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Celtic runes and their meaning in divination: types, signs ogam, application

The value of Celtic runes and how to use them

Celtic runes and their meaning in divination: types, signs ogam, application

Celtic runes are a whole magical system. The ancient symbols enclose the great wisdom of the ancestors, and each pictogram is associated with a deity who patronizes it.

There are a total of 24 characters in the rune system.

Celtic runes and their meaning

Each rune has its own unique meaning. It is necessary to understand the interpretation of symbols in order to use the value of the runes correctly in each particular case.

  1. Feu is a symbol of money and financial prosperity. Helps to increase wealth or preserve already acquired property
  2. Uruz is a rune of power. Gives courage and courage, helps not to succumb to life difficulties
  3. Turisaz — helps to better understand yourself and the world. In a problem situation allows you to find the only right solution that will suit everyone
  4. Ansuz is a universal rune, but is suitable for use only by those skilled in runic magic.
  5. Raido — a talisman that guides a person on the right path, helping to build a happy future
  6. Kano — gives strength in difficult life
  7. Gebo — improves relationships with others, teaches people to accept what they are
  8. Vuno pulls a person out of depression, gives feelings of optimism, vitality, perseverance. Fills with vital energy and helps to successfully overcome difficulties.
  9. Hagalaz — destroys all unnecessary, which prevents to move forward. Free from past problems and mistakes
  10. Nautyz — provides support in difficult times, attracts favorable opportunities in life
  11. Isa is a rune that slows down the process. Helps to get time out for making vital decisions
  12. Yer — is used when it is necessary to complete the current situation with a favorable outcome, and quickly
  13. Eyvaz — fills with energy, gives physical health and harmonizes the psycho-emotional state
  14. Perth — literally revives from the ashes after experiencing difficulties and troubles
  15. Algiz — attracts life opportunities to achieve your goals
  16. Saulu — harmonizes the soul and body, learns to accept and love yourself
  17. Teyvaz — illuminates the path, helping to find the right solution to an exciting problem or situation
  18. Berkana — promotes spiritual and physical development
  19. Evaz — removes from degradation and stagnation, stimulates progress
  20. Manaz — the personification of the inner world of man, displaying his ego
  21. Laguz — enhances sensuality and develops intuition
  22. Inguz — improves the reproductive abilities of the body, treats infertility and frigidity
  23. Otal is the most nonmagical rune. Used to enhance the effect of other characters in the runic formulas
  24. Dagaz — a symbol of prosperity and success in life. Helps to overcome the period of stagnation and get out of the situation with minimal losses

Tattoos with Celtic Runes

Runes are often applied to the body like a tattoo. A distinctive feature of such images is their realism.

Drawings, as a rule, are very voluminous and highly artistic.

You can choose for yourself a single character, the value of which responds to the soul. But it is also possible to make runograms composed of several signs.

Only a specialist can choose the right combination.

And the tattoo with the most powerful meaning is a runic circle made up of all 24 Futark symbols at once.

Thus, you have many options:

  • Separate rune. Choose a symbol whose qualities and properties are particularly suitable for you.
  • Runogram. To make a combination of ancient icons should be such that the properties of each rune overlap and complement each other
  • Runic circle — composed of all the characters at once.
  • Realistic portraits of warriors, valkyries or gods who patronize a chosen rune

Important: you can not fill the picture on all parts of the body. Runic symbols are best to decorate the shoulder blades, forearms or chest.

In no case do not do a tattoo on the lower part of the body — the value of the rune will change to negative, which would entail not very pleasant changes in life.

Watch the video about the value of the Celtic runes:

With the help of runes, you can guess — the ancient symbols will tell about the past, help you better understand the present and reveal the secrets of the future. But for fortune-telling, it is not enough to memorize the decoding of Futhark’s symbols.

What do we have to do:

  1. Make a set of runes or purchase it in a specialized esoteric shop. Self-made runes will be endowed with a piece of your own energy, so they are preferable to use.
  2. Prepare a piece of natural fabric. It will be used for the layout.
  3. You will also need a leather or fabric pouch for storing runes.
  4. Prepare everything you need and create a cozy, calm atmosphere around you. No one should interfere
  5. Focus on the issue that worries you most during the current period of life. Concentrate and mentally ask the runes, say how important it is for you to get the right answer.
  6. Shake the bag and remove 1-9 runes from it. The amount depends on the hand. Lay the signs up on the fabric

Next, see the meanings of the characters — they will answer your question. The prediction is unlikely to be unambiguous: you will need to think and understand what exactly the ancient signs want to tell you.

