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Chinese horoscope by year, table of birth

Chinese horoscope by year, table of birth

The alternation of twelve animals and sixty years old — this is what the Chinese horoscope represents over the years. Each animal rules for a whole year and at this time a special character and mood of this animal is superimposed.

In order for your life to be harmonious and correct, it must be coordinated with the mood of the ruling being.

There are 12 creatures in total: Rat, Bull, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep (Goat), Rooster, Dog, Pig.

But not everything is so simple, 12 animals correspond to 5 elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water), which is why the cycle takes 60 years. Of course, the order of alternation of animals is not accidental, according to the ancient Chinese legend, the great Buddha said goodbye to our world and animals came to him in that order.

Chinese horoscope by year

In the table below you will find the correspondence of the signs of the Eastern Zodiac to the years from 1924 to 2019. Please note that the New Year on the Chinese calendar always begins between January 20 and February 20.

The astrological start date of each year is indicated in parentheses.

Rat1924 (05.02)1936 (Jan 24)1948 (02/10)1960 (Jan. 28)1972 (02/15)1984 (02.02)1996 (02/19)2008 (07.02)
Bull1925 (Jan 24)1937 (11.02)1949 (01/29)1961 (02/15)1973 (03.02)1985 (02.20)1997 (07.02)2009 (Jan. 26)
Tiger1926 (February 13)1938 (01/31)1950 (Feb 17)1962 (05.02)1974 (Jan 23)1986 (09.02)1998 (Jan. 28)2010 (14.02)
Rabbit (Cat)1927 (02.02)1939 (02/19)1951 (06.02)1963 (1/25)1975 (11.02)1987 (Jan. 29)1999 (Feb 16)2011 (03.02)
The Dragon1928 (Jan 23)1940 (08.02)1952 (01/27)1964 (February 13)1976 (01/31)1988 (Feb 17)2000 (05.02)2012 (Jan. 23)
Snake1929 (02/10)1941 (Jan. 27)1953 (Jan. 14)1965 (02.02)1977 (18.02)1989 (06.02)2001 (Jan 24)2013 (10.02)
Horse1930 (1/30)1942 (02/15)1954 (03.02)1966 (Jan 21)1978 (07.02)1990 (Jan. 27)2002 (12.02)2014 (Jan. 31)
Goat (Sheep, Baran)1931 (17.02)1943 (05.02)1955 (Jan 24)1967 (09.02)1979 (Jan. 28)1991 (15.02)2003 (01.02)2015 (02/19)
A monkey1932 (06.02)1944 (1/25)1956 (12.02)1968 (1/30)1980 (Feb 16)1992 (04.02)2004 (Jan 22)2016 (08.02)
Cock1933 (Jan. 26)1945 (February 13)1957 (01/31)1969 (February 17)1981 (05.02)1993 (Jan. 23)2005 (09.02)2017 (Jan. 28)
Dog1934 (02/14)1946 (02.02)1958 (18.02)1970 (Feb 06)1982 (1/25)1994 (10.02)2006 (Jan. 29)2018 (Feb 16)
Boar (Pig)1935 (04.02)1947 (Jan 22)1959 (08.02)1971 (Jan. 27)1983 (February 13)1995 (Jan. 31)2007 (18.02)2019 (05.02)

Oriental horoscopes from Rasgadamus

  • The Chinese horoscope, as many probably know, is built on repeated sixty-year cycles, in which different combinations of 12 symbolic animals and 5 elemental elements alternate.
  • In addition, in Chinese astrology, there is a practice of defining animal signs not only by the years of the eastern horoscope, but also by months, days, and even hours.
  • Thus, having special knowledge and accurate data about the date and time of birth of a particular person, up to hours and minutes, it is quite possible to make more than 100 thousand completely different horoscopic variations.

And although such detailed Chinese horoscopes have amazing accuracy, to compile them you must have extensive knowledge, which requires many years of training. The Eastern calendar (horoscope) by year, on the contrary, is easy to use and available to every man in the street and loses almost nothing as compared to the personal one, which takes quite a lot of time to compile.

Chinese horoscope by year, table of birth

Zodiac, Year of the Rat

(1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020)

They have innate charisma, laconic charm, quite attractive appearance, they always cause a positive reaction in others. Rats are very practical animals, always trying to find a benefit in all situations.

