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Why do you need to have sex in the morning

Traditionally for intimacy, we allocate time in the evening.

It happened historically. Do you think the time of day in this matter does not matter?

It turns out the opposite!

Sex in the morning is very useful. According to various studies, a large number of endorphins are released into the bloodstream during the early hours of the day, which help to stay in excellent condition of the body and spirit all day.

You are not afraid of either a migraine or a bad mood. In addition, scientists have found that men who indulge in sex in the morning are less susceptible to strokes and prostate cancer, and women are less likely to suffer from stress and depression.

Plus it is an excellent massage for internal organs and a good training for the whole body of both partners.

Morning sex is incredibly useful

What stops us to indulge in the pleasures of love in the morning?

Man is nothing. As they say, always ready! This is due to physiological processes.

Indeed, at this time, the blood of a man increases the content of testosterone, which directly affects his libido. With women harder.

Firstly, in the morning there are time limits, you need to feed everyone with breakfast, bring a marafet before work, etc. But, in the summer, children have holidays, so there is no morning rush with school fees.

Plus, they can be in the camp or with the grandmother in the country, respectively, you can linger a little longer in bed, and not one.

But there is a second complication, a woman’s excitement phase does not last around the clock, she cannot relax and tune in to an intimate process at any time.

At 8 am, the rhythms of a man and a woman are the same.

As for the biological clock, at about eight o’clock in the morning the rhythms of the man and the woman coincide — at this time SHE begins to be excited, and HERE has not yet had time to reduce desire, therefore many sexologists recommend this particular time for making love.

Then a woman does not have to make cosmic efforts to bring her beloved pleasure.

If there is an opportunity to adjust the work schedule in such a way that the partners could afford such a pleasure, this will greatly enrich their sex life and make the relationship in the couple more solid.

A sign of attention, for example, a light breakfast can be a great start to foreplay.

Additional advice to men — do not forget that women need twice as much time to get excited than you.

The prelude is not a whim, it is necessary so that there is a good blood flow to the intimate zones, then morning sex will be a joy. By the way, a light romantic breakfast served in bed can be a great start to the prelude. For example, just drink — coffee, fruit cocktail.

You can be puzzled and more complex, but easy and elegant option.

Yes, you have to get up early to have time to cook it, but is it really not good morning sex !?

Breakfast in bed can be a wonderful end to a romantic morning.

Women’s Tricks
Is it difficult to relax during sex? Try using the countdown method. The fact is that for our brain this action is unusual, and the person, counting in the reverse order, to himself, begins to relax faster.

That is why hypnologists often use this method.

By the way, he is good at sex, because external stimuli begin to fade into the background.
You can also try the breathing technique: start breathing through your nose and exhale on 4 counts, it calms the nervous system, helps to get rid of extraneous thoughts that prevent you from focusing on pleasant sensations during intimacy.

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