If you sincerely believe in runic magic and have dealt with the meaning of each character, you will surely interpret the prediction in the right way.

What are Celtic symbols and why are they used?

Celtic runes and their meaning in divination: types, signs ogam, application

The first historical evidence of the Celts dates back to two thousand years before the new era. Thus, this nation has a huge and deep history.

Developed Celtic civilization, settled a significant part of present-day Europe in the first millennium BC, reaching its greatest development by about the fourth century BC. As well as any developed civilization Celtic had its own culture.

An essential part of this culture was a variety of magical rites, beliefs, writing, Celtic symbols and signs.

Signs, symbols and their description

Practical magic was also used in the same way, the Celts had a deep mythology that interacted with magical ideas and the universe. In turn, in magical practices and mystic-religious ideas about the world, a significant part was occupied by various signs, symbols and patterns.

Many patterns played the role of charms, others symbolized some aspects of the universe.

Celtic civilization has left the symbolism, which is used until now, still remaining not only beautiful patterns, but also semantically filled with images.

Therefore, it is so interesting and fascinating to examine in more detail the various aspects of Celtic ornament, signs, symbols, patterns, runes.

Will consider basic celtic signs and symbols:

  • TrikvetrProbably the most famous and common Celtic symbol. The image is very simple and represents a triangle along the contour, but this pattern is formed using interlaced lines. It is possible to find such variants of woven knots in other traditional systems of symbols (for example, the Tibetan knot of happiness), but the tricycle is the simplest and at the same time symbolically deeper symbol.First, it should be noted the idea of ​​the continuity of all that is embodied in the closure of the pattern, secondly, the triangle looking to the top is an active male energy, and in general, the activity, the creation of the world, that is, being, which is in constant motion and development. In addition, exactly the troika, which is displayed here as a geometric figure, according to the cosmological ideas of ancient peoples is the beginning of the manifested world, the single and dyad cannot yet create the world as such and constitute an unmanifested or dormant world. In fact, it is quite possible to write, if not a separate book, then at least a major research paper or dissertation. This symbol applies to theology, mythology, and magical practices. By the way, about theology, it should be noted rethinking of this symbol by Christianity, where tricvetre in circumference became the image of the Christian trinity. If we analyze, then such a comparison is by no means contrived and represents a peculiar development of pagan beliefs in newer (in the historical sense) religious ones.
  • LabyrinthMost often it is a tricvetre complicated by additional closed, continuous lines that make the symbol more like a complex knot or seal.. Symbolically, this sign depicts the inextricable link between all elements of being, can also symbolize the earthly path of each individual person, which, in fact, is a closed pattern. Brings good luck.
  • Tree of LifeIt differs from the Scandinavian Igdrassil lack of hierarchy. Moreover, the Celtic Tree of Life often appears closed like other symbols and patterns.. Here the unity and connection of the upper and lower worlds, the indivisibility of the whole being, is outlined.It may well act as a personal amulet. By the way, the Celts themselves revered such trees, for example, in the kingdoms of ancient Ireland there were their sacred trees for each kingdom, and such a tree was gathered for all sorts of significant events.
  • Celtic crossLooks like a cross in a circle. A powerful magic symbol, most likely, was originally used precisely in rituals, ceremonies and personal practice.. It focuses the energy of the four elements — Fire, Water, Earth and Air. It is endowed with a huge positive magical value. It is used as a guard against dark forces, for gaining wisdom, for protection in all situations.
  • Will kickIntertwined triangles, used for tombstones. Here we are again talking about a powerful magic symbol. Moreover, it is not recommended to make amulets from this, it will only be used for specific practices.
  • TriskelAlso a variation of a triangle. Used in various rituals and rites, it is quite useful for use as an amulet. This symbol harmonizes the elements, balances the passage of time..

Runes: meaning and interpretation

In total, the so-called senior Futarka 24 runes, each of which is used not only for banal writing, but also represents the hieroglyphs of a certain aspect of being, embodies certain energies, phenomena, and laws.

A set of 24 runes describes the universe completely, creates a complete picture of the manifested world. Therefore, using combinations of runes, it is possible to describe any version of the situation in the presented reality.

therefore making some runic combination makes it possible to attract energy, create some event or create, let’s say, some general background with the help of a combination.

