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Chinese tea telling

Chinese tea telling

Tea-telling will help you know the future and get answers to your questions. This method of prediction is somewhat similar to a fortune telling, only tea leaves are used instead of coffee.

How to guess tea

In order to know your fate, you will need a small white cup and tea leaves. In this ancient Chinese fortune telling it is better to use leaf tea.

Pour two teaspoons of tea into a cup and make boiling water. Cover the cup with a saucer and wait about ten minutes. After tea brewed, you need to drink it. In the process, you definitely need to think about what worries you at the moment.

As soon as the tea is drunk, tip the cup on the saucer and wait about a minute. Then turn the cup over and look closely at the shapes that formed at its bottom. They will tell you about the future.

The meaning of the figures in Chinese tea telling

  • Angel, bird or butterfly — you are very passive and are now drifting. Your problems will not be solved if you continue to live as you live now.
  • Mushroom — A disease awaits you. According to another version, you need to get rid of illusions.
  • Dinosaur — Very soon you will have to help a loved one.
  • Whale or fish — Now you are losing your positions. You need a strong patron or like-minded person.
  • Ring — good luck is waiting for you, all your wishes will come true. If the ring is broken — bad luck.
  • Comet or star — unexpected guests or good news.
  • Cat — You are waiting for the betrayal of a loved one, be careful.
  • Spider — you are trying to manipulate. You need to make more decisions yourself and learn to defend your opinion.
  • Face — you are waiting for harmony, love, friendship.
  • Shovel — hard work for the welfare of others.
  • Insect — worries, worries, efforts, minor troubles.
  • Vegetables or fruits — you expect trouble because of their own inability to control emotions.
  • Octopus — next to you is always energetic vampire, which prevents you from achieving success.
  • Stump — this symbol in the fortune-telling on tea indicates the correctness of the choice in the past. Your life becomes more stable, and all your plans in the future will be realized.
  • Weapons — be careful. You want to use for personal gain.
  • Dishes — if this figure in Chinese divination is near a pen, then there will be peace and harmony in the family. If you are far from the handle, then you are waiting for quarrels and misunderstandings.
  • Horn — money, fast financial profit, stability.
  • Ax — danger. Be careful with people and do not hold back your emotions.
  • Triangle — success, recognition, money, fulfillment of desires.
  • Worm — a sign of caution. You are probably very frivolous, you should think about your future.
  • Hat — you are lucky. If the hat is full of holes, you will be prevented from achieving success.

This Chinese fortune telling for the future will allow you to know your immediate fate and find answers to your questions. And so that you always have good luck, do not forget to press the buttons and

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