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Ace of Pentacles: the meaning of the Tarot card, a combination with other arcane

Arkan Ace of Pentacles: meaning in the up and down position, in combination with other cards

The ace of pentacles (Denariyev, Coin) symbolizes the beginning of an extremely fruitful stage in the questioner’s life. A person will receive a large monetary gain for conscientious work or due to a fortunate combination of circumstances.

Along with financial well-being, the card promises stability in personal affairs and strong physical health.

Ace of Pentacles often heralds the receipt of a large inheritance, gift, winning the lottery.

In traditional decks, the card depicts a hand that holds a large gold coin. She comes out of the clouds.

The giver is not visible, so the coin in his hand seems to be a gift of heaven.

Ace of Pentacles: the meaning of the Tarot card, a combination with other arcane

One of the classic images of the Ace of Pentacles is presented in Tarot Ryder-Waite:

Ace of Pentacles: the meaning of the Tarot card, a combination with other arcane

At the bottom of the lasso you can see the picturesque landscape and the path leading to the arch. The card foreshadows the questioner to receive a valuable gift, fulfillment of desires, achievement of goals.

The arch means that the querent enters a new world to it.

Ace of Pentacles: the meaning of the Tarot card, a combination with other arcane

In the Toth deck, the card is called Tuz Denariyev. On it, the symbols are arranged in a crossed form, which means the integration of the external and internal, material and spiritual aspects.

The human body and soul, which had been in a state of dissonance for a long time, are now in harmony.

Ace of Pentacles: the meaning of the Tarot card, a combination with other arcane

Inscription "TO MEGA OHRION" on denarius means "communion". This refers to the possibility of the questioner to come to new realizations and to use all the riches of life, both internal and external.

The more a person appreciates the material aspect, the higher his spirit will be able to soar.

Ace of Pentacles: the meaning of the Tarot card, a combination with other arcane

This deck shows a woman in an elevated mood. In her hands she holds a bunch of keys that symbolize opportunities for the implementation of plans.

Ace of Pentacles: the meaning of the Tarot card, a combination with other arcane

The building with a large number of doors in the background confirms the wide possibilities of the heroine. It is full of energy and has all the necessary knowledge to bypass each of the doors and find the right key to it.

A map means that the questioner has enough internal strength and capabilities to simultaneously achieve several goals. He has the integral components of success — an optimistic attitude and the belief that he deserves more.

The card emphasizes the importance of this attitude, which allows you to attract success.

Ace Pentacles is one of the most positive cards among junior arcane. He promises to the questioner a life stage filled with joy and happiness.

Fortune favors the querent, and soon he will see real expressions of this favor.

Ace Pentakley indicates new knowledge. In this case, it is about gaining experience through material reality.

At the same time, the querent will gain something valuable and in the spiritual sense, learn from all to benefit from it.

Despite the huge coin depicted on the lasso, the Ace of Pentacles testifies to the deep integration of the spiritual and material aspects. The map indicates a person who understands the importance of both.

Regardless of the question of the querent, the situation on the Ace of Pentacles situation indicates a favorable outcome. This card is positive in all areas, not only in cash.

An upturned lasso is not completely negative. The ace of pentacles even in the reverse position retains a positive value, although in this case it is weaker.

In part, this property is explained by the round form of denarius (from any point of view, it looks the same).

At the same time, in the opposite position, the card indicates that the questioner has an excessive interest in financial matters. Man is fixated on them, and to some extent even dependent on money. There is a consumer attitude to the world and to people.

High income does not make the querent happier.

Sometimes the card can talk about inept disposal of money or power. Inverted Ace Pentacles indicates the need to start saving.

For future success will have to pay more than previously expected.

Some tarologists are convinced that in any position the Ace of Pentacles indicates a lot of money. But in the reverse position their presence will be fraught with difficulties, delays.

When the lasso is turned upside down, there is a risk of cheating, receiving false banknotes or unfair transactions.

Ace Pentacles always speaks of a positive outcome. In whatever direction the events develop, their outcome will be most favorable for the questioner.

In addition to a pleasant ending, these circumstances will bring to the querent new experience, which in the future it will be able to successfully use to achieve its goals.

Ace of Pentacles promises gaining strength to get out of oppressive circumstances, obtaining important information, new financial prospects. All this can open up to the questioner completely unexpectedly.

In the opposite position, the map also foreshadows a favorable development of events, but warns of the possible occurrence of difficulties. The questioner will have to show character in the fight against difficulties, consider a balanced decision-making.

Hasty actions can lead to a completely unsatisfactory outcome of events.

Inverted lasso indicates the need to spend a certain amount of money for the resolution of problems. Often the card speaks of material losses, stupid behavior, excessive obsession with one’s own desires, inappropriate rush.

The card describes a financially secure person, which, however, is not alien to anything sublime and spiritual. This person makes a profit easily, but at the same time he is not inclined to overestimate the importance of money in his life.

He understands that finance is not an end in itself, but a means working for the realization of personal plans.