So, the runes, name and value:

  • Feu — Matter, spiritual accumulation.
  • Uruz — strength and masculinity.
  • Turisaz — thought, intuition.
  • Ansuz — power, activity.
  • Raido — path or search.
  • Cano — materialization, embodiment or overcoming.
  • Gebo — unity, union.
  • Vuno — energy, confidence.
  • Hagalaz — destruction, elimination of the negative.
  • Nautiz — additional resource support.
  • Isa — freezing, ice.
  • Yer — positive completion of something.
  • Eyvaz — strength, potential.
  • Perth — rebirth, luck.
  • Algiz — protection.
  • Soulu — integrity.
  • Teyvaz — warrior, an independent person.
  • Berkana — development.
  • Evaz — changes.
  • Mannaz — If we speak in modern language, then the soul.
  • Laguz — intuition.
  • Inguz — fertility.
  • Otal — separation with something, retreat.
  • Dagaz — prosperity.

If you want to understand Celtic runic writing more deeply, look at this topic separately. Moreover, there is a huge scope of application from creating tattoos, to fortune telling and spelling.

Celtic ornament

This item is also related to the following, since the Celtic ornament can act as a talisman and initially has exactly the magic function. As you know, many peoples had nodular magic and many sorcerers use various techniques of weaving ropes.

For example, a certain rope is intertwined in some way and various conspiracies are read in the process. By the way, the so-called baubles, that is, bracelets made of yarn, which children and teenagers adore to weave, come precisely from this type of magic and still remotely retain some function of a guardian and personal talisman.

The Celtic ornament, in turn, often represents knots woven on a rope, which are depicted on the plane, as if such a magic rope was drawn in a two-dimensional version.

That is why Celtic patterns are often associated precisely with the techniques of magic weaving and endow with the properties that various patterns of ropes and cords possess.

Surely There are quite universal versions of the Celtic ornament, which are entrenched archetypal values. For example, such an ornament can act as a lasso for certain positive effects or help the manifestation of certain properties.

By the way, that’s why among the Celtic tattoos are so popular precisely a variety of ornamental patterns, which carry not only a decorative, but also a certain magical function, become a personal amulet.

A typical example here are images of birds, snakes and dragons, which are made using Celtic ornamental weaving..

Another example is the image of such classic Celtic beliefs plots as a sacred tree or cauldron. These drawings can also be visually easily identified, but the image itself may consist of many elements of woven ornament.

In Celtic ornaments it is characteristic to note the presence of only curved lines, since straight lines and even forms are absent in nature.

Moreover, most of the ornaments are completely closed, that is, every detail is ultimately intertwined and connected to the rest.

Here, of course, we note the classic Celtic trikvetr, which can develop into huge intricate patterns, but the principle of closure ornament will remain.

Amulets and Tattoo

If we talk about tattoos, we should note the need to find a normal tattoo artist. In particular, if you want to use an ornament or a similar pattern, because the master needs to competently weave your amulet.

Other a popular tattoo option is the Celtic cross, which allows the inner to develop, symbolically represents the union and harmony of opposites, of which, as you know, something new and better always develops. Therefore, the Celtic cross may well be used as a tattoo charm, this symbol has both pagan and Christian roots.

No less popular are various Celtic spirals, which are made on the basis of a triple pattern.. The symbol as a whole is favorable, it is a combination of all planes of being, it allows you to find inner harmony and receive spiritual development.

The Celtic Spiral serves as a talisman for finding tranquility and aspiration for inner progress.

In addition, a variety of animal images should be noted.. For example, the snake is a symbol of treatment and cleansing, can become a talisman for everyone who is connected to some degree with medicine, even the snake allows one to gain wisdom.

Celtic butterflies are a symbol of rebirth and worship of their roots, a deep, joyful and interesting symbol.

There is a huge amount of such symbolism in Celtic culture. In conclusion, we note the ability to use the runes for amulets tattoos.

Only it is necessary to penetrate into the value of the runes, to get in touch with the runes that you want to “fill” yourself and only after that do the tattoo.

Celtic runes: meaning and description. Celtic Runes Divination

Celtic runes and their meaning in divination: types, signs ogam, application

The ancients celtic runes since ancient times personified the wisdom of the ages — they are associated with divine powers. Magic signs are combined into a whole system, so that it is easier for us to manage and use them for our own purposes.

In total there are 24 Celtic runes of the Elder Futhark — each of them has unique properties.

