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Zebra cake, step by step recipe with photos

  • sugar — 460 g
  • wheat flour — 320 g
  • soda — 2/3 tsp.
  • cocoa powder to taste
  • sour cream — 250 g
  • margarine or butter — 200 g
  • egg — 4 pcs.

In cookbooks, magazines, blogs and on sites of varying degrees of reliability, there are many.

not the first time I do the recipe and it always turned out super tasty! gentle gentle! thank!

Indeed, in baking percent much more convenient!

But with glasses, spoons and packs each will measure in its own way, and then it will complain that it did not work out. Well, we have, like the Americans, a standard measuring cups, spoons and "butter sticks" (113 g, by the way).

And now the scales are available today and do not take up much space.

Everything is great. but why in recipes for fans write. sugar 480 gr., 167 gr. butter. for and professionals such measurements (it seems to me) are ridiculous!

I agree with Alla, soda should be extinguished in sour cream, you need to put at least one teaspoon for this amount of products, it is extinguished in sour cream and has no soda taste.

But if you put half the norm of sour cream and the same amount of kefir or yoghurt, it will finally be awesome.

CAKE turned out super cool. The recipe is slightly modified.

Things are like this: half a glass of sugar, 3 sal.lozhki condensed milk, 200 grams of sour cream \ fat 30 percent \ and 100 grams of cl. oils. CAKE fluff!

C P A S i B O for a recipe.

Thanks for the recipe!

Nuu Ocheeen delicious cake.

Very tasty pour the whole thing with chocolate and sprinkle with coconut chips.

thanks for the recipe the cake turned out suuuper

And I have this recipe without oil.

So as I understand it, either soda or baking powder

I did not regret soda. So it should have been tastier. But I did not put baking powder.

Soda must be extinguished with vinegar, I still add baking powder to the dough. It turns out very high and baked well.

It is necessary to lay down on a tablespoon of one or the other, so it turns out much more beautiful.

Strange = (Did you add soda?

So I didn’t even open more than 15 minutes !! And still did not get up ((It was so pity.

So much effort.

I pour the dough right out of the saucepans over my eyes so that the pastries turn out to be lush and then do not fall off, do not open the oven for the first 15 minutes of baking!

Girls, he didn’t get up at me (((I did everything as written! I only got up in the oven, and when I got it down, I did ((((

The cake is very tasty.

But the soda is better to extinguish, it was a sad experience when there was a strong taste of soda.

Another cake can be smeared with custard and sprinkle with nuts.

And how to pour the dough?

According to how many tablespoons do you need to pour the dough of one, then another color, so that it will turn out beautifully ??

Very tasty and beautiful cake! one of my favorite. I only love the rich chocolate flavor, so I put a lot of cocoa. And on top you can eat chocolate or melted chocolate with fudge, it’s also very tasty and chocolate 🙂

In principle, you can add soda anywhere, the main thing is to mix everything up thoroughly, so that it is evenly distributed, and if you do not overdo it with the dosage, you can not extinguish it =)

I add soda directly to the sour cream, and before that I had it quenched with vinegar.

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