever.

Christmas divination with a ring

This magic ritual is more suitable for married women and for pregnant women. Because it helps to know the sex of the future baby.

For magical manipulations, a bowl of water and a girl’s engagement ring are used. The decoration should be hung on a thin thread and start to gently lower to the surface of the water.

If it starts rocking from side to side, a boy will be born, and if it starts to turn, a girl.

Christmas divination - find out your fate

The fixed ring indicates that you will not have to wait for a refill soon.

Book Christmas Divination

Very simple version of fortune telling, for which you need a book. It is best to use works of art, books of spiritual content will also do.

The girl should sit down, relax, put her left hand on the heart, right — on the book. Close your eyes and mentally ask her anxious question. Then you need to open the book on any page and randomly point your finger at the line.

Written and will be the answer to the question. If nonsense is obtained, try to unravel the hidden meaning of the prediction — the answer is not always explicit.

Divination for desire (come true / will not come true)

Such fortune-telling is suitable for girls who have pets. Best of all, if it is a cat (not a cat, namely a cat).

Go into the room and make a wish, then entice the animal. Look carefully: if a furry pet has taken the first step with its left paw, the plan will be fulfilled, and if with the right — alas, no.

What awaits the family this year

This is Christmas divination for married women or girls who are in love relationships. Magic ritual helps to know how relationships will develop throughout the year.

It is necessary to overhear what happens to the neighbors. If everything is quiet and peaceful, then there will be no quarrels in your pair.

If you hear the noise, it is worth waiting for stormy scandals and family unrest.

Guessing on the bow

This is also a group divination for unmarried girls. Each of the girlfriends should take a bulb and write their initials on a vegetable.

Then onions or planted in the ground, or placed in water.

Watch out when the plant begins to germinate. Whose bulb will give the first shoots, the girl and put on a wedding ring first.

If the vegetable rot and does not germinate at all, kukovat its owner in the old maidens.

Rules svyatochnyh divination

Divination in the Christmas time — a magical ritual with a special energy. According to ancient beliefs, a variety of evil spirits helps to know the future at Christmas time.

Therefore, it is important not to anger, but, on the contrary, to appease her, so as not to incur trouble.

To do this, you must adhere to the following rules:

Guess only in the dark. Best after midnight. It is then that all the dark forces wake up and are in a good mood.

In the room where magic manipulations will be performed, it should be dark and quiet. As a light source, use wax candles. Speak in a whisper, watch the silence

Do not abuse. One fortune telling is one question that needs to be answered. Do not seek to try all known rituals in one night.

At the end of divination, thank you for your help. This must be done sincerely and from the heart

Guess only with good intentions, do not make desires that can harm someone, otherwise everything can turn against you.

More information about Christmas divinations in the video:

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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