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Card divination for a man & laquo; Loves or dislikes & raquo;

Card divination for a man «loves or does not love»

You can learn about the feelings of your beloved with the help of fortune telling on playing cards. Guessing a man «loves or dislikes» will allow you to find out about the true intentions of the chosen one, and what he really thinks about you.

How to tell fortunes to his beloved man

For fortune telling, you need a regular deck of 36 cards. Your cards, on which you will guess, must be either new or not used in the game.

Shuffle the cards exactly nine times, think about who you will guess, remove the top with your left little finger and place it on the bottom of the deck. After that, mentally or aloud, ask: «Do you love me, (name)?».

Then remove any ten cards from the deck. Fallen cards will tell you about the feelings of the man.

The value of cards in divination for a man

First look at the fallen suits.

  • If there are more cards of the red suit (worms and tambourines), then the man loves you. He may have serious intentions towards you, and he wants to be there.
  • If there are more black suits (spades and clubs), then the man does not love you. In this case, you are not at all interested in him as a woman, and you have no future with him.
  • If there are an equal number of red and black cards, then your elect still doesn’t really know how he feels about you. Most likely, he likes you, but there is no talk about big love yet. In this case, your odds are 50/50.

After that, take a look at the ratio of large and small cards among those whose suit color won.

  • If among the red suit there are more senior cards (ace, king, queen and jack), then the man is ready for marriage with you. He loves you, you can be sure.
  • If there are more small cards among the red suit (six, seven, eight, nine and ten), then he is not thinking about the future next to you. Despite the fact that the man loves you, he still does not seek seriousness in the relationship.
  • If there are more large cards among the black suit, then it is not even about sympathy. The man has negative feelings towards you.
  • If among black suit small cards prevail, the man is indifferent to you.

With this free guessing at a man, you can quickly find out about the feelings and intentions of your chosen one. This method of fortune-telling on playing cards will clarify the situation in your personal life and determine whether a man is a hero of your romance or not. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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