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White Chocolate Milk Cake

Yulia Andreyanova discovered the poultry milk cake in the Art Nouveau style — instead of the usual dark glaze, it was doused with white chocolate.

Such a cake looks not just festive, but even wedding. “We must take it!” Decided Yulia.

As you know, cake bird’s milk was invented in the legendary Moscow restaurant «Prague».

The author of Bird’s Milk is Vladimir Mikhailovich Guralnik, head of the Prague Prague confectioners department. The team painstakingly experimented with the ingredients for half a year, selecting the optimal combination of dough and soufflé, the ratio of density and lightness. Guralnik tried many recipes for dough, which would be combined with a delicate filling.

As a result, they invented a butter-whipping, as it is now referred to as GOST.

The next component is a milk protein soufflé. Its secret is in the use of agar-agar.

This valuable analogue of gelatin is boiled at a temperature of exactly (!) 117 degrees, mixed with whipped proteins, butter and condensed milk, and placed in forms in a refrigerator.

Piled from the cake and frozen souffle cake is poured with chocolate heated to 38 degrees.

First batch Bird’s Milk in 1978 consisted of 60 cakes.

But already a few months after the premiere of the pastry shop Prague I had to bake 600-1000 cakes daily.

And in this mode so far.

My girlfriend, a student of excellence and a Ph.D., until recently believed that for the production of poultry milk you need to milk some special birds. It was found out by chance. I shared my plans to bake such a cake at home, and in a mysterious voice she asked where I was going to get THIS ingredient.

In fact, the mysterious name was born from a saying in which people with exorbitant inquiries said “they only need bird milk to be happy”.

So the «Prague» confectioners decided to make happy both demanding and ordinary Soviet citizens.

In contrast to the classic, white Bird’s milk looks and tastes more tender, because white chocolate consists mainly of cream. The rest of the recipe remained the same. So I highly recommend to all those who are not indifferent.

Well, for a wedding, of course, ideal.

Cake Bird’s milk with white chocolate, 1500 g, 650 rub

“I was born on June 21, the longest day of the year, on the same day as Prince William. I have two red diplomas. I speak five languages ​​- Russian, English, Italian, French and Ukrainian, like my grandmother.

I managed to work in various companies, and as a result I chose what I get great pleasure from: throwing words, catching them and putting them into sentences. I am lucky and I have a great intuition.

I can cook, embroider, drive a car. I love Chekhov’s stories more than anything else; I am lazy and tasty to eat.

I almost always manage to combine these three pleasures. ”

First sample:

Basiron cheese

The very first to paint cheese with the help of sauces invented in Italian Genoa. A plate of multicolored cheeses was one of the traditional dishes recommended.

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Seven year old rice

In search of rice for the correct risotto, Yulia Andreyanova traveled all over Moscow. Not found.

Helped out by friends: Yulia was given a gift of her dreams!

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Linen porridge

Those who have tried flaxseed oil at least once know that it smells very unpleasant.

But persistent nutritionists suggest adding it to a salad for anyone who wants to live long and vigorously..

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Mexican cucumber

Yulya Andreyanova penetrated the Vietnamese market in Moscow and found there a lot of delicious things.

For example, Mexican cucumbers, similar to.

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Apricot butter

What is apricot oil and what is it eaten with?

And do they eat?

It is known that it can be bought in a pharmacy in 25 ml bottles for skin care.

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