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What to eat on the beach

The sun’s rays, covering the body with a golden hue, incidentally cause an oxidative reaction in the skin cells.

It is launched by those free radicals, who are to blame for aging and even, sadly, cause cancer. In order not to get an increase in age with the tan, take care to eat enough foods with vitamins. A, E and WITH — avant-garde antioxidant detachment.

And resist the temptation to call him into the service in the form of drugs, otherwise there is a high risk to exceed the dose: vitamins BUT and E tend to accumulate in the body, and an excess of vitamin WITH inhibits the tanning process.

These vitamins should add food rich selenium, who also knows how to control free radicals: for example, seafood and walnuts.

Vitamin BUT waiting for sunbathing in fatty fish — salmon, salmon, tuna, halibut and mackerel. And in the liver, egg yolk, butter and cream.

Vitamin E (which is important not only «solo», but also because it helps to absorb vitamin BUT) The easiest way to get it together with sunflower oil is to add it every day to vegetables and green salad.

And besides that vitamin BUT switched to active form, you will need zinc — in practice, it looks like whole-grain bread and wheat seedlings.

The menu for sunburn is perfectly complemented by soil tomatoes, in which, in addition to vitamin WITH, there is also lycopene, which also protects against free radicals.

This is dill and parsley: they contain substances called furocoumarins, and they increase the sensitivity of the skin to the sun.

And do not accelerate the tan at all — but they can cause the appearance of unaesthetic pigment spots.

Of course, you should not give up this greenery altogether; you only need to establish moderate diplomatic relations with it.

Contrary to the prevailing belief, cottage cheese, peas, mushrooms and cheese sunbathers are not needed.

It is believed that the ingredients in these products tyrosine and tryptophan stimulate the production of melanin pigment and accelerate the tanning process.

but tyrosine successfully synthesized in the body on its own without additional «nutritional» support. BUT tryptophan and doesn’t have any relation to tanning — he is not involved in the production melanin, but melatonin — hormone, which is needed for a healthy sleep.

However, tryptophan It has an antioxidant effect, so that at the seaside resort an extra slice of cheese does not hurt.

Carrot juice can also be resigned if there is no soul for it: beta carotene, which many in carrots, in large doses paint the skin yellow, but why such a substitute tan to those who are already lying on the beach?

Tanned skin retains moisture worse than usual, it becomes dry and vulnerable.

More liquid every day, preferably water and not anything else — and it will feel much better.

Seven or eight glasses a day is enough, provided that the water is not sweetened and too cold. And if you give up coffee and alcohol and eat a little vegetable oil and oily fish every day, the struggle for skin hydration can be considered won

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