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Accurate Gypsy Divination for Love: Methods and Techniques

Real Gypsy Love Guessing

It has always been thought that gypsies have the most suitable energy for rituals. That is why we use the methods of this people, which for a thousand years in practice has proved its effectiveness to us.

Gypsies themselves, trying to convince that the ritual of divination can only be carried out by a representative of their people, but it is not. The fact is that most of the methods known to ordinary people are incorrect.

Nomadic people very carefully preserve their sacred secrets, or, deliberately false methods are passed on to aliens.

Experienced magicians are very familiar with gypsy fortune telling and even improve them. In fact, this is a set of simple rituals related to low-level magic, which can be repeated by any person who does not have a strong connection with magic.

In this article we will analyze only really working gypsy divinations for love. We will try to describe the ritual completely and with detailed accuracy, how to do it and what to think at a certain moment.

If you have already tried divination and you have failed, then with a probability of 99% you made a mistake, because the magic of such a low level is subject to all. We strongly advise you to familiarize yourself with the material before proceeding with the creation of the ritual!

Gypsy love divination online

Divination Rules

In order to guess at a loved one, it is necessary to adhere to the rules that professional fortune tellers necessarily tell.

  1. For fortune telling it is not necessary to have Gypsy cards. Use any playing, but they should be used only for the ritual, in the «fool» to play with them is impossible.
  2. Keep your fortune-telling deck away from the hands and eyes of others.
  3. For divination need a special attitude. This is not a simple entertainment. Refer to the pictures in your mind, ask them for an honest and good answer to your inner question. It is especially important to be so tuned before divinations for love.
  4. Long and slowly shuffle the deck before the layout. Remove the top of the cards with your left hand and place it under the bottom. If at this time the card is accidentally dropped, it is necessary to look at its value. It will affect the course of all divination to love.

Instructions for gypsy card divination

It’s very simple to turn ordinary cards into gypsy ones — it’s enough to make only one layout for the deck to become a fortunetelling. We propose to conduct an ancient, but simple fortune-telling, which has been well known since the times of Ancient Russia.

Imagine a lover and proceed to the layout. Need a new deck of 36 cards.

  1. First, shuffle the cards and remove them.
  2. Without looking, pull out 6 cards from different places of the deck. Put them in a row.
  3. Get another card — a fortune. It will influence the outcome of divination.
  4. Now proceed to the interpretation of maps.
  5. «Fortune» sums up divination. Her description will help you with the final conclusion.

Accurate Gypsy Divination for Love: Methods and Techniques

Attention! It matters how the cards lay next. If near the picture card (jack, queen, king) there is a negative card with a bad prediction, then this person is holding evil on you.

Decipher all cards with the neighboring ones. Take into account that you are wondering for love, which means that all the cards are somehow connected with the chosen one.

Map values

Accurate Gypsy Divination for Love: Methods and Techniques


Ace. Family hearth, home, harmony.

King. The man who is in a relationship.

Perhaps your father.

Lady. You yourself, if you were born in the summer, or your mother, is just a sweet and kind woman, fair-skinned and hearty.

Jack. Herald who will bring problems.

Whether it is possible to resolve them, learn on the next cards.

  1. Goals and dreams. Your plan will not come true if the peak has been laid nearby 10.
  2. The most sincere and great love. If in this fortune telling falls out a heart 9, you can safely count on a long-term relationship.
  3. Talk. Neighboring cards will tell you with whom.
  4. A meeting. If there is a picture card next to it, it will show with whom.
  5. The road home or the early path.

Accurate Gypsy Divination for Love: Methods and Techniques


Ace. Business relationships, work, as well as travel, business trips.

King. This is your boss or senior colleague.

If you are not working, it can be father-in-law or father.

Lady. If you were born in spring, it is you.

Practical and intelligent woman, colleague, colleague, classmate.

Jack. Regular troubles, small but disturbing.

  1. Money card
  2. Love, affection, unselfish feelings. Unhappy love, if near peak 9.
  3. Conversation on the case.
  4. Business meetings.
  5. A trip for work or study.

Accurate Gypsy Divination for Love: Methods and Techniques


Ace. Big deal with money. Perhaps the divorce process.

