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What to feed the child on the road?

Traveling with a child to distant lands is not an easy event.

There are many questions: how will the baby take the road?

Does it make you feel better? Will he be hot / cold / wet? What will he play?

Can you sleep?

What to feed him? With infants everything is clear, with those who are more than six or seven, too.

And what about crumbs from 2 to 5 years?

Main rule — Do not give crumbs plane food.

The second rule: do not be afraid that the child will starve and will suffer if he does not eat his usual porridge or cutlet. Most children act as if they are hungry, simply because they are bored.

Therefore, the main problem on board is not to feed, but to take the child.

Take the toys with you, read him a book.

Find out in advance if the airline will allow you to bring sliced ​​apples, carrots, dried fruits on board.

If not, you will have to choose from your menu what is less harmful for the baby and offer it to him.

But if the child refuses, in no case do not feed him by force.

Third rule: give the baby a drink. For a few hours, you and your child will breathe very dry conditioned air, and regular replenishment of fluid reserves in such conditions is a basic necessity.

You will not be allowed to bring bottled water on board the aircraft, but it is quite possible to take an empty container with you — a bottle with a tight nipple or a non-spill cup.

And drinking non-carbonated water on board is always there.

If you have a long car ride, first of all take care of drinking: it is stuffy in the car and the child will be asked to drink more often than usual.

If you do not use a cooler bag, take with you only those products that cannot spoil: hard fruits (for example, apples and pears) and vegetables (carrots, cabbage stumps, cucumbers), cookies, dried fruits.

It is not necessary to feed the baby abundantly, who will spend the day in the car seat.

Before the road, it will be enough to eat some porridge, gnaw a carrot or an apple.

To feed a child in a roadside cafe is not worth it: their assortment is hardly intended for baby food.

Get a fried chicken, barely the train gets under way — our long-standing tradition.

And her children, like all traditions in general, carefully adopt from adults.

However, fried chicken for crumbs, and even in the conditions of the train, not the best food.

Recommendations for nutrition in the train are the same as in the car: do not eat much, if you take food, then those that the child already eats and which do not spoil for a long time: apples, carrots, cucumber, cookies.

It is better to take drinking water with you from home: it is absolutely impossible to drink from a “tank” in a car, and there may simply not be good quality non-carbonated drinking water on trains and at stations.

If the child has already eaten ice cream — you can pamper him. But be careful: in the heat of this is better not to do, otherwise there is a chance that the whole vacation you will treat a sore throat or bronchitis.

To reduce the risk of poisoning, try to buy ice cream from proven, well-known manufacturers, paying attention to the packaging — it must be whole, and the ice cream itself is solid, not melted.

In general, the nutrition of children in the train can be treated rather calmly: children in trains, as a rule, are not swayed, besides, they have where to be active.

Cruise ships usually feature a varied menu that will satisfy any adult. But is it suitable for a child?

Not a fact at all.

Therefore, the question of the presence of a children’s table and its composition must be clarified even before purchasing a voucher.

Please note: some travel companies believe that the «children’s table» is candy and ice-cream with soda, and not at all cereal, vegetables, meat and fish steamed.

To stock up on food for a week, and even more so to keep it in the cabin will be problematic, to say the least.

Children’s instant cereals can help out in such a situation, which can be supplemented with fruits and vegetables from the adult menu and thus combine children’s breakfast-lunches and dinners on their own.

In the car, the plane and on the boat the child may be pumped away. If this has already happened, give him a special medicine for motion sickness half an hour before departure.

Even if there were no such problems before, you should take the pills with you.

How to celebrate children’s birthdays? There is a very simple way: to save for a year a large wad of money and.

The World Health Organization called obesity «socially infectious.»

Examinations, session, diploma, thesis, new project, new work and just the beginning of a new academic.

But my child, after a year, categorically refuses to eat the food of the consistency of mashed potatoes. It is necessary that there were pieces.

And we travel a lot. Canned mashed potatoes, adjustable porridges will not work.

