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Book of fortune-telling — 300 basic questions, online fortune-telling

True divination on the book of destinies with the help of 300 questions

One of the most mysterious secrets to date remains the famous book of fate. According to legend, it records the fate of all the people who lived on earth. Anyone can read information about himself: when born, when married, when he dies.

But one cannot simply read and read one’s fate, for this purpose certain types of rituals are used, such as fortune telling from the book of destinies — 300 questions. It is thanks to this method that we can know our future, the main thing is to ask the right question.

Book of fortune-telling - 300 basic questions, online fortune-telling

Very strange is the fact that almost all civilizations of antiquity knew about this book, even those that did not contact each other: from ancient China and Hindu yogas, to Vikings and Aztec tribes. The most amazing thing is that almost all the references to this artifact are recorded almost simultaneously. In fact, there are more secrets than answers …

On our site, you can tell fortunes on the book of destinations online. Simply choose the question that worries you the most and the system itself will select the answer that suits you!

What is the Book of Fate? How does fortunetelling go?

Book of fortune-telling - 300 basic questions, online fortune-telling

To date, the fate book is kept by the followers of the teachings of Nadi. Nadi is a type of science in astrology that does not follow the position of the stars and does not interpret records. Their task is to keep the sacred palm manuscripts and pass them on to the next generations.

The monks Nadi called the Book of Fate — the fifth Veda. They undergo many years of training before they are allowed to see the sacred palm leaves. Today there are only five people in the world who are allowed to touch the book and who can decipher its answers.

Divination by the Book of Fate, subject to all conditions, is considered the most accurate and truthful. In India, this kind of divination is very valuable and is considered a revelation from above.

The book is divided into three parts, one part is Jaipur in India. According to the testimony of the monks Nadia there is nothing on these sheets.

Inscriptions appear only at the moment when the initiates touch the leaves. What the initiation stages look like is the strict secret of Nadi.

At the first touch, the book shows a text that tells about the fate of the person who touched it. To find out the fate of a person who is in the Nadi temple, next to a monk, a monk puts his hand a second time.

Answers of fate

The book can not always answer the question. The monks explain this in the following way: “We keep only a portion of the palm leaves in our sanctuary.

Our fathers gave us this part along with the story that there are still unrevealed remains of the manuscript in the world. Therefore, we cannot know whether the Book will show the fate of every person who came to us for an answer. Quite often, the sheets remain empty, it only means that the answer to your question is contained in other parts of the book.

Sometimes we see characters that are unfamiliar to us, in ancient descriptions nothing is said about them. Then we copy them onto paper and save them in our library.

We hope that those who come after us will understand their meaning. ”

To decipher the message that appeared on palm leaves, there is a special code. It is contained in ancient manuscripts. This code, in fact, is the language spoken of by sacred texts in all world cultures.

The language is older than the Book itself by several thousand years, and the book itself, on the basis of information obtained from various sources, is on average five thousand years old.

Since the priests of Nadi live in India, it is often possible to find the naming of fortune-telling according to the Book of Fate, like Tibetan. But this is not entirely true, since its roots go deep into the Sumerian-Acadian civilization.

Not every person who wants to tell fortunes on the book of destinies, is available a trip to India. But what to do if you really want to tell fortunes?

For this there is an online fortune-telling from the Book of Fate. It contains three hundred questions to which you can get answers now.

How to ask a question?

Book of fortune-telling - 300 basic questions, online fortune-telling

If you have an overwhelming desire to tell fortunes from the Book of Fate, but soon you are not going to India, then you can ask the online question of the Book. All the specific features of the palm leaves of the priests of Nadi are preserved here.

The first and easiest way is divination without human intervention. The Book of Fate itself will choose for you the question, which in the present state of affairs is the most important for you.

And she will give an answer to it.

If you know which question you want to get an answer from, choose it from the sections provided. Not all questions have specific wording.

Part of the questions reveals the secret concerning the current situation and clarifies the information received. You can ask how things are in the present, and how your situation will be in the future.

According to the chapters of the book, all questions are grouped into sections. Here are four main sections.

  1. About love;
  2. About the past, present and future;
  3. Your relationship in society. Here are questions about friends, colleagues, enemies. There are separate issues for men and women;
  4. Self-knowledge.

The online version contains 300 questions. Try to choose the question that best fits everything that you think about at the moment.

How to interpret a prediction correctly

If there is a word “man” in the question, then it can mean both a man and a woman. Ask questions to the book only three times a day, not more.

If you receive a negative response, do not ask the Book again.

In the process of divination, you can get an answer that does not satisfy you or seems too bad to you. Do not try to ask again, it is better to postpone divination for tomorrow. In this case, poor results are more likely to fail.

Do not treat the prediction as an indisputable truth. After all, everything that the Book can tell you can change.

Consider it simply as an assistant, to better understand the situation, to take measures to improve it.

When you ask for the Book of Doom, the random answer method comes into play.

The book came to us from India, the country of the doctrine of karma. From the standpoint of karma, no random things and just unexpected coincidences occur in a person’s life.

Everything that happens to us, from the simplest to incredibly complex coincidences, is not just events, but lessons that the Universe has prepared for us to understand. All we can do is listen to the advice that is sent to us and, of course, act.

Whatever answer you received from the Book of Fate, not very pleasant or causing a wave of joy, unusual or funny — this is not a coincidence, but a note from the Universe with advice or warning, take it into account. May luck go hand in hand with you, and the mystical Book of Fate helps in this.

Book of fortune-telling - 300 basic questions, online fortune-telling

Features of proper divination

Those who decide to make fortune telling on the book of destinies should be thoroughly prepared. First of all, get a book of destinies, or find it online.

After that, stay alone with your thoughts, leaving behind any annoying, distracting factors. The presence of the person on whom the divination is performed is not necessary.

You can guess at lovers, friends, acquaintances. The main thing is to concentrate as clearly and clearly as possible on the issue of concern at the moment.

The question may be related to the past, present, future, amorous affairs, relationships with relatives, success, work, money.

  • A remarkable feature of the book is the ability to push for the right choice, revealing the necessary information.
  • The right answer can illuminate the mind, like a flash of lightning.
  • Choosing the area of ​​divination, consider the fact that the word “person” describes a person of both sexes, except in cases where the identity of the person to the floor is clearly emphasized.
  • The maximum number of questions asked daily by the book is 3, and in one from a different field of activity.
  • There are cases when the pessimistic answer that has a pronounced negative color is dropped online to the Questioner.

Reloading the page, trying to get an alternative answer is forbidden, so you can only get problems, it’s better to try again tomorrow. It is important to understand that the Book of Fate is not the ultimate truth.

The fact is that she may be wrong, but even if so, she has the opportunity to direct your thoughts in the right direction, forcing you to think about issues that you haven’t attached importance to before. In short, in any case, this tool will be useful: both in the hands of the master and in the hands of the beginner.

Book of fortune-telling - 300 basic questions, online fortune-telling

What information does the artifact have?

The book of destinies is a real treasure in the field of fortune-telling. It contains answers to questions concerning privacy, children, the Questioner’s family.

Many people are tormented by the choice; they will be able to make up their mind after reading the book’s tips.

An artifact is asked about specific personalities, past events, future, present.

They are interested in the secrets of their own inner world, since the most interesting information may be hidden behind the edge of consciousness. Online, those who want to easily find the answers to their questions, the main thing is to ask them correctly, and it’s also free.

It is only necessary to make clear wording, to keep the concentration on the question as much as possible — and then you will learn a simple, understandable answer.

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