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Where to eat pregnant

Where to eat pregnant. Restaurants Botanica, Correa’s / Koreas on Mayakovka, Mom’s Pasta, Shanti

I would choose three criteria for assessing the “right place” — the atmosphere, service and food and the presence of vitamin cocktails.

In general, these are classical criteria, nothing new, but for a guest waiting for posterity, they are more important than for the most demanding restaurant critic. First, who is she pregnant? No longer “just a woman,” but a semi-goddess, endowed with the mystery of the origin of life.

But along with the new status, it also receives completely new sensations: the heightened scent and intuition help people feel better, their mood and energy — that is why in places of large crowds of people it becomes so “nervous” and not good.

And, of course, all pregnant women are extremely picky about food.

About the latter — more.

Experts advise during this period not to abandon your favorite dishes, the main thing is not to overeat, not to get involved in sweets and remember about vitamins.

Nutritionist Elena Fedoseeva offers the following diet: vegetables (including pickled ones), fruits, dried fruits (soaked in water), freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices, leafy green vegetables, lean meat and fish, seafood, not very fatty dairy products, cereals and bread whole grains, eggs (better — quail). You can add a few nuts (cashews, walnuts, sunflower seeds).

All kinds of algae are necessary, and wheat germinating wheat cannot be avoided — it must be ground and consumed with salads or on an empty stomach at least twice a day in a full tablespoon.

Calcium should be added to the second trimester: in addition to dairy products, it can be shredded egg shells, quenched with a few drops of natural lemon juice.

In the last trimester, it is extremely important to consume more products containing omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, — fatty sea fish, fish oil.

Most likely, all of the listed products will naturally “pull” you. Nature is clever — the body itself will tell you what it needs, and you will only have to completely trust it. However, remembering the basic rules of nutrition does not hurt: after all, if you completely “dissolve” in your changing moods, you can switch to chips with oranges, a roach with lemon tea and full confidence that, if a person somehow didn’t look at you, so he is bad.

But it is not so?

Soft lime colors, wooden shutters on the windows and the overall peaceful atmosphere evoke memories of childhood in the country and set up a positive mood.

It is convenient to sit on the couches, leaning back and tucking the back with pillows — this is how it completely stops hurting. The audience is going to be nice: many come here to be themselves. This “weather” is extremely appealing to the future mother, who reacts sensitively to someone else’s energy.

Like the menu — light, relevant and useful, as if specially “honed” for the requests of pregnant female visitors.

Broccoli cream soup (140 rubles), sorrel soup (100 rubles), shrimp patties (160 rubles), a mix of white and red fish steamed with pepper and zucchini (320 rubles) — all this is not just tasty, it’s also A great way to get the right vitamins and iodine in a very boring way. In addition, in Botany they make excellent beef steak (480 rubles), which is a rarity for an ordinary, non-meat restaurant, and meat, as is known, increases hemoglobin in anemia, and this is a frequent problem for pregnant women. In addition, interesting vitamin cocktails are mixed here: avocados with milk and fruits (140 rubles), mango and mint (170 rubles).

The only negative is that there are no non-smoking areas, but for those who have their husband and all his friends smoking all the time, this is no longer a problem.

Address: B. Gruzinskaya, 61a
Phone: 254 00 64
Opening hours: 12:00 to 0:00

Here they just do not smoke at all, but those who are very thirsty are offered to go out under the visor on the street.

Also in Correa’s there is a very “healthy” menu in which the cult of the product is put at the head of the table, its natural taste with minimal processing, that is, with preservation of the maximum of vitamins. The talented American chef and restaurateur Isaac Correa loves to give dietetic «mood» to ordinary, often even fast food dishes.

For example, he adds arugula to a regular pizza with cheese and tomatoes, and makes a sandwich from pita bread.

By the way, bread is baked exclusively from durum wheat flour.

It is worth noting a salad of baked beets with goat cheese, pine nuts, pesto and parmesan (280 rubles) — an aid for those who can’t talk about beets without disgust, and pregnant women have to eat it without talking.

A salad of shrimp, crabmeat with avocado and artichokes (450 rubles) is a great way to get charged with iodine, and seafood in the company of such non-trivial vegetables with citrus dressing can more easily slip through if life is poisoned by toxicosis.

Address: Hasek, 7, p. 1, Ducat Place II
Phone: 789 96 54
Opening hours: Mon-Fri from 8:00 to 23:00, Sat-Sun from 9:00 to 23:00

The name speaks for itself. If you choose the most family restaurant in Moscow, Mom’s Pasta will be among the first.

On the walls there are small photos within, quite homely, on which celebrities dine surrounded by many children.

Come here to dream of a happy family future — the most it.

However, it will turn out to be supported not without the risk of overeating, everything is very tasty and generous. But for a pregnant woman, capriciousness to overeat is the same as breathing.

Feel free to order local pride — pasta, you will not regret it, especially since all of it is created on the basis of lightweight flour from durum wheat — semalato di grano duro.

I opted for a penne with seafood in a tomato-cream sauce (620 rubles).

One serving would be more than enough for two people: they did not spare either the filling — the shrimp and the rest of the sea beauty — or the pasta itself.

Address: Spiridonevskiy per., 12/9
Phones: 730 56 00, 730 52 00
Opening hours: 12:00 to 0:00

If you need to calm down and talk to yourself, there is no better place than an Asian restaurant. Shanty just from such.

A muted gray scale, separate “cubicles” with cushions in which you can lie (and this is the only comfortable position for a tired spine), and a light oriental menu — everything seems to be created in order not to spill the inner harmony of the future mother.

Yes dishes for the most part to the situation is very suitable.

Salad of artichokes, grapefruit and goat cheese (390 rubles) — vitamins in their pure form.

Tuna tartar with guacamole sauce (430 rubles) — in case of an unbearable desire to try fresh fish (it has been following me for a month already 🙂 The shark steak on the grill (550 rubles) will replenish precious fish oil reserves.

Plus, an absolute paradise for pregnant women — the richest fresh bar in which you squeeze and mix everything you need in the right proportion — from carrots, pineapple and dried apricots to spinach, celery, young beets, yellow pepper and sorrel.

Address: Myasnitsky pr., 2/1
Phone: 783 68 68
Opening hours: Sun-Thu from 12.00 to 0.00, Fri-Sat from 12.00 to 5.00

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