They will never act imprudently, they are cunning, thrifty, I can earn and store material resources. People who were born in the year of the Rat perfectly know how to keep secrets. You can entrust any secrets.

Very cautious in their actions, hardy in work and able to perform rather specific types of work that other zodiacs cannot do.

Year of the Zodiac — Bull

(1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021)

Striking power and greatness, this is one of the first words that rush when you look at the Bulls. Of course, the natural qualities that are inherent in these animals allow them to show persistence and diligence better than others, so they occupy an important place and one of the first steps in the eastern horoscope.

Bulls are very independent, prudent and stable, their position is always earned by people.

In this zodiac always count in difficult periods and hope for his help. Individuals born in the year of the Bull are very good-natured, and therefore always go with an open heart to serve others.

Some difficulties may arise due to the conservatism that is inherent in them, they are very traditional and therefore are not always willing to go for some kind of innovation and reform.

Zodiac Year of the Tiger:

(1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010,2022)

The main advantages of the zodiac tiger is a great courage, magnificent will power and boiling energy. They are very gentle and reverent toward justice and for them, this is not an empty phrase or a word, but an important part of life.

The tiger is a very strong animal and is always ready to challenge — a glove to anyone who encroaches on its territory.

  • Those born in the year of the Tiger are always distinguished by their wisdom and great intelligence.
  • In a love relationship, tigers are always emotional and very passionate, the response of a partner with whom they are in love is very important.
  • The only difficulty for tigers is the desire to rule and moments in life when it is necessary to obey causes a negative reaction.

Year of the Rabbit or Cat

(1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023)

The rabbit is the fourth in the Chinese calendar, and according to another version of the legend it is possible that it was a cat, so we will consider common signs for these animals.

Chinese horoscope by year, table of birth

  • The rabbit itself is not very aggressive and not very active, quite intelligent and even somewhere sophisticated in its habits.
  • A very good family man, always caring and trembling, relates to family traditions and relatives.
  • The main task for rabbits is to create a good and warm atmosphere, a real family hearth.
  • Those born this year are focused on the family and make the maximum of their efforts in order to realize this task of their life.

Zodiac Year of the Dragon

(1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024)

The dragon is of course knocked out of the overall series of the Chinese horoscope, the fact that it is a fictional character — although who knows, maybe there is some truth in this. The main symbolic designation of a dragon in Chinese folklore is of course the guardian who protects people from harmful and bad spirits, he always protects and protects people.

People born in the zodiac Dragon always have strong energy, good health, are distinguished by great strength of will and the ability to control their emotions.

Honor and dignity for them are not empty words, they never exchange these concepts for any personal gain. Their weak points are — this is an excessive trust in people and these can be taken advantage of by ill-wishers, so you should be very careful and careful in choosing your social circle.

Year of the Snake

(1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025)

People who are destined to be born under this zodiac sign, have a special intuition, wisdom and great insight. When they first met, they can cause a feeling of danger and danger, but they do not need to be afraid, these are only visible external signs, which do not always respond to the inner world of the Snake, they never first attack.

Great patience and endurance, the ability to quickly recover from heavy loads is one of the main qualities that snakes possess. The ability to steadily, without thinking about, to go towards your goal, is also one of the main and important advantages and allows you to achieve what other zodiacs cannot achieve in the horoscope.

Chinese horoscope by year, table of birth

Year of the Zodiac Horse

(1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026)

The horse is practically one of the brightest representatives among the rest of the zodiacs of the Chinese horoscope, has a large number of advantages and the main qualities that are given to this zodiac are:

Unusual cheerfulness, the desire to move only forward, unlimited freedom of action. The optimism that is inherent in people who were born this year gives not only extraordinary strength, but also people who are surrounded by this energy, as well.

In love and partnership, they are also very emotional, sensitive, always immersed in a relationship with the head, giving you to the end to your partner.

Year of the Goat (Sheep, Ram)

(1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027)

According to the year of the Goat (sheep, Sheep), the following can be noted — predominantly born in this year — they have high artistic abilities, they are very charming.