In antiquity, symbols played an important role. With the help of runic images, people passed on knowledge to their descendants, drawing them on the walls of caves or their huts.

In our time, scientists have repeatedly come across such informative finds.

The runic system — with the right understanding of it — turns into a tremendous protective force. And, when several signs are combined into a special formula, they are capable of much.

Across the land, runic symbols are depicted on personal amulets to protect themselves from the existing evil. They can ask for advice in a difficult moment.

If your faith is strong, you will surely get the support of ancient pictograms.

Celtic runes value

Each magic sign has its own special meaning. Before using Celtic ancient magic, it is necessary to understand this question well.

  • Fehu (Feu) — a money magnet. A great helper for those who need financial support.
  • Uruz — a symbol of real power. Using an ancient image, you become more confident. Uruz will help to go through any difficulties.
  • Turisaz — contributes to a better understanding of what is happening. There are times when we get lost and cannot make a decision — fear for the future result interferes. And Turisaz will guide you on the right path, eliminating doubts and obstacles.
  • Ansuz — helps absolutely everyone. But, if you do not believe in its positive influence, do not count on magical support.
  • Raido — suitable for those who think about the future. Attracts happiness and good luck.
  • Kenaz — Refer to this rune when you feel like giving up. She will fill you with the desire to continue to fight for your happiness.
  • Gebo — helps to establish contact with other people. It mitigates any conflict situation — no matter how difficult it may be.
  • Vuno — a symbol of optimism. Vuno will make you smile and support in a difficult situation.
  • Hagalaz — eliminates the burden of past years and effectively destroys all obsolete and unnecessary.
  • Nautiz — helps to use any profitable opportunity that gives life.
  • Isa — if you need time, then refer to this rune. It will make the clock go slower.
  • Yer — it is used in cases when it is necessary to complete this or that situation with a successful outcome.
  • Eyvaz — health care.
  • Perth— suitable for survivors of a huge spiritual shock. Restore physical and moral status — and put you on your feet.
  • Algiz — helps to achieve the desired goals.
  • Soulu — the rune will break the internal fetters. If you suffer from an inferiority complex and it interferes with you, use its magic.
  • Teyvaz — clarifies difficult situations.
  • Berkana — develops the best human qualities.
  • Evaz — supports those who can not get the ball rolling.
  • Mannaz — a symbol that will show your inner essence.
  • Laguz — awakens intuitive abilities.
  • Inguz — suitable for those who suffer from diseases of the reproductive system. Many families who have lost hope of becoming happy parents are grateful to her.
  • Odal — This image is mainly used as an addition to the rest of the runes.
  • Dagaz — ancient people associated this icon with prosperity.

Divination by Celtic runes

Mysterious runes can tell about the past, about the present and about the future — one has only to ask them about it.

If you want to ask them for help, prepare first:

  • You can buy a set of runic icons, but experts advise yourself to draw the entire system. Such symbols will be energetically connected with you — and they will surely answer all your questions.
  • Carefully fold the set into a special bag, where you will continue to store it. Remember that your positive magic depends on your respect for the ancient symbolism.
  • For the layout, prepare a piece of cloth — on it you will lay out the letters of the ancestors.
  • Embark on a ritual — calm your thoughts, get rid of disturbing sounds, concentrate on the desired result.
  • Now ask the question or the runes. Shake the bag in your hands and pull out a few characters (the amount depends on the particular hand). Lay out on the fabric all the images.
  • The meanings of the symbols will reveal secrets. But know: sometimes it is not easy to unravel the answer of the runes — you must think carefully to understand everything.

Celtic Runes for Money

Your financial situation can greatly improve rune Fehu (Feu) — It is considered the main source of wealth and monetary energy.

It helps to both strengthen existing incomes and increase them. The magic symbol will transform your whole life and open up a lot of opportunities for development.

The following runes have a special power for attracting monetary energy:

  • Yer — provides a worthy reward for the work done.
  • Odal — associated with material benefits. Also, this rune helps to make profitable dating.
  • Dagaz — will help to strengthen securely in the world of finance.

Tattoos with Celtic Runes

Surely you have repeatedly seen tattoos with magical images of ancient Celts. But not everyone who makes such pictures on the body is aware of the true meaning of such symbols.

They look, of course, very attractive — but first of all it is worth understanding the meaning of each icon.

