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Card divination for love: what will be your spouse?

Card divination for love: what will be your spouse?

Find out about who will be your husband, you can use the old fortune-telling on the cards. Despite the simplicity of the scenario, this fortune telling will tell you about the character, financial condition and social position of your future second half.

For fortune telling you will need a deck of 36 cards. In order for the cards to tell the truth, it is recommended to hold the deck in your hands for about five minutes. At this time, it is advisable to focus on your question.

Mentally ask the cards about what interests you in your future personal life.

After that, select your card. If you are less than 30 years old, then you are a lady of diamonds. If more than 30 — you are a lady of hearts.

If you are over 55, your card is a queen of clubs.

For divination, you need to use only sevens, eights, nines and tens. Put the rest of the cards.

Place your card in front of you, and lay the rest in two circles of eight cards each.

Next, take your ring and throw it in the middle of the first circle. That card, on which it falls, tells about a man who will soon appear in your life. This card set aside and throw the ring in the second circle.

The ring will fall on a card that tells about the person you meet in the distant future.

Mix these two received cards without looking and put face-down next to your card: one above it, the other under it. Open the cards. The one above you will mean the man who is destined for you, he will always be with you.

And the bottom card is a person who will not linger for a long time in your life.

Then you can proceed to decipher the cards. In this divination for love, it will be as follows:

7 worms — a man confident. He likes to be in the center of attention and is not set to a serious relationship. He needs a woman like him: decisive, ambitious, beautiful and intelligent.

When the question of marriage arises, he will be confused, since it will be difficult for him to lose his freedom.

7 tambourine — unstable man. He does not know what he wants from life. In order to win it, you will need cunning and patience.

7 clubs — a serious man with a high position in society and financial stability. Will be serious about creating a family. With such a person you will find stability, good financial situation and a strong family.

Peak 7 — a prudent man, unprincipled and cunning. If he realizes that the relationship with you is beneficial to him in some way, he will do everything to win you over.

8 worms — a proud, proud and independent man. First of all, your feelings and confidence in him will be important. He himself will also be faithful.

8 tambourine — a person unadapted to real life, probably a romantic and idealist. Will always do everything in its own way. Not rich and will not strive for financial growth.

Lives one day.

8 clubs — an indecisive man. It will be difficult for him to open his feelings to you, but in the future he may become an exemplary family man, a loving husband and a caring father.

Peak 8 is a male intellectual, witty, sociable and interesting. Loves attention, but not Lovelace. Discerning connections.

He has quite high demands on women.

9 worms — a completely wealthy man, not a workaholic. Rarely keeps his promises and forgets about everything. Sometimes lazy and do not fulfill their duties.

9 tambourine — womanizer. This is a windy man, in which you can never be sure. But at the same time, you know how to look after and make an impression.

9 clubs — hardworking and business man, calm, sociable, very wealthy. In a woman, she is primarily looking for support and like-minded people.

Peak 9 — a man who can find an approach to any woman, a sort of tempting snake, whose networks can be accessed instantly. With him, a woman will always feel uncomfortable, as this type always gives rise to jealousy.

10 worms — ideal for creating a family. An educated, intelligent and educated man. Not too rich.

But with a loving woman can achieve brilliant results.

10 tambourine — active and purposeful man. Desires to be an irrefutable leader in a relationship. Rich, but somewhat stingy.

10 clubs — a lucky man in life. He always gets his way, keeps promises and really looks at the world around him. A good option for creating a family.

Peak 10 is a very narcissistic and selfish type. He likes to solve everything himself, the attitude towards the entire female gender is dismissive. Getting along with him will not be easy.

This fortune-telling on the cards for love will tell you about the future relationship and will provide an opportunity to assess your chances with one or another candidate for your heart. Useful article? Then be sure to put and

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