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What to drink in summer

What to drink in the summer. Pink, white, red summer wines, champagne and sparkling wines

What should be the summer wine? Light — so as not to fool the already tormented head with heat. Refreshing, because in the summer you want so much coolness.

And, of course, they should be suitable for summer dishes — salads, simple snacks and even ice cream.

As the French say, if you do not know which wine to take, take the rose.

In the summer, rosé wines become especially relevant: they are always served chilled, they are in varying degrees suitable for almost all dishes to which, in principle, you can serve wine.

From French wines in hot weather, choose the sweetish-tasting Rose-d’Anjou and Cabernet D’Anjou.

Or Bordeaux Rosé and Bordeaux Clairet, as well as Tavel from the Rhone Valley.

Special mention deserve rosé wines from Provence — Cotes-de-Provence — they can be recommended to fans of dry wines.

These wines are distinguished by fruity taste, elegance and beautiful sparkling color.

Navarre, Penedes, Rioja
No less good are the Spanish rosado — rosé wines.

The most famous of them are produced in Navarre from the Garnacha Tinta grape.

They have a bright crimson color and a pleasant aroma of strawberries and rose petals with a hint of spice.

For the summer, rose wines from the Tempranillo variety from Penedesa with the taste of red cherries and fresh rose wines from Rioja, in which the aroma of grapes is so pleasant, are perfect.

If we talk about white wines, then dry ones come to mind first of all.

In fact, a light aromatic white wine with a refreshing acidity is what you need for a hot day.

When choosing such a wine, one should take into account that summer wines are not strong (about 12%) and are not aged in oak.

But if everything is quite simple with the first condition — the alcohol content is indicated on the label, then it is possible to find out if the wine is familiar with oak barrels, only after it has filled your glass.

In the restaurant you can ask about this sommelier. But we will give reference points — we will name some wines that are suitable for summer.

White wines suitable for summer can be found in any region of France. In Bordeaux, this is Bordeaux blanc sec and Entres-du-Mers.

In Burgundy — AOC Bourgogne and AOC Bourgogne Aligote.

In Languedoc-Roussillon — Clairette-du-Languedoc, Collioure.

In Provence — Cassis, in the French South-West — Gaillac and Bergerac.

However, it is not always easy to recognize among these wines truly summer ones and in order to understand whether a particular wine from these oranges is suitable for summer, you should try it.

But there are also win-win options for summer French wines.

On a hot summer day, Petit Chablis will be very useful — a light aromatic wine that is usually drunk by the young.

The French region of Alsace is famous for its white wines, and some of them are great for summer: Pinot Blanc is a light, rather weak wine with apple and wild flower aromas; silvaner with a neutral flavor and tart bitterness in taste; young inexpensive Riesling, featuring a bright fruit and floral bouquet and a lively taste.

Loire Valley
Another region of France that offers excellent summer wines is the Loire Valley.

In its middle course, around the town of Anjou, wines of the same name are produced from grapes of the Chenille Blanc: soft, light, with a fresh floral bouquet and slightly sweetish — due to a small amount of residual sugar.

In the lower reaches of the Loire, in the region of Nantes, they make another great summer wine that perfectly matches oysters and other seafood, Muscadet Sèvre-et-Maine.

In its bright bouquet you can hear the aromas of white fruits and flowers, and the light “pearl” — invisible to the eye, but pleasantly pricking the bubbles of the tongue — enhances the refreshing effect.

Veneto, Lazio, Umbria
In the north-east of Italy, in the Veneto region, produce one of the most common Italian white wines abroad — soave (Soave and Soave Superiore). This wine made from Garganega and Tobbino bianco perfectly brightens the afternoon heat.

The main advantage of soave is evenness and restraint, a simple bouquet with tones of acacia flowers and apples, refreshing acidity, low alcohol content.

Soave Superiore has a higher concentration and higher alcohol content than simple soave, but this does not prevent it from remaining a good summer option.

Other famous "summer" the white wines of Italy are Frascati (Lazio) and Orvieto (Umbria) from tobbiano bianco, malvasia and other grape varieties.

Penedes, Rioja
In the Catalan Penedès, light, fresh wines with a delicate bouquet of white exotic fruits, orange flowers and mountain herbs are made from the pareida grape variety.

Another local wine attraction is Vino de Aguja, a young, dry or semi-dry wine with a very mild flavor and light fizzy.
Rioja region is more famous for its red wines, but it can also please young, fresh whites, which have not been aged in oak.

Castilla y Leon
The wines from Rueda (Castilla y León) are bright, "crispy", Verdejo, with gooseberry, citrus and mountain herbs, just exude freshness.

Very good wines made from Sauvignon Blanc are made in this Spanish region.

