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Card divination by the king

Card divination by the king

Guessing on the king will allow you to learn about the attitude of a man to you. This fortune-telling on the cards is suitable for those who doubt the sincerity of the feelings of their partner. Also, this alignment can be used at an early stage of a relationship, when communication between a man and a woman is only improved.

Guessing on the king

For fortune telling you will need a deck of 36 cards. For the prediction to be correct, the deck must not be previously used in the game. If you are guessing on this deck, then you shouldn’t play it and give it to other people.

Guess the man to which you are going to guess and find his card. If your chosen one is blond with blond hair, then his card is the king of diamonds, if he is dark-haired or blond, his card is the red king, if he is black, then his card is the peak king, brown-haired is the club king.

Put a card of your man in front of you. Shuffle the deck, remove the top of the little finger of your left hand and move it to the bottom of the deck.

Then lay out five cards in turn. In this scenario, the love of these cards will tell about the feelings of your chosen one.

The value of cards when divination to the king

First card will talk about the thoughts of your man. If this is a card of the light suit (worms and tambourines), then the person often thinks about you. If the card is a dark suit (clubs and spades), then you are not in his thoughts.

Second card will tell about the intentions of a man. A light suit card means that your chosen one wants to be near you. Dark suit card — it does not take you seriously.

Third card in fortune telling will tell about what is in his heart. If the card of the light suit fell out, then it can be regarded as love. If a dark suit card falls out, then he is plagued by doubts and bad thoughts.

Fourth card tell about your relationship, if you will be with him. Light card — love and harmony await you. Dark — you are expected to quarrel, jealousy and misunderstanding.

Fifth card points to your future with him. Light color — you will be together. Dark suit — together you will not be destined.

In this love divination on the cards it is important to take into account the importance of the cards in order of precedence. The larger the map, the greater the prediction value. For example, if the first card was an ace tambourine, then the man has deep feelings for you, but if there is a six tambourine, there are feelings, but not so strong.

Also with dark suits.

Free divination by the king will allow you to learn about the true feelings of your chosen one. This alignment is recommended no more than once a week, otherwise the cards will lie. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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