  • If fate develops so that one cannot succeed in realizing oneself on stage, then in any ordinary life the creative abilities of this zodiac will not go unnoticed, everyone around them will pay their attention to this, in any companies and evenings they will occupy one of the leading, first places
  • You can also note such qualities as — well-developed humor, tact and sociability.
  • From the negative, it can be noted such a feature as — perseverance, even sometimes excessive, sometimes it will interfere with the achievement of any goals.

Chinese horoscope by year, table of birth

Monkey zodiac

(1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028)

Monkeys are very naughty, curious and sociable. Outwardly, it is very simple, but it is worth looking closely and immediately it is clear that this is far from true.

Flexible mind and natural ingenuity makes this sign very interesting and unpredictable.

  • Monkeys are very talented, ambitious and possess great physical strength.
  • They have a very well developed mind, they like to have fun with them, you never get bored.
  • From the negative one can be noted inconsistency and the ability to lie — sometimes.

Year of the rooster

(1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029)

The rooster is an innovator and revolutionary, it begins every day, or rather, with a cry that announces the rising of the sun. Also in life, people born in the Year of the Rooster are the initiators of new projects, they are the ones who start high-profile events and activities. They like to be leading the way and lead the rest of the people.

Zodiac rooster possess high qualities: responsibility, efficiency, reliability and dedication. External, often they are very bright and attractive personalities, the people around them highly appreciate the above qualities and easily give the palm to these people.

Legends and characteristics

There are a large number of horoscopes. Among them, zodiac predictions are very popular.

Now it is difficult to imagine at least one person who would not know what zodiac sign he has. Even the most ardent skeptics, without reading horoscopes, know exactly about their sign, its characteristics.

The history of the creation of signs of the zodiac

It is difficult to name the time and date when the concept of zodiac signs appeared. But it is precisely known that they began to be mentioned in the 1st century of our era.

As we know them today, they were so many centuries ago.

To create a theory of cyclical nature, the priests conducted a lot of observations and noted the pattern. The ancient astrologers noticed 12 constellations in the night sky at once and noted that all events that take place on Earth are directly connected with the Sun. They noted that the solar disk passes all constellations within 1 year.

Astrologers called this path the zodiac circle and divided into 12 constellations. They are now familiar to us as signs of the zodiac.

  • According to the teachings, the character of a person, his views on life directly depend on the day on which they were born, and in which constellation the Sun was at that time.
  • Since there were 12 constellations, the zodiac horoscope for 12 signs was composed.
  • Each of them has individual characteristics that affect a person.

Legends of the signs of the zodiac and their characteristics

In the zodiac horoscope there are 12 signs of the zodiac. All their names were invented in ancient times and survived to the present. Everyone knows about it, but few know how the names were chosen.

It should be noted that each sign has a legend that tells why it has such a name.

Chinese horoscope by year, table of birth

Stubborn and focused Aries

With this zodiac sign is associated the ancient Greek legend of the children of the Titanides, the Nepheles. In order to save her children from an evil stepmother, she sent a golden ram to the aid of the children. He had to save them and move them to a safe place.

But on the way, the girl could not resist on the ram and fell into the strait, where she sank. The second child — a boy, on arrival at a safe place, sacrificed the beast.

Zeus himself, the god of Olympus, accepted him and took him to heaven, creating the constellation Aries.

People who were born in the period of this cycle are distinguished by stubbornness, inflexible temper and ardent temper. Representatives of this sign always go ahead and do not think about the consequences.

Thanks to their focus and strength, they can achieve any goal.

Hardworking and independent Taurus

There are many legends about the constellation of Taurus, but the key is the ancient Greek myth. Zeus was in love with a Europe girl — the daughter of a Phoenician king. To master it, he went to the trick.

Zeus turned into a white bull and kidnapped a beautiful woman while she was with her friends. He moved Europe to the island of Crete, where he mastered it.

The image of the head of a bull was reflected in the sky, and became known as the constellation Taurus.

  • People born under this sign are distinguished by high diligence, independence and kindness.
  • Taurus in this life strive to achieve everything without any help.
  • They have so much inner strength that they will withstand all the difficulties.

Chinese horoscope by year, table of birth

Charming and sociable Twins

According to an ancient greek legend, Zeus had 2 sons. She bore him children Princess Leda. The brothers grew up strong and powerful, made many feats.

