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Why can not lose weight?

«I can not lose weight, no matter how I try!».

Failures can be explained by different reasons — and not only obvious, but also quite unexpected.

Do you drink drugs that promote weight gain

Some drugs can for various reasons provoke the appearance of extra pounds.

Most often, such an insidious effect oral contraceptives and antidepressants.

If the mechanism of influence of antidepressants on weight is still under discussion, then with contraceptive drugs everything is clear: they may contain hormones. estrogen and progesterone (or its synthetic analogue), which in a certain concentration begin to affect the metabolism not in the «best» direction.
Decision: in consultation with your doctor to choose another drug of similar action.

The results of a 16-year study showed that lack of sleep dooms us to size XXL.

Scientists have found that among women who slept no more than 5 hours a day, the predisposition to weight gain was increased by a third (compared with those who slept for at least 7 hours).

Permanent sleep deprivation affects the secretion of hormones responsible for the suppression of appetite and for the deposition of fat in fat cells.

In addition, other studies show that lack of sleep is becoming a favorable factor for the work of «obesity genes.»
Decision: Revise your daily routine.

If ten years ago, fatty foods were considered the main enemy of a slim figure, now it is known that carbohydrates are transformed into a fatty layer as successfully as a piece of pork.

Bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, sugary soft drinks (including kvass), pastries — all this is possible, but with caution.
Decision: give preference to carbohydrates with a low glycemic index, and also always combine carbohydrates with proteins in one meal.

Do you think that healthy food is not getting fat, and at the same time you write down the category of healthy food honey, dried fruits, nuts, juices, dairy products?

First, getting fat from any food, only from high-calorie — faster.

Secondly, and honey, and dried fruits, and nuts, and fruit juices they are high-calorie, and this means that quite a bit of them is quite a bit, but regularly, in order to soon find a completely unsatisfactory picture on the scales.

As for fermented milk products, here again, the whole thing is in the percentage of fat content and in their quantity, which means that they are unconditionally beneficial for the health of the gastrointestinal tract, but only conditionally for the figure.
Decision: pay attention to the calorie content of the product and the content of sugars and fats.

If the body has lowered levels of thyroid hormones, the basic metabolism begins to slow down — which can not but lead first to excess weight, and then to obesity.

Because the symptoms hypothyroidism (conditions caused by a lack of these hormones) are not too specific, therapists do not always diagnose it in the early stages.
Decision: a visit to an endocrinologist who will prescribe a blood test for the level thyroid stimulating hormone.

Even a fitness club twice a week or a 10-kilometer jogging on Saturdays is not enough to lose weight, if on other days you lead a sedentary lifestyle. We can not tell your body «Wait until the weekend when I can do sports!«.

Too high-calorie lunch will settle on the sides immediately: these are the laws of nature.
Decision: half an hour walk every day.

A car can be parked a few blocks to work, and moving on public transport should be reduced to several stops, having walked the rest of the way.

If you regularly receive less than 1000 — 1200 calories per day, the body can connect all its resources so as not to give up without a fight.

You do not feed him, and in response he reduces the intensity of all processes, including exchange processes.

In contrast to the average person sample of the XXI century, the body believes that fat reserves in no case can not be lost: after all, they will allow to survive in a fasting time.
Decision: cancel the hungry ration, and the body will leave the «protective» mode.

Add 100 calories per week and follow the results to find a balance between your goals and the needs of the body.

Often we only have a general idea of ​​what and how much we ate during the day.

It’s an amazing thing, but with close observation one can find quite a few completely superfluous foods or snacks that have not been preserved for some reason.

This fact is well known to nutritionists who offer patients. start keeping a diary, in which everything eaten and drunk during the day would be recorded.
Decision: keep a food diary for a week to reliably understand whether you are on a diet or if it only seems to you.

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