Such a person may engage in charity, help relatives and friends, provide loans to others and not require a quick return of debt. He loves and knows how to work. Work for him will always be paramount.

Difficulties in personal life or health problems, he relegates to the background.

Ace Pentakley says about a respected person, a successful politician or a businessman with advanced analytical skills. But this man is not devoid of sensuality.

He will not go to their heads or achieve their goals through fraud and fraud.

In the opposite position, the map indicates a greedy person looking at the world through the lens of material values. For the sake of money, he is ready for almost everything.

Dishonesty does not seem to him a fault. His credo: "To achieve the goals all means are good.".

He chooses friends only by the criterion of financial well-being. Friendship is considered by him from the position of the possibility of obtaining benefits.

He tries to find profit in everything, but not always it turns out. Such a person is a pure materialist. Reliability and responsibility are not the strengths of this person.

Often the person personified by the inverted Ace of Pentacles does not keep these promises.

In terms of questions concerning the professional sphere, the Ace of Pentacles is one of the best cards. He testifies that before the questioner open wide horizons for self-realization in the profession and the achievement of serious heights. Work will not only bring satisfaction, but also become a source of stable financial income.

Ace Pentacles promises fame and respect among colleagues. The questioner will receive public recognition of his excellence.

Arkan points out that now any goal is achievable. If the question is about a new undertaking, it will bear worthy results. Kverent can safely expect to receive a large monetary benefit, climbing the career ladder, or at least an increase in the level of wages.

Especially favorable is the combination of Ace with the King of Pentacles: it indicates that the questioner will receive a serious profit or open a successful business.

Ace of Pentacles is a positive card for investors. She points to the possibility of a profitable investment and an unexpectedly high income.

The cash inflow will increase, and all financial transactions will be successful.

If we are talking about a person who is looking for work, in a direct position, the lasso speaks of the possibility of finding a profitable place with a high level of pay and career prospects. In the life of the questioner begins a long period of prosperity.

In the upside down position of the Ace Pentacles warns that the person will reach the desired heights, but it does not avoid some difficulties and delays. When you receive a large amount of money you will have to pay a considerable percentage (for example, tax), which "will eat" tangible part of it.

With the Ace of Wands card, an inverted Ace of Pentacles indicates unfavorable material investments.

The card speaks of risky transactions and enterprises. The cash profit will be received, but the risks are too high. Unexpected difficulties may darken the whole process.

In conjunction with the Ace of Swords card indicates a rivalry in the financial sphere, and victory in this competition is not guaranteed.

For job seekers, an inverted card means a lucrative offer. But new duties will be either too heavy for the questioner, or in some moments it will be necessary to break the law.

The card teaches the questioner to use material goods for the sake of spiritual achievements. One must understand that financial well-being is not in itself a vice or an obstacle to spiritual development.

The questioner must feel the security due to the stability of his financial situation.

He needs to learn to give money, in return for various benefits and emotional pleasures. The life of the questioner now looks like a luxurious garden, but this garden requires constant and competent care.

In the opposite position, the card indicates excessive focus of the querent on material values. He neglects the spiritual aspects, which narrows his world view, makes him greedy and, as a result, unhappy.

To avoid these unpleasant manifestations of the arcane, you must first flip the card: get rid of greed and start treating money more easily.

The card foreshadows a pleasant turn of events, broad prospects for the development of relations. Ace Pentacles personifies a strong bond that will last more than one year.

In combination with the Star card, this junior lasso says that the relationship can last a lifetime. The traditional interpretation of the Ace of Pentacles in the layouts of love is a great happiness.

Like other Aces, he indicates that powerful energy is present in a pair. This map focuses on the sensual aspect, earthiness. Between partners great desire to have each other.

Ace Pentakley speaks of a strong physical attraction, the desire to give each other pleasure in a tangible way.

The most optimal relationship is the combination of this card with the Ace of Cups (Cups). In this case, we are talking about an idyll in relations, where equal attention is paid to both the financial (Ace of Pentacles) and the sensual (Ace of Cups) aspect.

Arkan also talks about sexuality. He teaches the questioner to treat his body with respect and trust, without alluvial embarrassment.

The card promises a new sexual experience, renewed feelings.

A solid foundation for strong relationships is built through the material side of life. It does not have to be reduced to a mutual thirst for profit.

Often we are talking about the desire of partners to make their life more comfortable.

Alone card foreshadows meeting new lover. This union will have good prospects: there are great chances that a new acquaintance will be crowned with marriage.

In the opposite position, the map indicates changes that are not always negative. But when a similar arcana comes out, it is necessary to understand that the love affair is built exclusively on a material basis. Both partners strive for security and comfort.

But in the process of achieving these benefits, their lives are deprived of spirituality. Such relationships can only look happy.

In reality, this is nothing more than a game for the sake of owning a special social status.

For bachelors, the inverted Ace Pentacles foreshadows an erroneous choice, which will later become a cause of disappointment. For example, a girl gets acquainted with a wealthy man, but gets into "golden cage".

