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Where to watch football

When the World Cup is on the nose, the question "where is better to watch football?" rises most acutely.

Especially if the Russian national team plays.

In our review, there are bars and restaurants in Moscow where you can watch football and cheer on your favorite team: alone or with friends, over a glass of cold beer or with a glass of good wine, but so that even in case of loss it is not insulting to spend the evening.

O’Donoghue’s, Irish Pub

One of the O’Donoghue’s Pub Halls

The pub has four rooms, each of which has its own "chip": Guinness bar area with a bar of impressive size and countless beer taps (25 sorts of draft, 10 types of craft and more than 10 varieties in bottles), a quiet dining area, Live music hall with a stage and a huge 3-meter HD diode screen for sports broadcasts and cozy Whiskey lounge, which contains a unique collection of vintage bottles of whiskey, the oldest of which is more than 100 years old!

Especially for the football season, more than 30 plasma TVs were placed in the pub, including on the summer terrace located in the pedestrian zone. The menu includes classic snacks for beer: savory wings (495 rubles), glazed boar ribs (585 rubles), fish and chips (435 rubles), cheese balls with shrimp mousse (375 rubles).

For the companies of fans at the time of the World Cup prepared a special menu, which includes a mix of steaks, chicken wings and beer.

Address: Moscow, Pyatnitskaya st., 29

Tel .: +7 (499) 929‑00-03

Southerners restaurant

Summer veranda of the restaurant «Southerners»

In a meat restaurant with a southern temperament, “Southerners” prepared for the World Cup as follows: the matches will be broadcast on six screens on the second floor and two on the summer terrace.

Also during this period there will be a special football menu from chef Bulat Ibragimova: BBQ chicken wings on coals with Cole Slow salad (640 rubles), fried crayfish in southern style with corn (2490 rubles per 1 kg), hot dog with sausage marghez, rapanami, green sauce and dried tomatoes (590 rubles), pork knuckle, baked with summer vegetables and toasts (1490 rubles) and brisket burgers (590 rubles).

Furious fans will be able not only to watch football, but also to drink with taste — they are waiting for alcohol sets: Yellow card (6 shots 50 ml, 1500 rubles), Red card (4 shots 50 ml, 990 rubles), beer set Fair Play ”(3 glasses of beer and 100 grams of peanuts, 990 rubles).

When ordering two such sets — the third is a gift.

Address: Moscow, st. Academician Sakharov, 10

Tel .: +7 (495) 926-16-40

SAVVA, restaurant

Veranda of the SAVVA restaurant overlooking the Bolshoi Theater

This summer, the restaurant invites guests of the World Cup to watch football and try the special tasting Russian Set (4,100 rubles).

The first guests to appreciate the SAVVA’s “Russky Set” dishes this season were famous footballers Julien Faubert, Florent Sinama-Pongol, Samuel Eto’o, Peter Odemwingie, Abdulay Dian-Faye.

In addition to the tasting set, SAVVA offers guests of the World Cup a special menu of farm snacks and classic cocktails. Also, the restaurant now presents an expanded map of Russian wines of a new generation and a map of Russian craft beer.

On the terrace of the restaurant there will be broadcasts of World Cup matches on the big screen, so that guests can watch sporting events with maximum comfort.

Address: Moscow, Theater Ave., 2

Phone: +7 (499) 270-10-62

Around the World, Gastromarket

Corner of Russian cuisine on a gastromarket «Around the World»

Gastromarket «Around the World», a joint project of Arkady Novikov, Boris Zarkov and Vladimir Mukhin, meets fans in the very center of Moscow. The gastronomic space is represented by two large screens for broadcasts, dozens of exciting gastronomic concepts and an average bill worth 700 rubles. It’s great to come here by a big company — everyone will be able to watch football and find food and drinks for every taste.

For example, a rib-eye steak at Butch Grill, sushi nikkey at Tokyo Market, dumplings at From Russia with Love, poke tuna at Poke, a bbq at Texas BBQ, pizza at Mamma Mia, shrimps and crabs at Café 1- I am Crab «and so on.

