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What to eat to beautifully tan

Do not fool yourself — here I will sit down before going on a special diet and get a Hollywood tan, as if by magic. Nobody has yet invented a pill for a perfect tan, but a properly chosen diet can help prepare your skin for a meeting with the sun, protect it from aggressive ultraviolet radiation, and fix a bronze tint.

And this is not enough.

Bananas, peanuts, almonds, beans, sesame, brown rice

For the way the skin “sticks” quickly to our skin, the pigment meets melanin. The ability to produce melanin is embedded in the genes, so dark-skinned people tan better than whites.

But it is possible to slightly “improve” genetics. Melanin is synthesized in the body using two amino acidstyrosine and tryptophan, banana and peanuts contain both of these substances.

Tyrosine champions are almonds and beans.

The best supplier of tryptophan is brown rice.

And sesame contains a maximum of enzymes that allow amino acids to turn into melanin.

What to cook: quick prepare the spreads on the bread from canned beans and vegetable salads with beans and brown rice. Sesame can be sprinkled with not only cookies, but also fried meat and salad. Peanuts and almonds are often used in baking.

A banana will be the basis not only for smoothies, dessert mousses and cupcakes, but also for sandwiches — for example, with curd cheese, mint and cinnamon.

Carrots, peaches, apricots, watermelons

Foods rich beta carate. Contrary to popular belief, this pigment has little effect on sun exposure and does not tan at all darker.

You should not eat grated carrots for breakfast, lunch and dinner — by laying on the skin, beta-carotene can give it an unhealthy yellowish tint.

But at the expense of antioxidants products containing beta cartocin, perfectly protect the skin from burns and serve as a kind of shield for it.

If you start to use them actively at least one week before vacation, the effect will be more visible.

One cup of carrot juice per day or a pair of apricots is enough.

What to cook: summer, especially on holiday in hot countries, is the ideal time to eat fruit in its original form. But if you want, you can make something fancy out of them — puffs with peaches or watermelon lemonade.

A multifaceted carrot can act as a base for smoothies, green salads, it can be added to the dough for muffins and biscuits to give it a delicious red color.

Trout, mackerel, salmon, herring and other fatty fish

As much as we don’t like a dark chocolate tan, you need to remember that ultraviolet — This is a shock to the skin.

He even reaches its deepest layers and destroys collagen cell base. Therefore, do not neglect fatty fish — the main source of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Omega 3.

These substances successfully protect the lipid layer of the skin, retain moisture and help avoid wrinkles.

What to cook: fatty fish itself is high in calories, so we prepare it in the most useful way: any red fish will be very tasty if boiled for a couple, and herring or mackerel can be baked in parchment, practically without using butter.

Citrus, green onions, spinach, cabbage

By content vitamin C, which is badly needed not only in the cold season, but also in summer. It has been established that it is under intense exposure to sunlight that our body three times faster consumes vitamin C and worse resists infections and inflammation.

But taking ascorbicum in pills at this time is not recommended — in excess doses, vitamin C does not give a tan to the skin and may even cause allergy in the sun.

One citrus per day or a salad of fresh cabbage with green onions is quite enough.

What to cook: use orange or grapefruit juice in salad dressings, prepare a light vitamin soup from spinach, and the most basic way of dealing with young cabbage is to chop the head of cabbage and boil it for a couple or fry it with crackers.

Tomatoes, red bell pepper

Their main advantage is lycopene, which not only accelerates the production melanin, but also doubles the natural protection of the skin against burns and free radicals, preventing excessive dry skin and pigment spots.

If you continue to lean on lycopene-rich products after the holidays — a bronze tint on the skin will remain for a couple of weeks longer.

What to cook: fresh pepper — a rather serious load for the digestive system. Therefore, before putting it in a salad, it can be baked, and the taste will be more interesting, and the salad will receive an appetizing smoke aroma.

Tomatoes will benefit the sun not only fresh, but also dried or stewed — lycopene in them is fully preserved.

And even from the sweet summer tomatoes with pepper, which they just do not cook: both adjika, and vegetable caviar, and ratatouille.

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