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Winter jam, tasty and inexpensive: cook from frozen berries, apples and pumpkins

Winter jam, tasty and inexpensive: cook from frozen berries, apples and pumpkins

It is a shame when, with a familiar gesture, the hand stretches to the shelf, where, since the summer, banks of jam have been crowded, and there is emptiness. And then homemade buns ask for jam.

And there is still a week ahead of fasting.

And on the Eighth of March a corporate cake is promised, and in it one cannot do without jam.

And I just want to spread morning toast with delicious jam.

You can, of course, go to the store to stock up: but there everything that is cheap looks unnatural, and what looks great is worth the price. It is better to make jam yourself: frozen strawberries and currants, pumpkins and apples — these winter ingredients will perfectly cope with the task.

A variety of interesting supplements, like rum, ginger, chocolate and cinnamon, will make the taste very special.

Five minutes of frozen strawberries with thyme: for toast and sauces

A quick way out when summer stocks come to an end.

This jam can be added to the cream for the cake, and in the sauces, and just serve to toast for tomorrowto.

Although we use frozen strawberries, the jam from it does not look faded or watery: the berries keep their shape well, as we start to cook them before they completely melt.

Sugar "canned" all juices, and thyme gives flavor.

Frozen strawberry jam with thyme

Jam "Cherry covered in chocolate": a whole cake in a tin can

Cherry perfectly tolerates frost: its velvety, sweet-sour taste of frost only gets stronger. We decided to fantasize a little bit and invented jam with the taste of our favorite cake. "Black forest"After all, cherry and chocolate are a strong culinary marriage born in heaven.

Such beauty is completely self-sufficient, except perhaps for a crystal vase and a cup of tea. But if you want to bake a birthday biscuit cake — use jam to sandwich cake layers.

It will turn out magnificently!

Jam "Cherry covered in chocolate"

This jam is handmade.

In the store you can not buy this.

When boiling, all alcohol is evaporated, and rum leaves blueberries as a reward only for its rich aroma. What else to say?

This jam will easily become an integral part of any dessert — from biscuit or meringue.

For example, cook with it treyfl, fast, uncomplicated and surprisingly tasty.

But with pancakes and pancakes such stuffing-spreading is delicious!

Blueberry jam with rum

Apple jam with saffron: a golden filling for buns

Apple jam is an excellent vitamin inoculation to survive the winter cold.

It has long been observed that when boiling or baking, winter apples manifest themselves at their best: the water evaporates, the sweetness is concentrated, the taste becomes more expressive.

The final touch is a pinch of saffron. Not jam — pure gold.

Try with him to bake these buns — yummy!

Apple Saffron Jam

Pumpkin marmalade with ginger: perfect for morning coffee

Pumpkin — not the most obvious object for cooking jam. But it has two advantages: firstly, there is enough sugar in the pumpkin to make jam, not vegetable compote. Secondly — it easily perceives all the tastes with which you "get married".

In this recipe, ginger gives tartness to pumpkin marmalade, and lemon gives citrus notes. In general — very similar to the orange marmalade, which is so fond of the British.

But pumpkin is cheaper than oranges, and ginger is a true natural energy drink.

Ideal for morning toasts.

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