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Birthday fortune telling: a way to look into your future

Birthday fortune telling: a way to look into your future

Birthday is a magical time for each person. It was on this day that you saw the light, meeting face-to-face with the real world. On this date, you can look into the future.

There are many simple and quick divinations. These include the fortune-telling on the day of birth. The only problem — they are committed only once.

Divination first: the challenge of prophetic sleep

To call a prophetic dream, you need to know exactly what time you were born. Ask your parents about this if you do not know. Around this time, you need to close your eyes and read the plot: “I want to know the future, to know what my destiny brought me.

Grant me an epiphany, amen. «.

Well, if you were born at night, because you can immediately fall asleep. The likelihood that the dream that you see will be prophetic is very high. Before the plot itself, psychics recommend washing with cold water three times. If you were born during the day, then wait for the next night to sleep.

You can try to sleep during the day, but who wants to fall asleep on your birthday?

Guessing on playing cards

To find out the future, before the birthday, in the evening, mix up a pack of 36 cards, then, face down, put them in a chaotic order under the bed. Spread them out so that you stand on them. It would be better if you forget about them, remembering only in the morning.

Raise one of the cards you stepped on. Look at her. Her suit will mean what the next year will be:

  • Scratch: there will be a lot of quarrels, partings and new acquaintances. You are waiting for a change.
  • Tambourines: inner experiences will often disturb you. You will find disappointments and failures that will teach you a lot. By the end of the year, the white stripes will begin.
  • Peaks: if you stepped on peaks, then in the future there will be a flurry of events, and luck will come, then go.
  • Hearts: fateful meetings will be repeated at regular intervals throughout the year.

Change the fate of the force only those who believe in themselves. Everyone can learn it. Try to understand that any intended event can be replayed.

Do not cling to predictions, for they are our guides, not a stigma. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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