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What to do with the remnants of the cake

Few have the strength to cope with the Easter gifts in one sitting.

Here are seven ideas for you to do with a dried out cake, so that not a single crumb will be wasted.

The dough for the cake is a poem: here and butter, and eggs, and raisins, and candied fruits. It is not surprising that the croutons from it will be royal.

The main thing — don’t burn they are in the oven, because apart from flour in the cake, a lot of things are mixed.

We cut the cake on slices 5-6 cm thick (do not shallow, otherwise the crumbs will be more than whole crackers). We preheat the oven to 100C, put in it a baking sheet with sliced ​​kulich and immediately turn it off.

The time for which the oven will cool is enough to dry the pieces. And you do not have to watch every minute, so that the croutons are not burnt.

Keep crackers better in airtight container (for example, in a jar for cookies or for bulk products).

Serve with tea, coffee or cook with them various desserts (see below).

If the cake crumbles — it does not matter. The part will go on crackers, a part — not sprinkling

If the cake is crumbled, and not cut, also not a problem.

We pour the crumbs on a baking sheet, covered with paper (this way it will be easier to collect them later), put them in the oven and dry them like crackers, which we talked about above. When cool — we crush a tolokushka. It turns out an excellent sweet dressing for cakes and pastries, for example, homemade potatoes.

You can sprinkle fruit salad with such crumbs or use it as breading for deep-fat frying.

Shredded kulich break into pieces (or use crackers from it), in the evening pour milk, yogurt or sour cream and leave overnight in the refrigerator.

It remains to decompose this snack in the bowls and decorate with anything: fresh or thawed berries, jam, muesli, coconut flakes, nuts, broken kozinaki or marshmallow.

Well, why not a holiday early in the morning!

A quick and beautiful breakfast with kulich crackers

Actually, the recipe differs little from ordinary toasts: soak slices of kulich (or the same crackers) in a mixture of milk and eggs, sprinkle with sugar and fry in butter on both sides until golden brown.

Brilliant with marmalade, jam or fresh fruit slices and whipped cream.

If the kulichs were presented to you a lot and the croutons were lingered in your kitchen, then often indulge yourself with this kind of casserole.

Take a gentle homogeneous cottage cheese (You can dilute it with fat sour cream in the proportion of 1: 1, then the casserole will be softer), mix in pieces of fruit or berries. Then in a greased form lay layers of kulich croutons and curd mass. Top of the whole building can be powdered baby from the same cake.

And — in the oven warmed to 180С for 20 minutes.

Festive dessert fast food. Smear 200 g of the croutons with melted creamy butter, sprinkle with sugar and place in a single layer in a baking dish.

Mix 300 ml of heavy cream, 3 eggs, 80 g of sugar, a pinch of cinnamon and whisk in a blender.

Pour the mixture over the layer of cake, cover with foil and send to the oven preheated to 150C, substituting the bottom of the container with water.

In 20-25 minutes you will succeed delicate soufflé, which will be completely irresistible with a scoop of ice cream.

Kulich Pudding — Instant Cooking Dessert

Even the one who has not dealt with the dough in his life will cope with this recipe. Mix 150 g of cakes from the cake (crackers can also be used, grinding in a blender), mix with 100 g of softened butter.

Put in a baking dish, level and send to the oven preheated to 180 ° C for 10-12 minutes. You can use such a cake for a cheesecake, cottage cheese pie or any cake with a delicate cream.

The most elementary solution is to cover the cake with whipped cream, and on top — to lay a layer of fresh berries.


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