Therefore, from year to year I take him quail eggs, cucumber, fruit (bananas, apples, pears), cookies, marshmallow, drying. Now he is 1 year and 9 months old, in a week we are going again. I want to try to take him a chicken baked or boiled (for the first 12 hours of travel).

And if a child wants to eat something more serious (and his appetite is excellent), we feed him in a cafe, at the airport. But of course, we must look at what to take.

I usually take pasta, rice with something st., Soup, pancakes; Of course, I look at how it looks, so as not to poison the child.

I am writing to you, girls, as an experienced mother of many children! I have 4 children. A senior-Tanya is 15 years old, his son Anton is 12 years old, Sasha is 6 years old, and the youngest Anya is 2 years old. Last year we went on a trip to Europe-Hungary, Slovakia, Greece.

Everything is great, beautiful, but. 4 children, of different ages, it is necessary to feed! We went on our SUV (there are 6 places and one folding). After the border we stopped at a cafe (in Europe you can, there is clean and almost all cafes have a child kitchen). But before that, we were driving from Kiev to Uzhgorod for almost 16 hours. We took some fruits, some vegetables, 4 types of cookies — Tanya loves crackers, Anton-oatmeal, Sasha-shortbread, and Anya with stuffing. sticking out on the car door and shouting something. Then they sang songs together, played Slova.v cities (Anya with hints), in dolls.

And then in the evening they wanted to eat. I made Anya a baby mash — a very good and expensive brand (you can trust her), all the rest — Tanya and Anton — a meat with vegetables, and Tanya — she has a special menu (She does figure skating) fresh and dietary yogurt. Then we all ate all over yogurt and drank mineral water and juices, which we bought in advance. In Hungary, the stocks in the supermarket in Budapest were renewed and they bought their special artesian water. Hungary is famous for its pure mineral water (in hotels you can drink from the tap). For sleeping, they took horseshoe cushions, slept in seventh place (it’s folding). : 00 arrived in Letheeey. There we had a room for rent for 2 days in advance. Splendid, 6-seater! We slept well, had breakfast, walked around the city.

The next day I arrived in Budapest, where we lived for 5 days. We finished our journey on the 15th day at a resort in Greece. There we rested and swam for 10 days. We went back the same way. We really liked it! The only thing is to stand on on the border of Hungary-Ukraine, we stood 1.5 hours! but it is only on this border. On all the others, a little less than 40 minutes! so, the devil is not so terrible as he is painted! Good luck, Marina

Some airlines (Etihad Airways, Singapore Airlines) offer a special menu for babies.

I fed the child (4 years old), puree of cans with apples and bread, 12 hours in the car, enjoyed drawing the surroundings, decorations and reading books, and also collected small toys from chocolate eggs and played a fairy tale (turnip), etc. Good luck and pleasant travels;)))

Hello! I can share my results, because I found this product and I am very pleased.

My daughter feels very good away from home.

Now I trust and recommend this product to everyone. Sincerely [deleted] Rostov-on-Don

When traveling by car you can feed in a roadside cafe. Of course, not in any eatery. Choose a stationary decent type of institution — as an indirect hint — the presence of cars standing nearby (with a cafe). And choose food "wisely" — meat pieces, potatoes, rice.

Those. what "can’t spoil".

You can take the soup. By experience, it is better not to take borscht, for some reason, it is always very peppered, but the hodgepodge is almost always the norm (center. Russia). We always ask what is peppered, what is not. Of course everyone has their own concept of sharpness, but usually "barmaid" adequate (in this respect) 🙂 No pies, especially with meat, meatballs, etc.!

Sausages are also usually the cheapest. and accordingly nasty.

Conclusion: Just be careful. good luck

A child of 2-2.5 years old in the train can be fed with baby food: instant porridge, which is diluted with water, meat and vegetable purees, baby sterilized milk in boxes.

We went to the south this summer, so we fed the child.

Well I do not know.

My so ukachivaet that neither before nor during the road can not be fed.

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