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Wide Shrovetide 2008 in Moscow restaurants

Pancake Day here will walk widely and generously.

All seven holidays — from March 3 to March 9 — there is a special menu for guests of the restaurant and the lobby bar.

The most expensive pancake is with sturgeon caviar, sour cream and lemon (5,600 rubles), the most original pancake with pickled foie gras and berry sauce (1,490 rubles).

There is a spicy pancake pie with mushrooms, spinach, beetroot, coriander and garlic (510 rubles) in the menu, and already familiar pancakes with salmon, cottage cheese and chocolate ice cream. 797-6000, Moss, 15/1

On Seven Fridays, all Pancakes will bake the whole Maslenitsa — they are fried on thick cream and served with a filling that the guest chooses: with sour cream (260 rubles), with fried mushrooms (320 rubles), salted salmon (500 rubles), with chicken powders (480 rubles), Far Eastern sturgeon (590 rubles) and others. 912-1218, Vorontsovskaya 6

Adrea Galli, the chef of the Peperoni restaurant, prepared thoroughly for the age-old Russian holiday — he shifted the ancient Russian culinary traditions to a light Italian way. Pancakes with smoked salmon and butter are flavored by the chef with hazelnuts (400 rubles), pancakes with ricotta and spinach are served in a tomato and parmesan sauce, and instead of the traditional pancake pie they cook pancakes in the lasagna style with parmesan sauce (400 rubles). In the role of dessert are pancakes with vanilla ice cream (230 rubles) and with fresh raspberries and whipped cream (280 rubles).

980-7350, Petrovka, 17, p. 1

The main dish of Maslenitsa in the Pyramid will be pancakes in an oriental way — with black caviar tobiko (550 rubles) and a stack of Chinese vodka Confucius, which is made according to an old recipe based on sorghum, peas and wheat.

For supporters of the classics, chef Matvey Mekhov developed a traditional pancake menu: pancakes with red caviar (300 rubles), with mushrooms (100 rubles), with chicken (110 rubles) and with cheese and egg (100 rubles). 694-3603, Tverskaya 18a

Chef Dmitry Kanevsky offers a pancake menu in the traditional Russian style: pancakes with sour cream or condensed milk, with jam or honey (buckwheat, linden, flower), with salmon or black Azov caviar, with meat, with cottage cheese, with apples or crabs.

On the days of Shrovetide Maslenitsa — March 8 and 9 — all guests of the restaurant will be treated with pancakes, homemade liqueurs and delicious vodka, and the pancakes will be baked right on the street, at the entrance to the restaurant. 635-7982, Rublevo-Uspenskoye Highway, Zhukovka, 186a

In the Sky Lounge restaurant, the Shrovetide guests are divided into two categories — gourmets and sweet teeth. For the first ones, the author’s menu of original pancakes was developed, in which there are pancakes with French veal and quail eggs, pancakes with potatoes, bacon, spinach and truffle flavor and pancakes with tiger shrimps, salmon and arugula. And, of course, traditional pancakes with red or black caviar and homemade salted salmon.

For those who want to try everything at once — assorted hot pancakes.

For sweet teeth — pancakes with strawberries and vanilla ice cream, as well as pancakes rolled into rolls with chocolate, berries and Philadelphia cheese. 781-5775, Leninsky Prospect, 32a (in the building of the Academy of Sciences, 22nd floor)

Uzbek cooks cooked pancakes with an oriental twist — they make pancake dough on a mixture of camel and cow’s milk. Pancakes with salmon in spices and lemon juice (555 rubles), with fragrant, flowery honey (400 rubles), with red caviar and whipped butter (650 rubles) will be baked here on Maslenitsa.

In addition to the entertainment in the program of wires of winter — songs and dances from the collective “Kalina Krasnaya”, burning of stuffed animals, buffoons, mummers, mead and a rally of the tour for two on the “Golden Ring”. 917-0444, Pokrovka, 10

In the network of fish restaurants «Filimonova and Yankel» on Shrovetide offer to treat themselves to pancakes with grainy caviar (290 rubles) and smoked salmon (280 rubles). In addition, any fish or seafood from the restaurant’s main menu (from dorado to crab) will be served with a side dish of lush pancakes according to the guest’s request.

223-0707, 23. Tverskaya Street. Other addresses on the website www.fishhouse.ru

The chef of the restaurant Buyabes Lilian Thierion in Shrovetide week will cook for the guests pancakes with pickled salmon (195 rubles), with potatoes and mushrooms with cheese sauce (210 rubles), with sour cream (125 rubles) and dessert pancakes with warm chocolate, nuts and raisins (140 rubles), with honey (125 rubles) or with red currant sauce (390 rubles). 633-8888, Leninsky Prospect, 37

The pastry chef of the restaurant Wu Don Lee, especially for lovely ladies, will prepare an amazing dessert — shanty made of milk chocolate with pink ice cream. From 6 to 9 March, a glass of champagne and other pleasant surprises await the restaurant guests, for example, invitations to a Tibetan massage at the Asia Beauty Spa.

251-0877, 251-1572, Armory Lane., 13, p. 1,

In the pancake week, each visitor to the NKong restaurant will be presented with a pancake — buckwheat, stuffed liver with mushrooms, sweet pancakes with banana, creamy sauce and caramel.

Festive spring mood guaranteed! 694-5763, 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya ul., 7

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