The strongest tattoo is considered to depict the entire Celtic system — the runic circle. Just imagine: the power of 24 characters is always near you!

But this is a big responsibility — you need to learn how to use this magic.

For beginners, I advise you to use the magic of one rune sign. Those who already understand the meaning of the whole system and know how to use it, can be applied to the body of the insignia.

These are special combinations — in them the runes supplement each other’s energies.

But be extremely careful in choosing runic images for tattoos — you may encounter dangerous runes.

Celtic Runes — Meaning and Character Description

Celtic runes and their meaning in divination: types, signs ogam, application

For many centuries, people dreamed of finding a universal method of protection against negative magical effects. Protect yourself, your home and close people from evil and enemies, the evil eye and disease, poverty and unhappiness.

It was invented a huge number of methods that helped protect against all bad things. And a special place in defensive magic was occupied by Celtic runes.

They could be applied on a person’s skin as a tattoo or on household items as an ornament.

In some cases, they were depicted on other wards as an auxiliary protective measure.

Celtic Runes — Magical Helpers

Celtic runes are a special system of symbols that expresses natural strength through pictograms and images. The most ancient and one of the first symbols were depicted in prehistoric caves.

Symbols decorated the weapon and ware, an entrance door and windows, were cut out on a tree and metal. Also could be depicted as a tattoo.

It was important to choose the appropriate symbol, examining the entire system of signs and their meaning.

Runic ammunition spells were also written over the entrance to the house or shed (to protect livestock), on ships, and so on. Their use was ubiquitous.

Today there is an interest in modern people to these symbols. After examining their meaning, you can find a loyal and effective assistant in the fight against all that is not good.

Legend of the Runic Signs

Before choosing the Celtic runes to be used as amulets, you should study their meaning. This will allow you to choose the most suitable options.

Strength and protection

  • Vuno — energy; is a sign of the broadest action, as it protects against various misfortunes and gives confidence in their own abilities.
  • Hagalaz — destruction; helps to find a way out of any, even a very difficult situation, to start a new life, to solve any problems.
  • Isa — ice; it is considered that the symbol freezes … problems, illness, negative, anger, making a person’s life much better.
  • Teyvaz — warrior; ideal not only for the military, but also for those people who want to find their own «I».
  • Otal — retreat, separation; used as a talisman from various misfortunes.
  • Eyvaz — strength, potential; the meaning of the symbol is many-sided and rather complicated; it helps to organize any sphere.
  • Uruz — strength, gives strength in any situation; gives men courage and courage, women — resilience and understanding.
  • Algiz — protection; is the strongest protective sign that will protect against any negative impact, enemies and problems.
  • Ansuz — strong action; the sign has tremendous power and must be used with caution, as it can enhance both the positive aspects of a person’s character and the negative ones.

Wealth and prosperity

  • Dagaz — prosperity; guides in the right direction, gives strength, helps to overcome troubles.
  • Perth — dedication; considered a sign of rebirth and gives the owner good luck.
  • Cano — incarnation; helps a person to find his way in life and gives strength to overcome any tests.
  • Inguz — fertility; it can be used in any field, both for a good harvest, and for the treatment of infertility.
  • Feu — a symbol of spiritual and material property, wealth; helps in achieving the goal.
  • Yer — completion; allows you to safely and successfully complete any business and solve problems.
  • Nautiz — support; great in a situation where everything falls out of the hands and this period lasts a long time. The symbol will help stabilize the situation and find the right solution.

Spiritual development

  • Turisaz — reflections; the symbol gives a person concentration, prudence of intuition to achieve goals.
  • Raido — way; It is considered an excellent option for travelers and thinkers who are always in search of something material or spiritual.
  • Soulu — integrity; allows you to achieve unity, helps to improve relationships, restore friendship, return love.
  • Gebo — unity; It helps to establish and improve relationships, affect people, but can only be used with bright thoughts.
  • Berkana — development; helps to develop both physically and spiritually, contributes to the improvement.
  • Evaz — changes; helps to solve problems, get out of the period of stagnation and change something in life.
  • Mannaz — own «I», his search.
  • Laguz — intuition; helps to strengthen the intuition, perception of the world and understanding it.

As you can see, the symbols have a variety of designations, among which you can always choose something for a tattoo or a talisman.

The system of symbols of the ancient Celts

A special system of symbols — the Celtic runes, performed the guarding function. They protected the person, his relatives and the house from enemies, evil forces, diseases, poverty and misfortune.

