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Alexander Sheps: the most reliable fortune telling

Alexander Sheps: the most reliable fortune telling

Psychic Alexander Sheps spoke about one interesting domestic divination, which everyone can try, regardless of their abilities. Divination for the future by Alexander Sheps involves the use of ordinary chicken eggs and water.

The simplicity of this divination does not at all mean its inaccuracy and unreliability. According to the participant of the “Battle of psychics” season 14 of Alexander Sheps, the egg has long been considered one of the most common magic items. With it, you can determine the damage, send a curse and make a love spell.

And fortune-telling on the egg — one of the most truthful and unmistakable.

Guessing for the future, Alexander Sheps recommends on the rising Moon after 12 at night. It is necessary to take a transparent glass with water and a fresh egg. Pierce the egg with a needle from the pointed end and gently release the protein into the water. It is important to ensure that not a single drop of yolk falls from the shell into the water.

After that, shake the water with protein and place it in a dark place for about 30 minutes.

During this time, the protein must form into a shape. It is for her and you can determine your future. You need to carefully look at what was formed in the water.

The figure will be the interpretation of divination.

Alexander Sheps called the most common figures that can be formed during this divination and gave their decoding:

  • Angel — a sign of happiness, good news and prosperity.
  • Butterfly — the joy and fulfillment of desires.
  • Bottle — for the celebration, holiday.
  • Fork — a sign of poverty, cash waste and gloom.
  • Veer — the omen of betrayal and betrayal.
  • Mountains — goals will be achieved.
  • Dove — success in love and family well-being.
  • House — calm, stability.
  • Toad — intrigue, gossip, troubles that come from enemies.
  • Star — good luck, quick takeoff, unexpected success, recognition.
  • Cell — depression, incarceration, isolation.
  • Ship — fulfillment of desires.
  • Swan — to money, financial well-being.
  • Spoon — to the disease.
  • Sword or knife — to danger and trouble.
  • Ring — to the wedding, an unexpected event.
  • Clouds — change for the better.
  • Spider — a sign that someone wants evil and wants to cause harm.
  • Fish — to the addition of a family or random monetary luck.
  • Arrow — a sign of financial crisis, lack of money.
  • The ax is a sign that the plan will not be realized.
  • Hours — to success, to recovery.
  • Chain — fortunately in the family.
  • Flower — for mutual love.

Psychic Alexander Sheps claims that this free divination will help those who want to know their future in the near future. It will also be useful for people who need to solve problems or make a decision.

It is worth recalling that at the “Battle of psychics” season 14, Alexander Sheps is positioning himself more as a medium and tarologist. However, in addition to these methods of obtaining information, he often uses divination. According to him, even before the very casting on the “Battle of psychics”, Sheps himself predicted a victory for himself.

And if his fortune-telling will come true, the viewers themselves will know. We cheer for Alexander on the “Battle of Psychics” and do not forget to press and

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