Neighboring peaks will indicate that things will end badly.

King. The unmarried man is older than you.

Lady. It is you who were born in the fall.

An interesting and lovely girl, your girlfriend or someone’s lover.

Jack. Difficulties with money.

  1. Plan. Will it be implemented — look at the neighboring ones.
  2. Innocent love before the wedding. Sex, if a number of nine worms.
  3. Vanity.
  4. Conversation. Small cards mean unnecessary fuss without sense.
  5. Soon there will be a road.

Accurate Gypsy Divination for Love: Methods and Techniques


Ace. A drink with a bad outcome, parties that are not fun.


King. Rich and noble person with career interest.

Lady. It is you, if you were born in winter.

A powerful woman, perhaps a rival.

Jack. Useless alarms.

  1. Nothing will come true. You have been deceived.
  2. Disease. Painful relationship, if there are other nines.
  3. Party invitation. If this card is pointed up, the person who is wondering has a problem with alcohol.
  4. Tears.
  5. The road to the night.

Accurate Gypsy Divination for Love: Methods and Techniques

Important note

Guessing on cards requires perseverance and some ingenuity. If you make a hand on love, always compare the results with reality.

Match the figures indicated by the pictures with your common acquaintances. Pay attention to the adjacent cards.

As a result, you should have a story about the near future, about the feelings of the person you were guessing about, and about your fate.

How to understand that gypsy fortune telling is true?

Only an ardent skeptic who does not believe in the existence of superpowers can doubt the authenticity of the gypsy divination. Of course, blindly believing the common phrases that a dark-haired, dark-skinned woman threw you on the street, asking “to gild a pen” at the same time is not worth it.

Accurate Gypsy Divination for Love: Methods and Techniques

Experienced fortune-teller, seeing the evil omen hanging over a man will even refuse to guess how much money would be offered to her.

Judging about the likelihood of confirming love predictions, a lot here depends primarily on the lovers themselves — how much their desire to be together is mutual! To calm your own soul, you can independently apply the above described methods of divination or seduce a contented person on candles, although it may be easier to frankly ask a heart friend about his feelings for you?

Every woman wants to know what kind of relationship awaits ahead, and whether it is worth taking seriously the advances of this or that gentleman. Gypsy fortune telling will help to understand what is actually happening and when to expect true love.

Roma have always lived by their own rules and did not count on outside help. Many are afraid of them or are considered hypnotists or charlatans. But the people always eschew what they cannot understand, and therefore avoid people with different views on life.

After all, the Gypsies are famous not only for their ardent temper and special traditions; In the blood of these people laid great knowledge and power.

No wonder the gypsy curses are considered the most powerful, and it is almost impossible to remove them. Guessing on the cards of the Gypsy methods also gained popularity by this side.

Using them, you can absolutely say that the prediction will come true, and it does not matter whether you believe it or not. All that the gypsy has foreseen will happen sooner or later.

Accurate Gypsy Divination for Love: Methods and Techniques

With a deck of cards, gypsy fortune telling will be the most accurate.

Card divination is the first method of divination, which the Roma teach their descendants through the female line. By giving a person a single card out of the deck, the fortune-teller can easily tell about his past, present and future — the average person can only wonder how she does it.

Accurate Gypsy Divination for Love: Methods and Techniques

If you want to understand what your lover is feeling now, what thoughts his mind is occupied with, how he treats you, try a light version of gypsy fortune telling.

The secrets of the art of the fortuneteller

First of all, understand that maps are the gates through which knowledge of the other world comes to us. Gypsy fortune-tellers, as well as card flashguns of other nations, when they come into contact with a deck of cards, call upon spirits to share certain knowledge.

Having managed to do everything correctly, the inquirer gets a truthful alignment, and mistakes in manipulations can lead to an incorrect result — the spirits either distort the information about the question or completely confuse the cards so that nothing can be understood.