Symbols and their meaning is what is usually studied before choosing your assistant. By the way, runes are applied both on various objects surrounding a person and on the body as a tattoo.

Tattoo with runic symbols in recent years are very popular because they are a strong defense and constantly accompany the person. In addition, a permanent tattoo will never be erased — and this only enhances the effect of magic.

Divination with the help of Celtic runes

Celtic runes and their meaning in divination: types, signs ogam, application

There are many divinations, with the help of which you can find out your fate, the present situation and a possible future. One of the most popular, effective and working divination is the old divination with the help of Celtic runes.

This fortune-telling rather does not directly open the future, but gives a description of the existing situation, suggests possible ways and means of solutions, show what you need to pay attention to when making decisions.

Each situation may have several developments, and this divination warns against possible mistakes, indicates probable obstacles or negative influences.

If the problem already exists, the runes will indicate its cause and possible solutions.

What are the runes

In translation, the meaning of the word «rune» is close to the confluence of the concepts of «mystery», «whisper» and «fate», «draw».

The fortune-telling on the runes is considered very ancient (it is found in Titian’s name), and the runes themselves appeared a long time ago. The very first of them can be seen carved on the walls in prehistoric caves.

The Celts also used the runes denoting natural phenomena. They not only decorated their walls, weapons and household items.

Each rune had its own name, and they can be considered as one of the very first symbolic designations of the most important concepts of the ancient Celts, that is, a kind of “alphabet”. Runes were also used as strong magical symbols.

With their help they defended the entrance to the dwelling, they were used to inscribe spells.

Draw the runes on the arms and noses of ships.

The Celts believed that through the appropriate runes it was possible to make contact with the natural forces, call upon them for help, find out the future. Putting a certain rune on the weapon, the warrior hoped for victory in battle, the healer, drawing it on the vessel, was waiting for help in treatment, and the hunter, depicting the corresponding rune on a tree, stone or his weapon, counted on good prey.

The Celtic giving says that these magical symbols are the gift of the god Odin, who wished to learn the greatest mysteries. He nailed himself with a spear to the Tree of Life — a giant ash tree, in the form of which the universe appeared in Norse mythology.

On day 9 after this, Odin saw the runes and knew the desired sacraments. Since then, the runes have been used by the Celts for magical rites and divination for the future.

They are closely intertwined with the mythology of the northern peoples, and for successful fortune-telling one should remember this, know the archetypes of this mythology and their connection with the corresponding rune.

It is believed that by applying these ancient symbols, you can describe any life situation, as well as influence it with the help of energies with which each of the runes is associated. Each rune from their very first set — the Elder Futhark — has a large set of values ​​associated with a certain energy, from the household level to the deeply magical.

All 24 of his runes are subject to a strict system, and must be placed in a strict order, only the latter two are allowed to be swapped.

Divination Rules
Any fortune-telling, including on the runes, has long been not available to everyone. Learning the values ​​of runes and the rules of divination is not enough.

Only those who have the necessary esoteric abilities, can apply their knowledge in practice.

For fortune telling, you will need the runes themselves, the folding fabric and a bag of fabric, fur or leather for their storage.

It is best to make the runes yourself. Most often they are made of wood, but there are also clay, bone or stone runes.

Material choose the one that tells the flair.

In especially important situations, runes are made for one question, destroyed after divination. Ice or wax is used as a material.

The bag is well decorated with some image or inscription (except runic symbols).

First, as in other divinations, you need to turn away from external distractions. This is especially important because the runes give a description of the situation, the reasons for its occurrence and tips for the best decisions about the choice of future actions.

Therefore, it is necessary to very clearly formulate the question that needs to be answered, to concentrate as much as possible on it and on the exciting situation in general (since the result will contain the answer at several levels). You can not guess if you are waiting only for a positive answer to the question, or to confirm your vision.

Then you will not be able to see the tips of the scenario, impartially, adequately perceive it. You need to be ready to accept the answer that the runes give, then fortune telling will really help you understand the situation and make a decision.

After concentrating, you should shake the bag and remove the runes from there. They are laid out on a specially designed fabric and a special surface.

Depending on the method of handing out one, three, or nine pieces.

You can lay them out immediately face up, or first on the back side, then turn over (in this case it is allowed to correct the tablet with the image, turn it over as the intuition suggests).

One rune get an answer like «Yes» — «No» to the question. In the upright position — a positive response, inverted — negative.

