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Chinese fortune telling, «Yin-Yang» & raquo; on love compatibility

Chinese divination «Yin-Yang» on love compatibility

Compatibility in love — an important issue that rightly takes many. Oriental fortune-telling, based on Buddhist views, will help to know the honest answer about whether you will be with this person, and what will be the future for the two of you.

The symbolism of Yin-Yang came to us from the countries of the East, in particular, from China, where it was known from ancient times as a pair symbol that goes back to all areas of life. It reflects the ideas of the duality of everything on earth. Side Yang advises the day, as well as light, creation, the sun and the male principle.

The Yin side represents night, darkness, destructive principle, the moon and feminine energy.

It is important to understand that this duality is different from the simplified notion of “good” and “bad” that we used to represent. In Yin-Yang based fortune telling, the interpretation offers a broader view, which makes it possible to move away from simple “no” and “yes”, to which effective, but simple fortune telling is prone.

Preparing for fortune telling

If you are familiar with the “yes-no” fortune-telling, then the principle of the love prediction “Yin-Yang” will quickly become clear to you. In the first case, you need a large circle, drawn on a sheet of paper. The circle is divided into two halves, one of them means yes, and the other, respectively, no.

Then, using a specially created pendulum, the answer to the question asked by the magic circle will be recognized.

Similarly, guessing and «Yin-Yang.» You will need a white plate without patterns and patterns. Can be used and disposable.

At its bottom you will need to draw a marker Yin and Yang, as is customary in the Chinese tradition.

The plate covered with an ancient symbol will become your fortunetelling board. Now we proceed to the creation of the conductor. The pendulum in eastern practices is not used very often. It is better to resort to any object, a small thing.

The ring is an ideal option, as it also represents a circle, a symbol of perfection and love bonds.

Guessing on love compatibility

Start divination when nothing distracts you. Do not wait for midnight and any other conventional symbols: you don’t need them in this practice. Place the fortuneteller on a flat surface. Sit next, focus on the image of a loved one.

Take a ring in the palm of your hand, shake it and throw it on the bottom of the plate, just like playing dice. And depending on how the ring went, decipher what was intended.

The first shot means to be with you. Everything is simple here: unfortunately, getting a ring on yin speaks about the fragility of the union, but if it turns out to be half Yang, you may well find love with the person you represented.

Then you can throw the ring twice more. And the questions can be varied, interpreting the answer for the symbols that are assigned to the yin and the yang. So, if fortune telling doubts your love compatibility, you can ask him what is the reason.

A ring on the yin plane will mean an alien woman, and in the yang plane, the appearance of a new gentleman on the horizon.

In no case do not throw the ring 4 times. This figure in the east is considered negative, attracting unhappiness and even associated with death. Complete fortune telling on three questions.

To find out all about love compatibility, think over them in advance.

Do not rush to take away your little plate. In love affairs she can become your adviser for every day. Just do not overdo it with questions, remember the rule of three answers. We wish you mutual and bright feelings, wisdom in deeds of love, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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