Their names are still mentioned in the legend of Jason and the Golden Fleece. When one of the brothers died, the second asked Zeus to take immortality from him and reunite with his brother.

God did just that, settling the twins in heaven.

  • People — Twins are very interesting due to their duality.
  • At the same time, a person can be a joker, the soul of a company, and a serious, executive worker.
  • But they have a flaw — Gemini is inconsistent and impermanent.

Sensitive and patient Cancer

The name of this zodiac sign was associated with the legends of Hercules. Cancer is mentioned during the second exploit, when the young man fought in the waters of the Lernean hydra.

In the midst of the battle, the cancer, which weakened him a little, dug into Hercules’s leg. But the son of Zeus killed him immediately.

The goddess Hera, who disliked Hercules, considered the cancer to be bold, and in gratitude and faithful service took him to heaven.

Representatives of the sign Cancer possess such qualities as: nobility, disinterestedness, patience and caution. Initially it may seem that Cancers are suspicious, melancholic.

But they possess such inner strength that any goals set will be achieved.

Chinese horoscope by year, table of birth

Noble and energetic Leo

The name of the constellation Leo was associated with the first feat of Hercules. It was with him that the son of Zeus fought.

Despite the strength, dexterity of a wild animal, Hercules strangled him with his bare hands. Zeus was so proud of his son that he placed the constellation Leo in the sky, in honor of the first feat of his son.

  • People born under the constellation Leo are energetic, self-confident and ambitious.
  • This sign has an inflated self-conceit, but this does not interfere with achieving the goals set.
  • Like the king of beasts, the man of this sign possesses nobility and condescension.

Practical and balanced Virgo

There are many legends and exciting stories around this zodiac sign. But for sure to know the history of the creation of the name — it is difficult.

But it is known that in ancient times the Virgin was depicted with a tuft of grass in her hands, thereby symbolizing the image of the goddess of fertility, Demeter.

People — Virgos are practical, intelligent, logical personalities. The character of the representative of this zodiac sign is calm, balanced.

The main advantage and, at the same time, a disadvantage is the truth — they do not deceive and speak only the truth, even if it hurts painfully.

Open and friendly Libra

There are no legends associated with this sign. In addition, it is a unique sign of the zodiac, as it is named after a common object — scales.

For the first time this cycle of the year was called so in ancient Rome. He symbolized the autumnal equinox.

  • If a person was born under this zodiac sign, then his main advantages: openness, friendliness, gentleness and incredible luck.
  • The life of such people is always balanced, it runs smoothly, sometimes even boring.
  • From such people you will not hear insults or humiliating words.

Chinese horoscope by year, table of birth

Mysterious and judicious Scorpio

The story of a scorpion who saved the Greek goddess Artemis from the attacks and harassment of the beautiful, tall, invincible hunter Orion is connected with this constellation. The animal saved the goddess, and in gratitude was transferred to heaven.

  • Representatives of this zodiac sign are considered the most mysterious and mysterious.
  • Scorpios are great humanists and cynical, cruel people.
  • It is difficult to predict what it will be like in a few minutes, but this sign is not without nobility, justice and prudence.

Character and sincere Sagittarius

The legend of the sign Sagittarius is associated with the centaur Chiron, who was the son of a powerful titanium. During the battles with the Olympic gods, Heracles poisoned arrow hit the knee of Chiron.

He was in terrible agony, but showed nobility and gave his immortality to another titan — Prometheus, who then sacrificed himself to save people.

If a person is a representative of the sign Sagittarius, then he has an explosive temper and temper. Such people are sincere, do not hide their feelings, achieve their goals at any cost.

But there is a drawback — impulsiveness.

Purposeful and moral Capricorn

A very interesting Egyptian legend, it is connected with the Capricorn zodiac sign. The hero of the myth is the rural god Pan. When he fled from the pursuit of the monster, he decided to turn into a goat and hide.

Jumping into the Nile River, he began to transform, but did not finish the job as he plunged into the water. As a result, that part of the body, which plunged into the water, turned into a fish tail, and the upper part became like a goat.

  • Capricorns are incredibly resistant to all the troubles and difficulties.
  • It is impossible to name goals and objectives that would not be feasible for a representative of this zodiac sign.
  • The disadvantage of this is conflict with other people.