Having the skill, it is possible by the value of the rune itself to determine a deeper interpretation of the answer.

In other hands, it is also necessary to take into account the direct or inverted position of the rune (according to its outline).

Three runes. In this scenario, they describe (from left to right) “Past”, “Formation” (approximately corresponds to “Present”), “Destiny” (approximately corresponds to “Future”).

If you put it from left to right, you will traditionally learn “The Past — The Present — The Future”, from right to left — you will see a deeper cause-and-effect source of the situation.

Nine runes are taken out of the bag at the same time. They are slightly shaken in the palms (dies can be mixed) or squeezed, — to whom it is more convenient to concentrate.

Throw on the fabric for fortune telling or a special surface. Interpret in turn.

Fallen «face» up means the current situation and the past, what was the cause.

And the closer to the center, the more important they are. In contact or overlapping each other are connected, they are interpreted together. Fallen out of the fabric or off the table are counted, or not, depending on the situation.

Fallen rune-ups signify the future, the course of events, possible solutions.

Sometimes you need to get separately another final rune.

Many interpretations and the extent to which the position of the runes is taken into account strongly depend on the esoteric abilities and intuition of the divine.

Runes values

Since each rune can display the concept at a different level (from the household to the deep), the interpretation will depend on the intuition and the relative position of the other runes.

  • Feu — victory, possession, wealth. Associated with cosmic fire, can give impetus, give energy to any process.
  • Uruz — Life force, health unpredictability. Also protection, including charms. Able to give confidence in their own strength, protection from hazards.
  • Turisaz — Chaos, unpredictable power, protection from chaos. Associated with magic, predictions.
  • Ansuz — Blessing, God, inspiration, message. Blessing newborns, new beginnings. Communication with the cosmic consciousness.
  • Raido — Travel, balance and order, the protection of the traveler. Justice, order, punishment for an unjust act.
  • Kano — Fire (external and internal), insight, the manifestation of hidden abilities, the embodiment of ideas in physical form. Also healing of warriors, was used as a strong amulet, was applied on the skin of a warrior. It can also mean love, the flame of passion.
  • Gebo — Gift, peace, harmony, balance. Also partnership, help, spiritual coaching.
  • Vuno — Glory, auspicious changes, joy, happiness.
  • Hagalaz — Motherhood, Universe, Hail, seed. One of the most sacred. In this rune you can see all the other runes. Also means evolution, the inability to influence the situation, patience.
  • Nautise — Constraint, the birth of power, necessity, need. Dual means both disaster and suffering, and the birth of a force sufficient to fight them. Can push to achieve the goal, capture, transform. It symbolizes counteraction to cosmic forces.
  • Isa — Waiting, refusal, freezing. The stopping of the movement, sometimes a complete abandonment of plans, also the cessation of the negative situation.
  • Jera (Yer) — Favorable outcome, harvest, reward. Getting the results of labor, the reward for the effort.
  • Eyvaz — Transformation of energies. Death and rebirth, the connection of the upper worlds with the lower.
  • Perth — Find, surprise, win, dedication to the secret and the disclosure of the secret. Love compatibility, recovery, discovery of new abilities.
  • Algiz — patronage from above, protection, favor of higher powers. Protection from trouble, the expectation of new positive opportunities.
  • Soulu — the Sun, a clear vision of success in your goal, the right way. Energy to carry out our plans, recovery, trust, favorable changes.
  • Tayvaz — Leadership, justice, rationality, honor, nobility, power. Willingness to sacrifice themselves. Success in legal decision issues competition.
  • Berkana — Abundance, rebirth, growth. Strength, preserving growth and development, motherhood, harmony, seasonal cycles.
  • Evaz — Movement, change for the better, progress. The success of the action in a pair to achieve a result.
  • Mannaz — Man, his «I» humanity in general. Relationship with people (friends and enemies), order in society, awareness of individuality, help from people
  • Laguaz — Water, flow, inspiration, life force. Life flow, timeliness of actions, abundance, rebirth, growth. Also travel success, imagination, mystery, mental issues.
  • Inguz — Potency (male potency). The release of accumulated power. Also, internal development, pregnancy, family care, warmth, home, help, no worries.
  • Dagaz — Achievement, tradition, spiritual heritage. Home, homeland, closed from outsiders space.
  • Odal — Evolution, Awakening, Confidence. Illumination with cosmic light, transformation. The power to fulfill their desires.

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