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Card divination for a loved one

Card divination for a loved one

Each of us wants to know whether our feelings are mutual or not, what our lover thinks of us and whether we think at all. In such situations, great help card divination. After all, there are many varieties of fortune telling, including fortune telling on a loved one.

Guessing on the cards does not have to be difficult, including numerous layouts and combinations. There are simple techniques that help to learn the truth without much effort.

Previously, it was believed that card divination was not given to everyone, and that such abilities should be passed on from generation to generation. In fact, almost anyone can tell fortunes. The main thing is to follow certain rules and have the appropriate attitude.

Rules of fortune telling

If you are going to tell fortunes on the cards, you will first need a new card deck. Each deck requires its own approach, so no one should touch it, otherwise your connection with it will be weak or completely interrupted. After you have decided to guess on these cards, it is no longer recommended to play them.

If you have a suitable deck, you need to speak it so that it tunes in to your energetics and becomes your assistant. As a rule, novice fortune-tellers use this conspiracy: «36 shirts in front of me, 36 my helpers. Be my eyes, show me the future.

Be my ears, tell me the truth. Let it be so«. This plot needs to be pronounced while holding the deck between the palms.

Well, if you have already used cards for fortune telling and everything turned out for you, then such a plot is not necessary.

Guessing love is better on certain days of the week. The best days for card divination are Wednesday and Saturday. These days correspond to the numbers 3 and 6, which coincides with the number of cards in the deck.

How to guess at love

Light a red candle and settle down so that you feel comfortable. Next, think about the person who will guess, and choose one of the Jacks, which will symbolize your lover. Shuffle the cards and lift up your left little finger to yourself, then lay them in four piles, face up. Each of the piles means a specific action:

first stack: «He loves and cannot live without you»
second pile: «Dislikes and you are not interested»
third pile: «Shows a certain attention to you, but has not yet decided»
fourth pile: «Do not pay attention to you until you take the initiative«

After the stacks are laid out, begin to see which one of them contains your conceived jack. Which group of cards your lover will be in, then he keeps thinking.

Features of divination

If during the shuffling or spreading on the columns of the card slipped out of the hands and scattered, it means that fortune telling is to be postponed for another day. The cards feel bad energy or a frivolous mindset, so this fortune-telling must be approached with complete seriousness, and not for the sake of a joke.

If you are guessing someone, he should lift the cards from his deck with his left hand. In this case, do not try to somehow cheat or fine-tune the desired result, otherwise the whole meaning of the magical ritual is lost.

Maps are a kind of conductor between the subtle worlds and ours, and if this knowledge is used wisely, you can look into the future and predict your destiny. However, do not get too carried away with divination, because so your life can pass you by. Be open to the world, listen to your intuition. Don’t forget to press buttons and

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