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Black magic runes: how to use your good

Black magic runes: how to use your good

The runes are one of the oldest discoveries that has reached our time. They were used to gain happiness. But the origin of the runes and their impact on the fate of people still could not decipher completely.

Not everyone was honored to possess such information. The magic properties of the runes, as a rule, were transmitted only to the strongest, therefore, all the rituals with the runes are usually attributed to black magic. However, this is not entirely true statement.

What are the runes

Runes are a kind of scripture. They are separated from white and black magic. Knowledgeable people simply strengthen their magical actions with runic formulas.

Black magicians are not afraid to work with all kinds of inexplicable forces, and on top of that, they know how to properly set up a defense so as not to harm themselves.

The fact that the runes are valid can be seen by examining the brightest historical events. Even the greatest rulers and generals put certain symbols to achieve their goals. Also on a historical example, it is proved that the runes have a very large power and can affect a person after they have been destroyed.

That is why it is not recommended to lightly draw runic marks on your body, and even more so — to use as a drawing for a tattoo.

Each rune has several meanings, as in the Tarot cards. The runes have top and bottom, respectively, their value can be inverted. The combination of several runes can not only benefit, but also harm a person. And if you used the runes to achieve a certain goal and after fulfilling your desire to forget to destroy the runes properly, they can take on other functions and start working against you.

Putting runic marks on any carrier, you must clearly see your goal and articulate in detail what you want. The runes are like soldiers: they understand everything literally and act in accordance with your request, so you need to pronounce all the possible moments and nuances.

Effective Rune Magic

It is believed that universal runes do not exist. Everything is based on individual perception. However, the effect of some runes can be checked on yourself without resorting to the use of black magic and without harming your own person and close people.

The rune that attracts money and brings wealth — Fehu.

In different alphabets, it is read in its own way, but its meaning and strength are not lost from it. This rune is better to put on a red piece of paper and put in a wallet. Its action will not keep you waiting long.

If you urgently need a certain amount of money, you can put this rune on your body, for example on your wrist. In this case, its impact will increase, and it will become a powerful talisman for success and money.

Female fleece, attracting love and success — Berkana.

This rune reveals the feminine, makes the beautiful half of humanity even more attractive. And where love and happiness reign, money and success come. A happy woman who loves and is loved becomes successful in all spheres, therefore this rune can be considered universal.

Her runologists advise to put on any decoration and wear as a talisman or draw on paper and keep to yourself.

Also, this rune helps to have children for women who have already tried everything and almost despaired. It is enough to take it out on your stomach and hold it there for some time.

Features of the use of runes

Apply the runes on the body should be very carefully, as they are very sensitive to damage and evil eyes. With strong exposure, the person may become ill, or he may get sick. To avoid such a negative impact, the runes are usually tested.

To find out whether this rune is right for you and whether it will help you in your business, you can use the pendulum. If you are not using a pendulum, another method will also work: first draw a rune on paper and hold it between your palms. If the rune pattern suits you, you will feel the heat emanating directly from the paper sheet.

In order to increase the impact of the runes, many resort to black magic rites. Basically it consists in a small payoff, a kind of sacrifice: after applying the rune and voicing its desire to it, end the conversation by promising to bestow the gods or buy off, so as not to harm themselves and loved ones. The gods can be bestowed with spices and drinks, and the payoffs are done for blood.

Just cut your finger. Or you can bring as a gift a personal thing that you cherish.

Any rune rituals are very powerful and effective. By their strength, they exceed many rites of black magic. We urge to use this power wisely and never use this knowledge for fun. And, of course, do not forget to press the buttons and

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