But when choosing wines Rueda be careful: some of them contain a lot of alcohol, and it is best to order them for a late dinner, say, to a salad with seafood.

On a hot day, you can recommend the elegant young wines Rias Baixas and Ribeiro from Galicia, the most famous Spanish region producing white wines.

These wines will show a bright bouquet, a wonderful refreshing acidity and pronounced mineral shades.

Among other European countries, it should be noted Austria.

It produces young dry wines from the varieties Gruner Veltliner, Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc) and Muscateller.

In neighboring countries they also make refreshing wines — German dry kabinett (one of the categories of quality wines in Germany), Rieslings and Pinot Gris from the shores of Lake Balaton in Hungary.

As for the New World, here white wines for summer should be chosen carefully: the hot climate of these countries makes the drinks very strong.

Focus on wines from the varieties Torontes (Argentina), Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand, Chile, South Africa) and Chenin Blanc (Argentina, South Africa) — they have a fresh aroma and rarely undergo aging in oak barrels.

But what about those who prefer reds to all the wines in the world? It cannot be said that the choice will be large, but something can be found.

The approach is the same: light wines with a bright fruity bouquet and good acidity that are served chilled.

First of all, it is Beaujolais. Only not Beaujolais Nouveau, which was supposed to be drunk before the beginning of spring, and not wine from classified vineyards — i.e. cru

Better to choose Beaujolais and Beaujolais-Village.

These wines can be drunk chilled to 12 ° C — due to their softness and lightness, they will be very useful on a hot day.

Other French summer options are the Anjou red wines, the simple Burgundian AOC Bourgogne, the young wines from the Rhone Valley: Cotes-du-Ventoux, Coteaux-du-Tricastin and Cotes-du-Rhone.

With a selection of Spanish wines, everything is easier.

If on the label you see the word joven, which means "young", that’s what you need. The best young Spanish wines are made from the Temranillo grape variety in Rioja and Penedes.

They have a seductive bouquet with tones of strawberries and a soft silky taste.

Do you want Italian wine?

In summer, Bardolino and Valpolicella from the Veneto region are perfectly drunk, as well as simple varietal wines from cabernet franc and merlot.

Here to find something light and elegant is not easy — the climate is not the same.

For the summer, only some young Chilean merlot wines and New Zealand Pinot Noir can be attributed.

Sparkling wines always drink heavily chilled, and often unaccompanied, so many of them can definitely be called summer.

However, if you decide not to limit yourself to one or two glasses, then it is better not to appear in the sun, because the carbon dioxide contained in wine can have the opposite effect to a refreshing one.

This is an expensive and exquisite wine and cannot be denied an epithet. "summer"especially if it is lightweight.

But it is better to save it for a particularly solemn occasion, and on a typical day we will confine ourselves to something more simple.

From the French sparkling wines produced by the classical technology, in the summer, Vouvray, Saumur and Cremant-de-Loire from the Loire Valley, as well as Cremantine (crémant — sparkling wines prepared by the classical champagne outside Champagne) are noteworthy from other regions — Alsace, Burgundy Bordeaux

The best summer wines among sparkling classics in terms of price-quality, of course, the Spanish Cava.

Simple kava brut or semi-seko (semi-dry) will be quite inexpensive, but due to its lightness and freshness it will perfectly fulfill the task set for it.

Italian sparkling wines are mostly uncomplicated, but fresh, pleasantly drunk and inexpensive.

This is primarily about prosecco. This is a young sparkling wine, which, although produced by the reservoir method, is quite pleasant to the taste and is excellent for the summer season. Well, sweet lovers will not find anything better than Asti (Asti Spumante).

This low-alcohol sparkling wine has a bright muscatel aroma and taste with a velvety sweetness.

In addition, this wine has another undeniable summer dignity: it perfectly combines with ice cream.

And if you are bored with pure sparkling wines, try variations on a classic cocktail. "Cyrus grand piano".

Take a tall champagne glass, pour a bit of blackcurrant or other berry liqueur into it and add ice brut.

It is considered that the best summer wines are dry and low alcohol. But there are exceptions to every rule.

Light sweet whites can also be a good summer option. The main thing is that they are young and have a sufficiently high acidity. Like, say, German wines from the banks of the Moselle and its tributaries (Mosel-Saar-Ruwer).

Well-cooled late-moselle wines — spatles and auslese — are quite appropriate in hot weather.

The same applies to Romanian wines from Cotnari and non-strong muscats from Valencia.

Despite the fact that Spanish sherry contains a lot of alcohol, some of its varieties — Fino and Manzanilla — are considered traditional summer wines.

Their sour-bitter taste perfectly quenches thirst, and democratic rules of serving, including with ice, in the summer can be very useful.

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