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Alignment 4 cards: the exact fortune-telling by the famous Maria Lenormand

Alignment «4 cards»: the exact fortune-telling by the famous Maria Lenormand

Maria Lenormand is a famous French woman who prophesied kings and emperors. Her record includes Robespierre and Napoleon, Balzac and Rossini, Marie-Antoinette and Alexander I, and among the predictions are the defeat of the French army in Russia and the execution of the Decembrists.

Mary Lenorman Deck

No matter how fantastic the story about Lenormann’s life may sound, she is a truly historical person, a real and very strong diviner. She was threatened with reprisal more than once for the truth, told without fear and trembling before people in authority. However, all that she promised sooner or later came true, and those who accused her of lying and pretense had to take their words back.

So, one of the kings of Sweden sent her a very expensive ring as an apology.

This soothsayer left behind a lot of mysteries. It is not known for certain, neither who gave her his gift, nor how exactly she came to guessing on the cards. Contemporaries claimed that initially she also used numerology with palmistry, wondered also by drops of blood in water and by smells and colors.

But in the end Lenormand stopped precisely on fortune-telling with cards, and she developed new decks with suits and values ​​unknown to anyone.

One of the legends says that Lenormand learned from the gypsy, whose name history did not preserve, to guess on the card deck. This tradition is shrouded in omissions, as Mary was able to keep secrets. If it were not for this property of character, who knows what a woman could end up with, able to look into the powerful of this world not only in the future, but also directly into the soul.

Lenorman tried to restore the deck and try to this day. We offer a simplified, but no less effective alignment on 4 cards. Its principle is the same as that used in fortune-telling with a special Lenormand deck.

Card alignment Lenormand: how to do

Getting down to business, it is important to understand that fortune telling is not entertainment, but a rite. You need to tune in to it in an energetic way — to get rid of unnecessary thoughts, to stay in solitude, or to whom you are guessing. If necessary, you can meditate.

Without this preparation, instead of a ritual for penetrating the veil of the future, it will be just entertainment.

Shuffling the deck, open the top 4 cards: they will reveal to you the hidden essence of things. The first card is your past, which fundamentally affects the present. The second is your present, which is able to determine the future. The third is your future, which will not change if nothing is done.

The fourth is the extent to which you can change upcoming events.

Cards should be interpreted according to suit. The larger the map, the more important and inevitable the predicted. Peaks are identified with fate, failure, and the end of something, hearts — with love stories, diamonds — with the road, life or travel, and clubs — with obstacles and obstacles.

Thus, if the first card you have is a peak ace, it means that the current state of affairs is influenced by something fateful, accomplished in the past, when you either stumbled, or did something bad, or made the wrong decision, and it will not be easy to change. If the peak is seven or eight, the circumstances of the past were more favorable — nothing irreparable, judging by the cards, is not done. In the same way, esotericists advise to interpret the remaining suits for each of the four cards in turn.

Guessing according to the method of Maria Lenorman, it is important to understand that even the most fatal confluence of circumstances is usually the result of our actions. Therefore, we ourselves create our Fate. Trust the cards, but do not forget about decisive action. And, of course, press the buttons and

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