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Chain on your neck: magical meaning, signs and fortune telling

Chain on your neck: magical meaning, signs and fortune telling

For many of us, the chain is just a decoration. But according to psychics and experts in the field of esoterics, the chain has a number of magical properties, which everyone who wears this jewelry should know about.

The chain is a strong amulet. The spectrum of protection may vary. depending on how you wear it. The chain on the hand protects a person from manipulations by other people and saves them from ailments.

If you put it on the right wrist, the person will not be subject to someone else’s influence. He will always remain with his opinion and follow only his plan. Wearing a chain on the right hand is recommended for those who are indecisive and easily influenced.

The chain on the left hand will help protect against disease. In addition, if it is made of a noble metal, it will be able to restore energy and charge it with positive energy.

The necklace has a wider range of magical effects. It protects from damage, the evil eye and from other negative influences. This charm jewelery will help to cope with pressure from the energetic vampire.

Harsh words and offensive phrases will cause less energetic harm to one who wears a necklace around his neck.

In addition, this charm protects its owner from trouble and misery. The neck, the chain, as it were, outlines a magic circle around a person through which dark forces cannot pass.

Can any chain be such a powerful magic talisman? It turns out that not every decoration has magical power. The chain can become a talisman only if it is given to a person as a gift from a close relative, spouse or spouse.

Also a strong amulet is a decoration with a long history, which was inherited. It is absolutely impossible to wear someone else’s chain. She not only can not protect, but also attracts the problems of her former owner.

Exists several will be associated with the chain. All of them are aimed at warning a person about the danger or giving him a sign.

If the decoration has darkened or changed color, this is a very unfavorable sign. Metal feels all changes in the human body. And if the chain dims, it can mean either the occurrence of a serious disease, or the presence of severe damage.

If the chain is broken, this is the foreshadowing of a speedy disaster. In this case, she could not cope with the negative, and therefore broke. If the chain is broken, the person is deprived of the protection that she gave him, and becomes more vulnerable.

To lose the chain is to lose the favor of Fortune. It may also indicate that the person has recently behaved incorrectly, he needs to change.

In ancient times, the chain was used not only as a means of protection against dark forces, but also as a magical attribute for fortune telling. With the help of this decoration it was possible to find out the answers to any disturbing questions.

They wondered on the chain like this: they tied a ring or a pebble to its end, lit candles and, holding a pendulum in the hand, asked any question. If the pendulum oscillated from top to bottom, it meant “yes”, but if it moved left and right, the answer to the question was considered negative. This divination is still popular among those who are fond of magic and esoteric sciences.

The power of the chain as a talisman is great. It can not only protect against disease, trouble and damage, but also warn of danger. But do not forget that not everything depends on talismans and amulets.

They only guide and help, and the person must do the rest. If you find this material useful, click on the buttons and

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