Accurate Gypsy Divination for Love: Methods and Techniques

  • For fortune telling take the traditional deck of 36 cards.
  • A deck of cards must be new.
  • In the future, the deck should know only your hands, do not allow it to use a stranger.
  • It is impossible for fortune-telling to take a playing deck or one used by others.
  • Before any fortune telling you need to, shuffling the cards in your hands, mentally focus on the subject that excites you.
  • When you feel that energy flows from cards to hands, it feels like magnet strength — the relationship between your aura and the card deck is established, proceed to divination.
  • Guessing on a loved one, imagine his face.

Important! There is a sign that fortune telling on traditional Gypsy cards on the feelings of a loved one is not allowed to a virgin.

There is nothing terrible, but the demons cannot communicate with the chaste maiden, they are separated by an invisible magical obstacle, a wall. It is for this reason that all gypsies begin to guess after marriage.

Ways of divination

If you are in a state where the heart is anxiously experiencing a time of love, then in order to know your perspectives on the development of relationships, you can apply the love-telling that Romanian gypsies practice. Usually, the Gypsy traditional love fortune telling is not difficult, it lacks an intricate structure, because Roma do not guess in boudoirs — they need to be able to get information literally in street conditions.

But the result exceeds all expectations.

Bessarabian alignment

Accurate Gypsy Divination for Love: Methods and Techniques

This way will tell you about what happened in your life earlier, how your relationship is with the subject of sighs now, and what to hope for in the future. After shuffling the cards in your hands, you must visually split the deck in half and move it with your left hand to yourself, putting the top part down. When they guess to another person, he shifts the deck of cards with a movement towards himself — this is how a person is determined for prediction.

Next, proceed to the card layout.

  • At first, fortune telling, according to the meaning of the cards, is thought of by Dame and the King, respectively, to themselves and the beloved person.
  • They take three cards from above and lay in front of them, accompanying them with the words: “what happened?”, “What is happening now?”, “What will happen?”.
  • This should be done 9 times, folding card triads from top to bottom.
  • Then, from the middle of the deck, they arbitrarily take out 1 card and put it in the base of the resulting stand with the words “how will it end?”.
  • In connection with the formed alignment, the answers to the questions asked are interpreted using the table of values.

Alignment — the pyramid

Accurate Gypsy Divination for Love: Methods and Techniques

Shuffling and shifting the deck occurs as described above. Then they find their own card and put it at the top — the main one.

  • Then, below it, build a pyramid of 4 rows of cards in succession of 3, 4, 5, 6 pieces, randomly choosing from the total weight of the cards.
  • Each row tells about the future: 1 — the closest from you, 2 — within a month, 3 — years, 4 — longer than a year.
  • If an additional explanation is required to the plot layout, then each row is added with 1 card, drawn randomly from the middle of the deck.

If there is a beloved card (King or Queen) in the layout, then you have prospects for a relationship, if not, then no — you are not destined to be together. The plot of each row is interpreted by tying the value of each card into the overall picture.

Gypsy Bean Guessing

Usually the so-called Slavic Gypsies guess on the beans. The man puts a coin in the gypsy hand, where dried beans already lie.

There are nine of them. The fortune teller asks a question, shakes and shuffles the contents of the hand, then throws it all out onto some surface. A coin is a client, the beans and their position is a person’s life, circumstances.

A straight line of beans is the road. Beans that lie close to the coin indicate the strength of a person.

If the beans form a curved line — a person will have doubts or obstacles. The beans, which formed the triangle, represent a woman, and the square — a man.

Accurate Gypsy Divination for Love: Methods and Techniques

A bit like fortune telling on stones.

Divination on gypsy playing cards and tarot

Everyone knows that the main divination of all gypsies is cards. If the fortune teller is real, she always has a pack of cards with her. Gypsies are guessing on all the well-known Tarot cards, they can also be on ordinary ones.

From the story we can learn that the Roma took the Tarot cards in India, and then they began to spread it all over the world. Now, of course, a lot of different packs of tarot cards are on sale. But earlier, the gypsies themselves manually painted Tarot cards.

And it was considered unique, because according to legend, the gypsy transferred her energy to the cards. There are a lot of additional literature and information about fortune telling on tarot cards.

Even an ordinary person can get acquainted with the basic maps of the Tarot cards.