Chinese horoscope by year, table of birth

Liberty and friendly Aquarius

Legends with this sign does not exist, but there is one subtlety. The symbol of a man with a vessel in his hands and pouring water is present in many cultures.

It symbolizes the flow of water in the sacred river Nile among the ancient Egyptians.

It is the man of this zodiac sign that can surprise anyone with its non-standard. Characteristic features of Aquarius is curiosity, love of freedom, friendliness.

But there are drawbacks, his words and actions are not always tactful.

Romantic and responsive Pisces

The legend of the constellation Pisces is associated with the myth of the goddess of love, the beauty of Aphrodite and her helper Eros. In the attack of the terrible Typhon, they decided to escape a disaster.

Jumping into the river, Aphrodite and Eros turned into two fish.

  • People Pisces are considered notorious romantics and dreamers.
  • They have many positive qualities: responsiveness, kindness, generosity.
  • But there are drawbacks: Fish often seem defenseless, weak and helpless.

The history of the creation of signs of the zodiac

It is difficult to name the time and date when the concept of zodiac signs appeared. But it is precisely known that they began to be mentioned in the 1st century of our era.

As we know them today, they were so many centuries ago.

Chinese horoscope by year, table of birth

  • To create a theory of cyclical nature, the priests conducted a lot of observations and noted the pattern.
  • The ancient astrologers noticed 12 constellations in the night sky at once and noted that all events that take place on Earth are directly connected with the Sun.
  • They noted that the solar disk passes all constellations within 1 year.
  • Astrologers called this path the zodiac circle and divided into 12 constellations.
  • They are now familiar to us as signs of the zodiac.

According to the teachings, the character of a person, his views on life directly depend on the day on which they were born, and in which constellation the Sun was at that time. Since there were 12 constellations, the zodiac horoscope for 12 signs was composed.

Each of them has individual characteristics that affect a person.

How is the beginning of the year calculated according to the eastern calendar?

The beginning of the new year according to the eastern calendar, therefore, is the first new moon in the sign of Aquarius (the first new moon after January 21).

  • There may be incorrectness due to calculations regarding the period, in any case it is necessary, finally, to take into account the first new moon in Aquarius.
  • And indeed, accordingly, the beginning of the new year according to the eastern calendar in different years varies from January 20 to February 20, to put it mildly.
  • Please note that any year is represented as a totemic animal, elements and colors.

Chinese (oriental) horoscope is inextricably linked with the Chinese calendar. In drawing up the Chinese horoscope, first, to put it mildly, the rhythm of movement across the sky of the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter is taken into account.

Chinese New Year does not coincide with the usual and comes, insignificantly later, because people born in January, February or March, can relate to the sign of the previous year. Speaking of the eastern horoscope, basically have in mind the Chinese horoscope, although it may be assumed, in the end, can, as the Chinese, and the Japanese «animal calendar».

Of course, we all know very well that in fact, it is one and the same calendar, only common in various locations.

Chinese horoscope by year, table of birth

In the countries of the East

In the countries of the East, the astrological calendar is very common, in which years are combined into twelve-year cycles, just as in the western horoscope a year is divided into twelve zodiacal constellations. Each year in the eastern horoscope is the name of the animal.

People born in this year are given the qualities inherent in this animal, according to life observations and oriental mythology.

Every twelve years the cycle repeats and the animal returns, but this is not quite the animal, because there are five different Rats, Bulls, Tigers, etc. in the full circle of the eastern horoscope. The animal remains, but its elements change.

The Eastern calendar assumes the presence of 5 elements, each element corresponds to a certain color. The elements change in the following order: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

Thus, the entire cycle is repeated after 60 years.

You can determine your element by the last digit of your birth year:

  • «4» or «5» — Tree (color green, blue)
  • «6» or «7» — Fire (color red, pink)
  • «8» or «9» — Earth (color yellow, lemon, ocher)
  • «0» or «1» — Metal (color white)
  • «2» or «3» — Water (color black, blue)

That is why the year is also called by color, for example, 2011 is the year of the White (metallic) Rabbit (Kota).

