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Where to watch fireworks in Moscow restaurants

Fireworks — the culmination of the holiday on May 9. It begins in 10 pm, but it is better to take the best places for the review in advance, in order not to be pushed into traffic jams from cars and people when the volleys are already booming overhead.

We offer to admire the salute at the restaurant table, combining fire performance with holiday dinner. Moreover, many Moscow institutions have prepared for Victory Day special menu and the program.

Restaurant areas with the best view for Moscow saluting to the winners — in our review.

1st Krasnogvardeisky Ave., 21, p. 2, MIBC Moscow-City, OKO Tower, complex “354”, 85th floor
+7 (495) 777 71 11

The highest restaurant in Europe is located on 85 floor of the OKO tower complex "Moscow City". And this is not the only reason for pride: foreigners are attracted here ice bar and eight meter Russian stove, in which they bake bread, pie, and pie.

For Muscovites, the main advantage of the restaurant is that it climbed above roofs neighboring skyscrapers and a picket fence skyscrapers Moscow City will not obscure the view. City blocks from incredible heights are reduced to the scale of a pocket map, and flashes of salute seem to be loose beads somewhere far below. This kind of Moscow is seen only by pilots of flying airliners.

Please note that at the window by the window you will have to leave a deposit, specify the size by phone.

Space panorama from Ruski restaurant

Presnenskaya Embankment, 12, MIBC «Moscow-City», «Federation Tower», 62 floor
+7 (495) 653 83 69

Bar on 62nd floor Federation towers in Moscow-City shares palm for the best review with Ruski restaurant.

Sixty Trumps — Kitchen by French Chef Regis TrigelI, calm business people and the lack of frank tourist cranberries in the interior.

And although Sixty is located just below the competitor, the view here is not worse: a circular panorama allows you to see simultaneously dozens of volleys salute, launched in different parts of Moscow.

Salute salute, view from Sixty

Mercedes Bar
Kutuzovsky Prospect, 2/1, p. 1, Radisson Royal Moscow Hotel, 31st floor
+7 (495) 229 83 09

Bar climbed under the very spire «Ukraine», on 31st floor. Most of the tables are located facing the window, Moscow — in full view.

At 21.00 here they will officially drink for the Victory: the chief bartender will present his new guests to the guests cocktail «Shooter» with bread vermouth, cinnamon syrup and homemade beater. DJ Yeves has been playing all evening.

Advance booking is required.

Kutuzovsky Prospect, 2/1, p. 1, Radisson Royal Hotel Moscow, 29-30 floors
+7 (495) 229 83 08

The restaurant at a height of three dozen floors of the Stalinist high-rise allows you to look at the city from an unusual angle. But if this is not enough — you can go even higher, to the viewing platform under spire of the hotel «Ukraine», literally open to all parts of the world and all urban areas saluting May 9.

Especially for May 9, an Italian chef Christian lorenzini prepared an evening menu for vodka in Russian style with pancakes with red and black caviar, hedgehogs from the Barents Sea and Russian seafood. Musical accompaniment dinner — a group of SlANG.

Reservation is required, a deposit for a festive evening 5000 r.

Buono restaurant — view from the spire of the Stalinist high-rise

White rabbit
Smolenskaya Square, 3, Smolensky passage, 16th floor
+7 (495) 510 51 01, +7 (495) 782 62 62

This Moscow gastro-landmark, the birthplace of the most famous Russian chef Vladimir Mukhina, White rabbit not the first year in a row included in the rating top 50 the best restaurants in the world.

If you want to combine bread and circuses, then the glass dome on 16th floor of the Smolensky Passage shopping center offers a great circular view of tight interchanges Garden ring and embankments filled with lights, colorful sheaves of salute volleys bursting in the sky — exactly at the point of view from the huge windows.

Ovchinnikovskaya Embankment, 20/1, Business Center «Central City Tower»
+7,985 751 19 19

Victory Day is the date on which a table in the panoramic restaurant on the roof of the 14-storeyed high-rise building on Ovchinnikovskaya Embankment needs to be booked in advance. WITH terraces «Carlson» The Kremlin, the Moscow River and the glass spheres of Zamoskvorechye open in all their glory.

The circular view makes the restaurant a center pyrotechnic show, from here one can see salute flashes anywhere in the capital.

In the kitchen hosts Carlo Grecu with his love for Italian cuisine, meat and grill.

Carlson — a restaurant that lives on the roof

Twins garden
Passionate Blvd, 8a
+7 (499) 112 33 00

Roof «Center on Passionate» let it not raise Twins garden in the sky, but the panorama here is commensurate with the human eye.

In the lens of giant windows — «Moscow is leaving»: attics, touching old tin roofs, pilasters and columns.

Salute salute perfectly fit into this historical «frame». Author’s cuisine Berezutsky brothers — a separate reason to visit.

Their branded salad from farm vegetables and smoked catfish, from which they serve a mini fire show, meet the mood of the moment.

Twins Garden — view of Moscow from the historical center

Neglinnaya 4, Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow Hotel, 10th floor
+7 (495) 783 12 34

«Conservatory» climbed not so high — on 10th floor the hotel Ararat Park Hyatt , but from here, the most favorable angle is open to the eyes — it is easy to reach the Kremlin stars by hand, under your feet — TSUM and quadriga of the Bolshoi Theater. Against such a background, firing salvos look particularly impressive. The main plus — open in any weather. spacious terrace, securely covered with rain tents.

Chefs are in the open kitchen, ordering a wok and steak is worth it, this classic is «Conservatory» sounds great.

O2 Lounge
Tverskaya, 3, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, 12th floor
+7 (495) 225 88 88

Rooftop bar Ritz-Carlton shares palm with “Conservatory” by aiming at Kremlin. Towers, walls and colored tops St. Basil the Blessed… a real attraction «Moscow in miniature», in such decorations, the color scattering of salute will look like in the picture.

Compared to what is happening outside, the inner life of the restaurant is secondary. Cocktails, steaks and sushi — all by the standards of the highest hotel standard. Very expensive.

So choose O2 Lounge as a location for a festive evening is only if you intend to seriously chuck it.

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