Address: Moscow, Nikolskaya Str., 10

Phone: +7 (495) 967-77-77

Law & Son bar

Scarves of football fans of Russian and foreign teams over the bar in Law & Son bar

In British Law & Son bar is ready for the World Cup: there are six large plasmas and one huge screen to watch football (matches can be seen from every point of the institution), massive leather sofas, English-speaking staff, a menu translated into several languages, many types of bottled beer and a wide range of fixed positions on cranes, including the brand variety Law&son.

For lovers of drinks, there is a stronger cocktail card by Dima Sokolov (Mr. Help & Friends, Stay True Bar).

During the broadcast of almost all FIFA matches (except for the semi-final) there is a special offer: upon presentation of the fan’s passport, a favorable discount is offered on the entire menu.

For a snack it’s worth taking pork tenderloin in mustard (490 rubles), Scottish fish soup (330 rubles) and soup with whiskey (350 rubles), reindeer myball (480 rubles), large steaks and burgers for every taste (for example, with a boar cutlet for 630 rubles).

Address: Moscow, st. Sadovaya-Karetnaya, 24/7

Phone: +7 495 649-01-89

Valenok, restaurant

Summer terrace of the restaurant Valenok

Football fever works wonders: the symbol of the Valenok restaurant, the world’s largest handmade felt boot, has already become a soccer ball. Very soon, an open zone will appear on the big summer terrace of the restaurant especially for football fans to watch football.

By the beginning of the world championship, a huge four-meter screen will be installed on which there will be live broadcasts, and garlands from the flags of all the participating countries will be weighed above the tables.

In total, 38 plasmas will be placed inside and outside the restaurant to view matches.

Chef Sergey Vekshin will prepare a special section “Fan menu”. There will be snacks, kebabs and large portions of snacks for companies.

Also bartenders will offer groups of fans a foamy drink in beer towers.

Moscow, Tsvetnoy Boulevard, 5

Tel .: +7 (499) 290-02-15

Tap & Barrel pub

In Stoleshnikov Lane, directly opposite the Moscow City Hall, fans are eagerly awaiting: they have prepared more than 20 plasma screens in several halls, as well as a central 4-meter HD diode screen for watching football broadcasts. During the championship there will be a special menu of snacks, well, and the beer always flows here — only there are more than 30 types of draft beer here! By the way, in the interiors of the 15th century from the beginning of the 1960s to the mid-90s, the Soviet beer bar “Ladya”, known to all as the legendary and wildly “Pit”, worked.

The first beer machines in the country were installed here — they were the same only at the Dynamo stadium.

Address: Moscow, Bolshaya Dmitrovka, 13

Tel .: +7 (495) 636-29-04

Bar «Arrow»

In the yard of the Strelka to Mundial, everything is ready: football on the big screen in the open air, a street bar, special snacks from the chef Strelka Taras Dudenko, a kicker and other entertainment.

On Fridays and Saturdays immediately after the broadcasts — parties until dawn.

Also for the entire period of the championship inside the bar will install two screens on which all matches will be broadcast in real time.

Quotes from a special football menu: hot dog (250 rubles), burger (320 rubles), chicken nuggets (250 rubles). In the courtyard there will be a kiosk where panini and soup of the day are sold, poke with tuna, with salmon, with shrimps, with tofu (380 rub.).

Half a liter of beer — 300 rubles!

In order to get to the shows in the courtyard, you need to follow the announcements on the page of the Strelka bar on Facebook and go through the obligatory registration.

Address: Moscow, Bersenevskaya emb., 14, p. 5.

Tel .: +7 (495) 771-74-16

Shinok, restaurant

Crayfish in the restaurant «Shinok»

Especially for fans in the period from June 14 to July 15, 2018, the legendary restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine “Shinok” presents a mug of light or non-alcoholic beer to choose from when ordering a dozen crawfish.

