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3 accurate divination Yes-no

3 accurate divination «Yes-no»

To get “yes-no” answers is sometimes very important, and there are quite a few options for divination on this topic. After all, they are convenient because they do not require strong esoteric training and are accessible to everyone.

Fortune telling

It is very important to choose the right day for such fortune telling. It is believed that the watch transmits important information to its character only twice a week: on Tuesday and Thursday. All predictions by the clock on this day will not be a coincidence.

There are many forms of divination by the hour, for example, by coincidence of time, you can get advice or caution.

So, if it occurred to you to ask the watch about the clock, first of all do not be cunning and do not estimate the time. Ask your question — with the wording YES or NO, for example, whether to take on a risky project. And look at the dial or mark the time.

If the arrows at 12 — this is a clear positive answer. Arrows at 6 indicate the unrealizability of desire. Pointing to 3, the clock gives a negative answer with a degree of probability to the performance of the conceived, and pointing to 9 — on the contrary, they say that everything will happen according to you, but there will be obstacles.

Accordingly, to which number the arrow will be closer, your prediction will be inclined to this answer.

You can determine the possibility of making your wish come true by the minute hand. When the hour hand is on a par with it, it reinforces and confirms the result of divination.

Guessing on legumes «Yes-no»

The principle of divination is simple: you must take a handful of beans, beans or peas and make a wish. Next, calculate how many they turned out: if the number is even, then your wish will come true, if it is odd, then no.

Similarly, you can ask a bean seed, YES or NO, whether to embark on an important task or whether to confess your love. Guessing on beans compares favorably with the fortune-telling on the clock. Guessing over beans, you can ask a question more than once, and in this way a simple “Yes-no” will answer all your questions in detail.

Guessing is best in the evening and by candlelight. By the way, the flame is also one of the ways to know the future.

Guessing «Arrow of Fate»

Today, this is a fairly well-known and popular online fortune telling, but it can be done at home on your own. At the same time, imagine how much more likely is the exact answer if you do it yourself: after all, any object takes over your energy, and by guessing with your own hands, you yourself are driving the process, and not the computer chooses an answer for you at random.

For carrying divination is best to use Yulu. It is good if it is already with an arrow, but it doesn’t matter: you can always draw or paste an arrow on it. Next, make a wish and run Yula.

Watch her move and the arrow will show you the result. If the arrow points to the left, the answer is positive, if it is to the right, then the answer is negative.

Divination for the fulfillment of desire on the cards Lenormand

This well-known and beloved by many Tarot cards deck more than once reliably conveyed information about the future to its fortunate owners. By itself, the layout is very simple. To begin with, shuffle the cards and slide a part of them with your left hand, while necessarily on yourself.

Ask the cards your question: it must be very clear and unambiguous: YES or NO. From any place or place of the deck, select three cards, completely arbitrarily, and place them upside down.

Further it is possible to decipher a guessing. The negative answer is always given by the maps of the Coffin, Gora, Kysy, the Tower, the Cross, the Spit, the Broom, the Clouds, the Serpent, the Owl and the Fox. If in all three cases one of these cards fell out, then your wish did not come true.

If two of these cards fell out, and the third turned out to be positive, then the desire has very ghostly chances for execution. In the case when there is only one negative card, the desire can be fulfilled, but there will be difficulties. If you are lucky and none of these cards have not clouded your answer, then you will definitely get what you want, without any problems.

Tarot cards are widely used for fortune telling. And you yourself can choose the most convenient guessing of the «question-answer» type. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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