Material security will not bring her happiness.

According to the teachings of the Pythagoreans, a five-pointed star (therefore, it is called "pentacle") symbolizes the absolute harmony of body and mind.

Ace Pentakley indicates good health, physical strength, a stable immune system.

In the opposite position, the card recommends taking vitamins or resorting to preventive actions to promote health. Inverted lasso speaks of the need to pay attention to physical exercise, keeping the body in shape.

Arkan foreshadows a pretty good day, which will be almost the best in a whole year. Its capabilities must be used to the maximum. If you plan to launch a new project, this is the best day to start.

Today you can safely deal with the resolution of any material and financial issues. It is realistic to make a profit from unexpected sources.

You can even play the lottery.

In the reverse position, the card warns of possible risks on this day. The questioner is subject to the temptation to earn income in dubious ways. He can please in an adventure or even commit fraud.

A scam may be successful, but the risk is extremely high.

To which sphere exactly the luck symbolized by the Ace of Pentacles belongs, the arcana lying next to them will prompt. One of the features of this card is that it neutralizes the influence of any negative arcane, located in the neighborhood.

This applies even when the neighborhood "heavy" older arcana, such as the Moon, the Devil, the Hanged Man.

In combination with the senior lasso Tuz Pentakley has the following meanings:

  • Jester — financial difficulties; unemployed person.
  • Magician — finance begins to generate income.
  • High Priestess — passive income savings; cash stash.
  • The Empress is a big profit.
  • The emperor is a marital status.
  • Hierophant — donate money to charity.
  • Lovers — plan your budget together.
  • Chariot — doubtful profit chances.
  • Strength — there is every chance to gain control over yourself.
  • The Hermit — Reflect on a Valuable Idea; lack of finance.
  • Wheel of Fortune — lack of stability in finance; hit the jackpot.
  • Justice is a merit according to merit.
  • The hanged man is a monetary noose; lose finances.
  • Death is a matter that has not been further developed.
  • Moderation — economical use of money or domestic resources.
  • The devil is getting money in dishonest ways.
  • Tower — to incur losses; failed initiative.
  • Star — the hope of high income.
  • The moon — the questioner is cheated in matters of finances.
  • The sun is prosperity; good health; pregnancy.
  • Judgment is prosperity.
  • Peace — get a decent reward.

Values ​​with suit of wands (staffs):

  • Ace — a profitable cash investment.
  • Two — delays with finances.
  • Troika — to make a business plan; make a profit from a business enterprise.
  • Four — monetary success.
  • Five — to spend money in vain.
  • Six — successful promotion of a business project; competent use of finance.
  • Seven — to make a profitable investment.
  • The eight — the fast income; cash receipts.
  • Nine — to analyze the financial activities; audit.
  • Ten — too strong financial burden; the questioner has difficulty fulfilling his obligations.
  • Page — to plan money matters.
  • Knight — rash investments made under the influence of emotions.
  • Queen — the power of money.
  • The king is a promising project; be careful in money matters.

With the suit of cups:

  • Ace — listening to the inner voice, the questioner will succeed.
  • Two — a great joy.
  • The triple is a complete triumph; gaining financial stability.
  • Quartet — to be disappointed.
  • Five — serious monetary losses.
  • Six — long conceived wishes come true.
  • Seven — to get involved in an adventure.
  • Eight — to sacrifice something for the common cause.
  • Nine — enjoy a well-deserved victory.
  • Ten — to find harmony; achieve your goals.
  • Page — open up new opportunities.
  • Knight — get an offer that does not inspire confidence.
  • The queen is a developed intuition.
  • King — financial security.

With the suit of swords:

  • Ace — competition.
  • Two — to make the right choice.
  • Three — scam, deception, betrayal.
  • Four — the lack of external support.
  • Five — a heavy confrontation.
  • Six — a trip to work affairs.
  • Seven — to achieve financial stability in dishonest ways.
  • Eight — money difficulties.
  • Nine — the fear of poverty, ruin.
  • Ten — fragile position.
  • Page — valuable experience.
  • Knight — good luck at work; winnings
  • The queen is to be adamant in her decision.
  • King — the need to rely on logic.

With Pentakley suit:

  • Two — to have doubts.
  • Troika — careful strategy development.
  • Four — cold calculation.
  • Five — to lose money.
  • Six — to engage in charity, to provide someone with financial support.
  • Seven — delayed victory.
  • Eight — to achieve success, you should try a new strategy.
  • Nine — good luck in business.
  • Ten — get a cash reward, inheritance, win.
  • Page — profitable offer.
  • Knight — high professionalism.
  • The Queen — the implementation of the plan.
  • The king is a profitable business.

The ace of pentacles shows the questioner the odds hidden in him. This map encourages you to look around and look inside yourself to consider these possibilities.

Often these searches require considerable work, just as a treasure buried in a vineyard is sought. But the result obtained can not only meet all the hopes of the querent, but also give a feeling of deep inner satisfaction.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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