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Ba Zi Chinese fortune telling: how to get rich

Ba Zi Chinese fortune telling: how to get rich

Eastern divination is rightly considered the most ancient, and therefore the most accurate. Correct prediction can work wonders: it warns about enemies, helps to protect oneself from misfortune, and suggests how to gain wealth.

The ancient Chinese fortune-telling Ba Zi refers to the true sciences of fortune-telling. Simple manipulations with the coffee grounds cannot be done here: the case should be approached in detail, since lining the columns and calculating the sequences of hieroglyphs is not an easy thing.

However, on the basis of Ba Zi there is a simpler fortune telling. It, like Ba Zi, basically contains five hieroglyphs contained in almost any teaching of the Ancient East. These hieroglyphs are found in the ba gua grid of feng shui, in the practice of working with chakras and in the eastern calendars of animals.

These are the five elements from which, according to the sages, the whole world is built — Fire, Water, Earth, Metal and Wood.

Preparing for fortune telling by Ba Tzu

To predict your future, you will need to prepare. For this purpose, take a thick sheet of paper and cut five identical squares out of it. On each one write the hieroglyph using the appropriate color: Fire — red or orange, Water — blue shades, Earth — light green, Metal — gray or silver, you can use a simple pencil, and Wood — brown or dark green.

Look again to ensure that your labels are not read from the back side. For the accuracy of divination, you can carefully paint over the second side of each card with the same color.

The five cards you got on your hands are your assistants in the Chinese divination system. Now you need to stretch them on a flat table surface. Shuffle the cards without looking and scatter around the tabletop.

If you are right handed, do it with your right hand, and if you are left handed, do it with your left hand. Then, in turn, in random order, open each card.

Interpretation of cards Ba Tzu

Opening each card, you should take turns in a strict sequence to ask five questions about your future. The first should be about love, the second — about loved ones, the third — about money, the fourth — about destiny as a whole, the fifth — your personal for this time. Depending on which card you get, this is the answer.

— aspirations come true about those who burn brightly; there is no smoke without fire.
— under a rolling stone, it does not go; sharpen a stone so that everything worked out.

After receiving the answers to your questions, remove the cards. Do not rush to throw them away: such a fortune telling can be repeated, so that after a while you look again what your cards advise you. Perhaps, by this time you already, without knowing it, step on a different path of your life, radically changing the future.

Ba Zi handset for money

To learn how to get rich, you can also use this system. Only now the number of your questions is unlimited: the answers should be applied specifically to the financial sector, and you can simply put the cards back, mixing them each time.

Guess until the recipe for attracting money is sufficiently defined and not vague. A happy sign is the frequent fallout of the elements Tree. But if you have never encountered this sign, and have sat over the cards for a long time, accept that any exact guessing cannot be taken as a sentence.

Always remember that the prediction of the future is not a one hundred percent outcome, but the most likely development of events, provided that everything goes on as it is now, without any changes. So if your future you absolutely dislike, and the result of fortune-telling causes you to reject — feel free to change something, starting right from today. Repaint the hair to take the first step, and then you just enjoy your own life. Profitable cases, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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