Accurate Gypsy Divination for Love: Methods and Techniques

Gypsy fortune telling

Like fortune-telling on cards, so can a real gypsy fortune-tellers make a person’s hand. Gypsies are also known for their fortune telling.

Gypsy palmistry is known worldwide. People at all times turned to the Roma to find out their fate. And fortune telling is one of the most popular.

Basically, if you look more closely at all the lines on your hand, you can see that gypsy fortune telling on the palm of your hand, only slightly differ from the usual palmistry. The values ​​of the lines on the palm, the features of the fingers, the length and the size of the fingers — by all these signs, there are divinations on the hand of the Gypsies.

Accurate Gypsy Divination for Love: Methods and Techniques

Gypsy fortune telling on needles

Few people know that needles are unique and amazing items. The physical properties of the needle are not fully understood, but we know that they are very strong.

The gypsy needle is usually large in size, with a large eye and sharply sharpened.

A needle is a metal object. It attracts a variety of energy. Positive and negative.

It is believed that all energy flows in the ear. That is why the needle is very popular with many divinations.

There is even a sign of the Russian people — that it is impossible to sew up on yourself, this will lead to poor brain performance. Many people do not believe in it, but they never sew it on themselves.

Gypsies know the properties of the needle as a material. They also know about the various energy flows that the metal rod attracts.

Thanks to the needle, you can look into the past and find out the future.

Accurate Gypsy Divination for Love: Methods and Techniques

For example, one of the guesses on gypsy needles is that there are 21 needles laid out in a saucer, then water is poured, and the needles begin to move. This way you can see crossed needles, which means enemies.

When you connect the needles, on the contrary, you will find friendship and a strong bond. If some needles are drowned, then you will stop communicating with some people soon.

If the main needle sank, yours, it means a completely new life. Change of plans, environment.

Maybe even a change of residence.

There are many guesses on the needle of the Gypsies. There is a fortune-telling divination for a child, fortune-telling on a question-answer, on fate, to learn about enemies and well-wishers.

Guessing on a needle in gypsies is very popular.

Gypsy fortune telling for love, relationships and the future

Gypsy fortune telling for love, relationships and the future

Now gypsy fortune telling is very popular. People like to order gypsy fortune telling for love, for a loved one, for attitude, they often order fortune telling for the future, including for the near future, for destiny.

There is a gypsy fortune telling.

Gypsy fortune telling has always been famous. Despite all the warnings, fraud, people still turn to fortunetellers.

But you should always remember that when addressing a gypsy woman, it is better to know in advance what experience she has, what divinations she is conducting, it is desirable that she should be tested.

Divination «seven cards»

Accurate Gypsy Divination for Love: Methods and Techniques

Take a deck, focus on the question, draw in your mind the image of a loved one. Now spontaneously pull out of the pile of cards — twice in three images, then — one.

Consider the fallen seven pictures. For a clear answer, use the interpreter:

Clubs — a suit of money and business relations

  • Ace is a serious matter.
  • The king is a senior relative (father, father-in-law), patron, leader.
  • A lady is a woman in years (mother, mother-in-law, colleague, mother-in-law).
  • Jack — minor worries, troubles.
  • Ten — income, earnings.
  • Nine — passion, love.
  • Eight, seven — business meetings, negotiations.
  • Six — a business trip (look at the map on the right — it indicates the outcome of the trip).

Tambourines — a suit of hope and news

  • Ace — a letter, official paper, news from afar.
  • The king is a single man, brother, son.
  • A lady is a maiden, a friend, and the king of hearts is a mistress.
  • Jack — problems that will overcome.
  • Ten symbolizes plans, hopes.
  • Nine — pure, sincere love.
  • Eight, seven — a new meeting, gossip.
  • Six — fast road.

