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Ace of Tarot Cups — Card Value

The map below shows a watery surface, on the surface of which lovely water lilies bloom. In the center of the image, having materialized from space, the hand is placed palm up. On the palm stands a beautiful gold-plated cup, from which, like a fountain, streams of water flow directly into the water.

Directly into the goblet, a dove descends directly from the sky, holding a round wafer with a cross in its beak. He is going to lower it directly into the cup.

The whole picture is permeated with a sense of calm and peace.

Ace of Tarot Cups - Card Value
Ace of Tarot Cups - Card Value

In direct position, the Ace of Cups symbolizes the beginning of a new life span. This card is considered the best in value in the deck.

She heralds the beginning of a new relationship and beginnings. This lasso indicates openness and inner fullness of a person.

For him comes a period of emotional harmony and spiritual comfort.

When the Ace of Cups falls in a straight position, then you can safely expect that happiness will knock on your door in the near future. This card is very effective.

She points out that during this period the darkest human soul will be filled with light and tranquility. Anxiety and feelings go into the background, and the person will be ready to build.

At the event level, such a card may foreshadow the arrival of pleasant guests or a family holiday feast.

In other spheres of life, this lasso in the scenario may indicate the following:

  • In matters of health, the card simply confirms well-being. If a person is sick, then it indicates that during this period it is possible to awaken the reserve forces to combat the disease, and, therefore, there is hope for recovery.
  • In private life, this lasso symbolizes absolute well-being. Partners have deep feelings for each other and build relationships on trust and respect. If the person on whom the divination is carried out is lonely, then soon, after the appearance of this card in the chart, his status will change.
  • In the business sphere, this arcane foreshadows successful initiatives that will allow a person to climb the career ladder and improve their financial situation. This lasso accentuates the fact that a person is satisfied with his work. If the Emperor falls next to this card, this indicates a harmonious relationship with the authorities.

This card represents happy people who enjoy life. It may also indicate that there are people in love surrounded by a person.

Value of the Ace of Cups card upside down

In the inverted position, the Ace of Cups symbolizes the unrealizability of hope. The card indicates that opportunities are lost by a person and there are currently no growth prospects.

Very often such a turn of events causes spiritual emptiness.

At the household level, this lasso foreshadows emotional instability and apathy. If a person has a bad luck period, it can cause depression.

And this can provoke alcoholism or drug addiction. If a Hermit falls next to this lasso, this indicates that the person has closed himself off from society and does not allow close people to help.

In various areas of life this card in the inverted position may indicate the following:

  • In the field of health, the card indicates that emotional disorders can trigger the development of various pathologies that can develop into a chronic form. Women in such a period have a high risk of developing infertility, and digestive system disorders are also possible.
  • In personal life, the card predicts the extinction of love feelings. Sometimes the card emphasizes a person’s sexual dissatisfaction or predicts partner betrayal. If the Ace of Swords falls near this lasso, this indicates a rational relationship between partners, but, unfortunately, they cannot be durable.
  • In the business sphere, a person for some reason cannot see the prospects for his development, but they undoubtedly are. In addition, this card points out the bad habit of a guessing person to shift his responsibilities onto his colleagues.

The card most often personifies the unfortunate person who suffers from loneliness. It may also indicate that there are unfriendly people in the environment of a fortuneteller, when dealing with whom problems always arise.

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