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What to feed the child during a cold?

During illness, the appetite decreases, all the forces of the body go to fight infection.

What to feed the child during illness to maintain strength and promote recovery?


The key rule in the nutrition of a sick child is not to force him to eat, which he does not want.

Except for those cases, if the attending physician insists on the use of specific products, justifying it with individual features of the baby’s health.

2 When the temperature on the first day vomiting is possible: the disease disables the stomach, which is not able to keep food.

In such a situation, it is better for the child to eat or drink for 2 hours. Then, if he asks to drink, give a small sip of water.

Look at the reaction of the body.

If vomiting has not resumed, you can give more water in 20-25 minutes. On the day when the body does not take food, it is permissible to increase the portion of drink to half a glass, not more. If the child asks for food, give him a tablespoon of porridge or applesauce.

Watch the reaction of the body.


If the temperature is elevated, in the first two days do not offer the child solid food, only liquid or semi-liquid in consistency, simple and light: porridge, curd mass, applesauce.

Then you can add to the diet boiled eggs, biscuits, croutons.

four. Of the cereals, doctors recommend eating buckwheat and oatmeal. Vitamins of group B, iron, calcium, potassium and phosphorus, which are contained in them, are especially necessary for the child’s body for recovery.

To make porridge not boring to the child, experiment with their preparation: cook them in water, milk, vegetable broth.


Avoid spicy and salty foods from your diet, especially if your baby has a sore throat: such foods can irritate the sore throat and increase pain.


With a strong cough, do not give the child sour foods, crackers and shortbread.

7 In the first days of the illness, give the baby a baby often, every half hour or an hour.

As a rule, at this time, children are more willing to drink juice and water. At elevated temperatures, children sometimes ask for milk. If it does not cause vomiting, then you should continue to give it to the child.

At temperatures above 39 °, choose skim milk (without the top layer of cream) or skimmed, as fats in milk are quite difficult to digest, especially during illness.

eight. As a rule, children, meat, fish, poultry, fats (butter, margarine, cream) refuse to eat during illness.

It is better to introduce these products into the diet after lowering the temperature, at the stage of recovery.


As soon as the disease begins to recede, be sure to offer your child vegetables and fruits — they contain a large amount of iron and vitamin C, which help to fight against colds.

ten. In the first week or two after recovery, the child’s appetite increases significantly. This is normal.

The body is restored, he needs to catch up.

Be prepared for this.

However, do not overfeed the child: increase the portions after the disease gradually, offer him as a snack dairy products and fruits.
If after two weeks the appetite does not return to normal, consult your doctor.

Tatyana Melnikova, Consultant Medical Officer of the Independent Laboratory INVITRO, Therapeutist : “Drinking while sick should be more abundant than usual. First, with increasing body temperature, sweating increases, which leads to loss of fluid that needs to be replenished.

Secondly, drinking plenty of fluids helps remove toxins that the infectious agent secretes, and those that are formed in the body during the fight against the microbe, the so-called slags.

During the course of the disease, give the child also mineral water, preferably without gas, so that it does not cause belching and heartburn, thereby not aggravating the state of the baby with unnecessary problems. ”

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