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Zucchini — product description on

Zucchini — an Italian relative of the well-known zucchini — more delicate in taste, and this bright vegetable looks much more interesting in dishes.

Zucchini — common Italian name for several varieties of zucchini, whose color varies from light green to dark green and bright yellow.

Zucchini can be both long, green and striped, and small, round and bright yellow.

In our country, zucchini appeared in the 1980s — and, although they did not force out the usual white and pale yellow zucchini, they did well in the garden plots and in the kitchen.

Many do not think whether there is any difference between white zucchini and zucchini. Naturally, the name of the zucchini is prettier — still Italian. But beyond that, if you look, there are differences.

All zucchini has delicate skin and tender cream heartworm — more tender than most white zucchini.

Zucchini varieties differ in color and shape.

Zucchini can be both long, green and striped, and small, round and bright yellow. They differ in seasonality. The earliest ultra-ripening ripen in early July.

In culinary terms, different varieties of zucchini differ little from each other.

Raw grated zucchini is a great addition to salads or a side dish for grilled fish.

You can make mashed zucchini and serve it to baked lamb.

Milk zucchini with finger length can be fried whole in butter with thyme or steamed — then they will remain crispy.

Zucchini is prepared with pesto and parmesan, with anchovies and sesame seeds, with coriander and shrimps, they are added in penne, saute, pizza, stew, pancakes and chutney.

Zucchini, unlike zucchini, can also be eaten raw, although they have a peculiar raw taste.

Zucchini season starts at the beginning of July and continues in August and even in September.

It was during this period in the markets you can buy real ground zucchini.

In supermarkets zucchini can be found all year round.

Most often it is greenhouse vegetables.

Should choose a small zucchini weighing 100-200 g and a length of 12-20 cm.

Zucchini skin should be smooth and thin, free from damage, dents and scratches. Large zucchini with thick skin, a large number of seeds inside and fibrous pulp — overripe.

The zucchini shell is very delicate, so the slightest scratches and damage lead to a quick spoilage of the vegetable.

Zucchini must be stored unwashed in a refrigerator in a plastic bag for no more than one week.

Overripe grown up in summer cottages thick-skinned zucchini can be stored in a dark place for several months: they lie until winter.

But in taste they are, of course, very inferior young zucchini.

Zucchini is a versatile vegetable: good at any time of the year in any dish. Zucchini can be cooked.

Summer is the time to cook young zucchini and zucchini. This is a tasty and very healthy food,.

In our century all-season zucchini, you can cook this really summer salad.

Lean meat and light vegetables — this is the rule for making dinner for those who do not want to dial.

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