Each of the elements slightly changes the animal, personifying the year, giving it a peculiar shade. For example, the Fire Goat — active, active, possessing creative abilities, differs from the Earth Goat — a restrained, dry realist, busy with earthly, practical affairs.
You can use the eastern horoscope to improve mutual understanding with your family, relatives and friends, defining their signs and elements, and thus, understanding the deep essence and motives of actions. Animal signs will help determine the prospects of relationships between people (friendship, love or business).

Chinese horoscope by year, table of birth

Start better with the general characteristics of the animal sign.
Even more accurate data can be obtained by determining the animal sign of the hour of birth. According to Chinese astrology, the day is divided into 12 periods, each of which corresponds to a certain animal sign.

This means that a person born at the hour of an animal will have features of this sign. Here are the correspondences of the birth time to animal signs:

  • 23.00 — 01.00 — Rat time
  • 01.00 — 03.00 — Bull time
  • 03.00 — 05.00 — Tiger time
  • 05.00 — 07.00 — Rabbit time
  • 07.00 — 09.00 — Dragon time
  • 09.00 — 11.00 — Snake time
  • 11.00 — 13.00 — horse time
  • 13.00 — 15.00 — Sheep time
  • 15.00 — 17.00 — Monkey time
  • 17.00 — 19.00 — Rooster time
  • 19.00 — 21.00 — time of the Dogs
  • 21.00 — 23.00 — Caban time

The time of birth can help to clarify some other nuances of character traits inherent in a person. It is noticed, for example, that the Rat born at night is much more daring and agile than the one born in the daytime.

The bull shows its famous performance from the early morning, while at night it needs rest. A tiger, tracking down its victims at night, as if conveys its energy to cruelty to a person of this sign born at night.

  • The Morning Rabbit is the most energetic of all, as is the Dragon, and for Snake, the early evening is most favorable.
  • The horse is most active during the day, and the Sheep — in the early morning. The monkey, born immediately after dinner, is endowed with truly diabolical cunning, and the Rooster is most significant if it was born at dawn.
  • Evening Dogs with their devotion stand out even against the rest of the Dogs, and the Boar is still asleep at this time.

Year of the animal on the eastern calendar.

Zoological name of the yearYear of birth of people, the year of the animal according to the eastern calendar
Rat. Mouse02/18/191202.02.192401/24/193602/10/194801.28.196002/15/197202.02.198402/19/199607.02.2008
Buffalo. Bull. Cow02/06/191301/24/192502.11.193701/29/194902/15/196102/03/197302.20.198502/07/199701/26/2009
Tiger. Leopard (snow leopard)01/26/191401/02/192601/31/193802/17/195002/05/196201.23.197402/09/198601.28.199802/14/2010
Cat. Hare. Rabbit02/14/191502.02.192702/19/193902/06/195101/25/196302.11.197501/29/198702/16/199902/03/2011
The Dragon02/03/191601.23.192802/08/194001.27.195202.13.196401/31/197602/17/198805.02.200001.23.2012
Goat. Sheep. Ram02/01/191902/17/193102/05/194301/24/195502/09/196701.28.197902/15/199101.02.200302/10/2015
A monkey02.20.192002/06/193201/25/194412.02.195601/30/196802/16/198004.02.199201.22.200402/08/2016
Cock. Hen02/08/192101/26/193302.13.194501/31/195702/17/196902/05/198101/23/199309.02.200501.28.2017
Dog. Dog01.28.192202/14/193402.02.194602/18/195801.27.197002/25/198202/10/199401/29/200602.16.2018
Boar. Pig02/16/192304.02.193501.22.194708.02.195901.27.197102.13.198301/31/1995February 18, 200705.02.2019

Age calendar

First life — Rooster (baby)
Second Life — MONKEY (1-3 years)
Third life — GOAT (from 3 to 7 years)
Fourth life — HORSE (7-12 years)
Fifth Life — BULL (12-17 years)
The sixth life — RAT (17-24 years)
The Seventh Life — THE BAR (24 — 31 years)
Eighth life — DOG (31-42-)
The Ninth Life is a Serpent (42-54)
Tenth Life — DRAGON (55-70 years old)
Eleventh life -KOT (70 — 85 years)
Twelfth Life — TIGR (death)


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