Accurate Gypsy Divination for Love: Methods and Techniques

Peaks — a suit of sadness and disappointment

  • Ace is a blow (if the sign of the suit is pointing down), a feast (with direction up).
  • The king is a noble patron, colleague, official.
  • The lady is the enemy, secret intent, jealousy.
  • Jack — a lot of vain trouble, erroneous actions.
  • Ten — the collapse of hope, unrealistic expectations.
  • Nine — a disease, stagnation in the relationship.
  • Eight — a meeting, a trip to visit.
  • Seven — melancholy, chagrin, will cry.
  • Six — road

Worms — the personification of love, personal happiness

  • Ace — family, home.
  • King — a man belongs to another, possibly divorced.
  • The lady is the one to be wondered for, mistress.
  • Jack — love problems.
  • Ten — dreams, aspirations (with a ten peak — unrealizable hopes).
  • Nine — love.
  • Eight, seven — meetings, intimate conversations.
  • Six — expect an offer to stroll.

On a love relationship

In order to find out what awaits you in the love sphere, there is a simple fortune-telling that everyone can do. For it will need a new deck of 36 cards.

If it has already been used for the game, then it will not work: the prediction will not be so accurate.

Before you begin, you need to decide on a question. Formulate it in your head to tune in to the desired information field.

You can ask about anything, as long as it is related to a love theme.

Accurate Gypsy Divination for Love: Methods and Techniques

Pick up a deck and read a special spell for true divination. Everyone should have their own appeal to the cards, but you can use the universal one: “36 cards, 36 assistants.

I appeal to you and give you my strength. Reveal to me the truth and point the right way. Let it be so.»

After that, you can start divination. Shuffle the deck and draw three cards in turn.

The first is responsible for your past, the second — for the present, and the third — will open for you the future.

Map designation

In this case, it does not matter which figure or number you have chosen. It’s all about the suit card.

  • Hearts mean a happy future, and that will soon meet the one you dream of. If you are already in a relationship, but doubt their sincerity, then this suit confirms the correctness of your choice.
  • Peaks are a warning sign of danger. You should carefully look at the events taking place around and soberly assess the situation. It is possible that it is better to stop communicating with a specific person, otherwise you may encounter big troubles.
  • Clubs they predict that you should not consider a person as a possible soul mate, but rather as a partner in business or other common affairs. New acquaintances will not become companions of your life, but they can help in the financial sphere.
  • Diamonds inform about events related to the long road. If you are going on a business trip or a personal journey, it is better not to refuse. It is there that you will find the answers to your questions or meet your long-awaited love.

Gypsy fortune telling

Favorite attributes of fortunetellers of Roma nationality — sharp objects (knives, needles). The wandering people have a belief that with the help of a blade or a needle point one can cut thin matter between the world of the living and the world of spirits.

Accurate Gypsy Divination for Love: Methods and Techniques

Guessing on needles

Accurate Gypsy Divination for Love: Methods and Techniques

You will need: two gypsy needles smeared with animal fat and a bowl of water. Guess on one needle the name of the beloved (the second, respectively, will personify you), lightly throw them at the same time into the water.

  • both float on the surface in parallel — you will pass the century together;
  • one or two needles drowned at once — the relationship is hopeless;
  • sewing supplies are crossed — your heart will be broken or your love will be tested.

Accurate Gypsy Divination for Love: Methods and Techniques

Attributes of fortune telling: Gypsy needle, wool red thread, silver (or just white) coin.

Build a pendulum from a thread with a needle by threading one wool end in the eye of a metal object. Hold both ends of the thread between the middle and index fingers and hold the hanging needle over the coin.

Look at the edge and formulate a burning question. Ask it out loud, without looking away from the needle tip.

Remember where the pendulum will deviate: to the right — the answer is positive, to the left — negative.

Divination on the pendulum can be used as a means to find out whether the desire will be fulfilled.

The knife will indicate

The main attribute of the sacrament is a dagger (knife). Thirteen identical pieces of paper are prepared in advance, on which (with the exception of one) different versions of possible answers are written.

Try to make the versions unequivocal and exhaustive.

Put the knife on a wooden smooth surface, around randomly place thirteen leaves. Focus on your loved one, voice the question that concerns you.

Now spin the gun clockwise and wait for it to stop. Repeat the rite three times, each time remembering the sheet pointed to by the point.

So, you have received the answer from three records: the first contains the main interpretation, and the other two complement it. If at first the knife pointed to a clean sheet, then the question has not yet been resolved soon — you will have to wait.

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