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Chinese calendar to determine the sex of the child

Chinese calendar to determine the sex of the child

It so happened that in China since ancient times it was boys who were more appreciated. Unsurprisingly, the boys are future helpers, they are always needed in a country with developed agriculture.

Girls were considered a source of waste.

Chinese emperors especially sought to have more heirs, because power was always transferred from father to son.

This entertaining find with such valuable information appeared during the reign of the Chinese Qing Dynasty (17th century — 20th century).

According to current Chinese scientists, the table shows the efficiency up to 90%. However, you should remember that the relationship between the month of conception and the sex of the unborn child is not scientifically proven.

To believe or not given the table — your business.

Even if you do not believe that you will interfere with trying to check the sex of your child? Follow the instructions from the article and get the result in 5 minutes.

Please note that in case of multiple pregnancies, this method is not applicable.

The calendar itself looks like a table with many columns:

  • horizontally columns 12, these are the months from January to February;
  • vertically, these are the age of the expectant mother — from the age of majority to 45 years.

Chinese calendar to determine the sex of the child

You will ask why such age limits are indicated, and all because the fertile age of women is approximately within these limits.

The table takes into account many factors, such as the phases of the moon, the location of stars and others.

How to use the table

It would seem that difficult? Just determine your age and month of conception.

But using your age on your passport will not be entirely correct. The fact is that in the East (as well as in other Asian countries), nine more months are added to the age of a person by metrics.

You must have guessed that these are the months spent in the womb.

Moreover, it is the lunar months that are indicated in such a table, not the Gregorian ones. Therefore, you need to be doubly attentive.

How to calculate the age of the future mother

If you were born not in the first, or second month of the year (January and February), add 9 months to your age. And what, you ask those who were born at the beginning or end of the year to do? Answer: look at the lunar calendar of the year in which you were born.

And if a child was conceived shortly before the universal holiday, a whole year was added to his age.

In this case, the baby was almost 2 years older than its actual age (12 months + 9 months).

If the child was born after the onset of the new year, 9 months were added. Thus, in order to accurately determine your age according to the eastern calendar, you need to find it for the year of your birth.

  • The woman was born on July 20, 1991. In May 2018, a woman and her partner decided to become parents. Her age is 26 years and 8 months. We add 9 more months. It turns out 27 years and 5 months. This will be the age of the future mother. In the table, she will need to look at a line with a value of 27 years.
  • Born on January 25, 1987, the lunar woman was born in 1986 because the Chinese celebrated the new year on January 29. Therefore, we add 9 months to the date of January 25, 1986.

Take a look at the table, the woman from the first example, using the Chinese calendar, may give birth to a girl.

Chinese calendar to determine the sex of the child

Lunar calendar 2018 and 2019

Chinese calendar to determine the sex of the child

Should I believe the Chinese calendar

Many faithfully believe in similar tables and calculations. And whatever method of determining the gender of the future baby you did not use (traditional or unconventional), remember that regardless of the child’s gender, you will love him with all your soul.

Oddly enough, this calendar does not take the data of the father, although the role of the father here is no less than the mother. As you know, fetal genes contain Y chromosomes, which determine the male gender.

That is why science calls into question such a method for determining the sex of a child as the ancient Chinese conception calendar. Most likely, the methodology of such a calendar is still based on coincidences.

Of course, no one forbids you to engage in such calculations.

Some statistics and real reviews

No one is engaged in counting matches on this ancient calendar, but at one of the many forums for moms a small survey was conducted:

“Was the prediction true?”:

  • Yes — 274 people. (77.84%);
  • no — 66 people (18.75%);
  • partially (because born twins, triplet) — 12 people. (3.41%).

Review number 1: Um, for the most part it is a coincidence, but to find out the sex of the baby
you can probably only on ultrasound (and that happens with errors), but certainly not Chinese
calendars of dubious origin.

Review number 2: I have two sons, the third in the calendar is also a boy. We wait ).

Review number 3: Strange calendar, 21-year-olds almost always have to give birth to girls!

Review number 4: I saw this calendar probably 100 times already online. But she didn’t even know that it was necessary to add 9 months to her age. Therefore, the first calculation showed the boy, and the second girl.

And come together !! Girl!

Pros and cons of such calculations

Although this method does not determine the gender of twins or triplets, it will definitely help you if:

  • you do not want to wait for an ultrasound, because the doctors prescribe such an examination only from the 20th week of the fetus;
  • As seen from the reviews in RuNet, many couples have already evaluated the authenticity of the ancient Chinese calendar;
  • the lunar calendar can fulfill the dream of future parents — to conceive a child of a certain sex;
  • in a family where there is already a child of a certain sex, you can plan a child of the opposite sex, and this calendar will come in handy just in time.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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