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Who pancakes do not come as a lump: the best recipes from Moscow chefs, part 2

Who pancakes do not come as a lump: the best recipes from Moscow chefs, part 2

In the second part of the selection of chef recipes, we collected mainly sweet pancakes with stuffing and fancy pancake cakes, which are quite suitable for home execution.

After all, by the end of the working week we are all drawn to the sweets.

But if suddenly on Wide Maslenitsa you have a fantasy to bake pancakes with goose in karmelnyh apples — this recipe is also here.

The whole focus of these pancakes from the restaurant Grape — in a gentle apple sauce, similar to jam.

They are suitable for any occasion — for a late breakfast or a family dinner.

And so in the Pancake week bake such pancakes is necessary.

Pancakes with apple confit

It looks like ordinary pancakes, and to taste is nutty delight.

Also useful, because pine nuts, which the chef confectionery "Grimm" Alexand Pantyukhov grinds into flour for these pancakes, contain a lot of necessary vitamin and trace elements.

Cedar flour pancakes with rum

Pancake pie with sea buckthorn and pine cone jam — a real vitamin bomb

Sea buckthorn cream and jam from the cones give traditional pancakes a completely new and very interesting taste.

Besides this pancake pie from the chef of the restaurant "Cast iron bridge" Dmitry Kuzin — a real storehouse of vitamins, which we especially lack for the winter.

Pancake Pie with Sea Buckthorn and Pine Jam

Original recipe and delicious pancake delivery from an Armenian restaurant "Noah’s Ark" will ensure their success with all consumers, from young to old.

To please such a bouquet with fresh fruit you can not only invited guests, but also yourself, and at the same time all your home.

Pancake bouquet with kiwi and persimmon

Raspberry pancakes, which are cooked on Pancake Day in a restaurant Pizzamento, — sheer charm in name and in appearance and taste. Delicate taste of riccotts, hidden in a bright pancake envelope, perfectly complements raspberry sauce and a ball of vanilla ice cream.

Great dish option "for girls", if at Shrovetide you suddenly decided to arrange a hen party.

Raspberry pancakes with ricotta and fresh berries

Lightness extraordinary: pancake millefeu with green tea

Pancake Milfey from the chef restaurant H.A.N.D. Saida Fadley — This is a mini pancake cake with berry cream.

Very elegant dessert, which will be the fashionable conclusion of a festive dinner at Maslenitsa.

Pancake Millefeuer With Green Tea

Goose with apples as a filling for pancakes — why not?

Restaurant Chef "Cast iron bridge" Dmitry Kuzin I am sure that this dish is in the best Russian gastronomic traditions. True, over the goose will have to work in advance, then to turn it into a stuffing.

But if there is no time to mess around with a whole bird, buy packaged goose or duck legs. They are very tender, they are easier to separate the meat from the bones.

In any case, your loved ones will definitely be conquered by such an unusual treat.

Pancakes with goose and caramel apples

Such bright pancakes with black caviar "expensive and rich" Look at the buffet table. Denis Konev, restaurant chef "Clouds" I am sure that an expensive snack requires special decoration.

But with red caviar beet pancakes will look royally.

Black Caviar Beet Pancakes

Pankeyki with grilled bananas and nutella for real sweet teeth

Classic American dessert recipe Andrey Zavarnitsina, restaurant chefs Meatless, very suitable nourishing Russian Maslenitsa.

This is not just pancakes — it’s a whole pancake cake.

For each day, a cake is an inappropriate dish, and at the end of Shrovetide week it’s the most.

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