Here you can watch football: there will be broadcasts of iconic matches, in addition the restaurant will offer a set Back in the USSR — a great opportunity to get acquainted with the cuisine of a country that is no longer on the world map.

A bonus for children of all ages will serve as an atrium with animals inhabited by peacocks, pheasants, chickens, calves, goats and rabbits.

Address: Moscow, st. 1905, d. 2

Phone: +7 (495) 651-81-01

In the «Kazbek» restaurant there will appear snacks with a Georgian accent: chicken wings, cheese sticks and mandari chips, created by the chef based on the local hit — mandari cakes with Svan salt. All three appetizers are served with traditional Georgian sauces and are ideally combined with beer (4 types in assortment: Georgian “Sviani”, “Meisels Weiss” non-alcoholic, “Samuel Smith Imperial Stout” and home draft). It will be convenient to watch football on the first floor of the restaurant — a big screen will be installed here for football broadcasts, so it is not necessary to buy tickets for the matches.

Also at the time of the championship, an action “chacha-stop” will be introduced in “Kazbek” — it will be possible to drop in at the restaurant for a tasting of chacha accompanied by canape-phali: quickly, colorful and very useful for lifting the mood in between the sightseeing capital.

Address: Moscow, st. 1905, d. 2

Tel .: +7 (495) 651-81-00

Wine Happens bar

Wine Happens Bar

Wine Happens prepared thoroughly for the World Cup in the wine bar of Timur Abuzyarov and Roman Vorotnikov: they installed large screens where they will broadcast each match and developed a “football” menu.

Here you will not be offered a standard set of beer and snacks like garlic toasts: seafood will be the main players in the “gastronomic matches” in Wine Happens. Mussels — northern, in tomato sauce with herbs or in classic wine — give for 990 rubles (0.5 kg) or for 1690 rubles (1 kg).

Northern shrimps (1050 rubles per 0.5 kg or 1890 rubles per 1 kg) are smoked or boiled.

Large companies are advised to order a special set, which includes four oysters, two sea urchins, two sea scallops, Kamchatka crab (100 gr) and a set of sauces (2490 rubles).

From May 28 a veranda will start working here.

Address: Moscow, st.

Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya, 32, p. 1

Tel .: +7 (495) 347-30-01

19 bar & Atmosphere, bar

Interior institution 19 Bar & Atmosphere

In the conceptual «19 Bar & Atmosphere ”on Pokrovka to watch football will be fun: a thematic alcoholic set is attached to the shows on the big screens.

Chef bartender Tatyana Rybkina has been creating cocktails on craft infusions with a pronounced herbal note, which can not be found anywhere else for more than five years. I decided to give water to sports fans and simply sympathizers in their own way.

Therefore, as part of a brutal, but completely unplaced set (700 rubles) — light English ale, a classic, according to all the rules mixed Old Fashion and any of the six author infusions: on black currant, on blackberry, raspberry and linden, on the lingonberry Sagan Daylya, on the sea buckthorn. And those who prefer the more familiar tastes, can choose homemade limoncello liqueur or cherry hrenovuhu.

At the entrance to the bar there is a small veranda for 20 landings.

Address: Moscow, st. Pokrovka, 19

Tel .: +7 (499) 130-32-56

Modus, restaurant

The terrace of the restaurant Modus

Restaurant Modus thoroughly prepared for the World Cup. The veranda on the first floor with soft sofas and armchairs is immersed in greenery; moreover, it is completely covered — comfortable in the heat and in the rain.

To watch football, all the conditions are created here: a 3-by-2-meter central LED screen and four plasma panels are installed.

There is also a special “Fan Menu” made from light snacks (2500 rubles), and the Russia World Cup themed dessert (480 rubles) is ready for those who love sweets — everything is for a sports mood to win!

Address: Moscow, 1st Workers Lane., Ow. four

Phone: +7 (495) 221-10-23

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