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What to drink for children with colds

Any pediatrician, having examined a simple baby, will prescribe not only a bunch of medications, but also a drinking regimen, and moreover bed rest.

Why is it so important and how to feed a child with a cold?

Everything is very simple: when the immunity has failed and viruses have settled in the body, one of the main conditions for recovery is to quickly remove toxins resulting from their destructive actions. Without a fluid here can not cope. The more regular will leach out "slag"the faster the disease recedes, and the baby will recover.

The second point is high temperature: in order for a child to sweat well and naturally lower body temperature, you need to regularly replenish your body fluids without dehydration.

Drinking should be: not too sweet, not very sour, without additives and preservatives, that is, completely natural, and also — a pleasant warm temperature close to the body temperature. And not at all hot, as many people think.

By the way, during fever, hot drinking is generally contraindicated: why exacerbate the already intense heat and waste valuable energy resources of the body to cool boiling water to an acceptable temperature for assimilation?

One thing — pure, drinking and always non-carbonated — is not limited.

Immediately you should exclude soda and other tasty, but full of chemistry drinks, as well as packaged juices, they have too much sugar.

What remains?

Herbal teas. We make them from medicinal plants that have anti-inflammatory, expectorant, antipyretic properties.

The composition of the fees, which watered children with colds, may include lime blossom, black currant leaves and raspberries (the latter have the property to lower the temperature no worse than raspberry jam), calendula, thyme, chamomile, sage.

It is worth remembering that medicinal herbs can cause an allergic reaction, so these drinks for children with a tendency to allergies should be offered with caution.

Healing tea should be brewed, then cooled to a comfortable temperature and filtered.

Regular teas.

Tea with honey and lemon, tea with raspberry jam are considered the most proven means that they drink a child with colds and viral diseases. But such a drink is very easy to perekrasit or perekislit, and as mentioned above, too sweet or sour drinking with the disease should not be. In addition, caffeine and tannin contained in black and green tea can stimulate the nervous system and interfere with healthy sleep — another universal "medicine", which provides a quick recovery from a cold.

Therefore, do not offer tea in the afternoon.

Morsy. They are designed to provide the body not only with liquid, but also with vitamins. So, they should be cooked from fresh or thawed berries, without subjecting them to heat treatment.

Another treatment option "morse" — dilute a spoonful of raspberry jam in a glass of warm water: it is both tasty and healthy.

Only after such a drink you need to wrap yourself up thoroughly, sweat and then change into a dry one: raspberries are valuable precisely for their properties. "drive out" chill through the pores.

Other suitable berries for treating colds are blackberries, sea buckthorn, cranberries, lingonberries, and black currants.

They have a lot of antioxidant vitamins.

A decoction of wild rose. Despite the name, no need to boil dried fruit.

Enough to pour boiling water in a thermos and insist a few hours: the berries will give all their vitamins, and a lot of them in the dog rose — C, B, K, PP, carotene.

Broth hips — a natural bactericidal agent, so it is useful not only to drink it, but also to gargle them.

Milk based drinks. Milk in which a spoon of honey is stirred (and sometimes a piece of butter sometimes) likes to drink the grandchildren of the grandmother: a folk remedy, a proven one! True, not for everyone.

Firstly, because allergies to bee products (and honey is the main one) are now often encountered.

If after "medication" swelling started, tears began to run out and a rash started all over the body, such treatment should be stopped immediately.

Secondly, milk is in its essence — for a child, not so much drinking as food, it loads the stomach.

So, one cup per day is enough.

The same goes for the other. "milky" drinking — for example, figs in milk (which helps with a sore throat) or mineral water mixed with milk.

Mineral water.

Alkaline drinking with a cold helps to make cough productive, soften the throat, soothe the nasopharyngeal mucosa.

Water is taken not drinking, which is sold at every step, and medical.

You must first remove the extra "bubbles" (leave for several hours to fizzle out) and reheat.

By the way, such mineral water can not only give a child a cold, but also make inhalations.

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