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What to do with the cake from the juicer

Anyone who makes fresh juices at home wonders: «Where to put the cake?«.

And it’s a pity to throw out — a good product, there are a lot of vitamins in it … But what to do is not clear. Here are some ideas to help you.


Vegetable cake from the best to do puree soups. Fill the cake with a small amount of water so that it gets saturated with moisture. Then put this mush on the fire and cook until tender.

You can add boiled meat, eggs or mushrooms to taste.

Then send to a blender and whisk.


Your soup is ready!

For ordinary soups, cake can also be used, but it will not look very impressive.


It is best to use pumpkin cake.

We take millet or rice, fill it with water or milk.

Shortly before the cereal is ready, add some cake to it and boil some more.

Porridge is ready. Add honey, nuts, dried fruits, butter.

And you can serve on the table.

Pancakes and cutlets

You can make excellent cake vegetable pancakes or patties.

They are prepared according to the usual recipe. Just before using the cake, we recommend holding it a little in the water so that it gets saturated with moisture.

This is especially true if you get very dry cake.


If you are cooking vegetable casserole, add eggs, semolina, sour cream, salt, spices to the cake.

Fruit cake also goes into business.

Its good to use for ordinary curd casseroles.


Carrots and beetroot cakes make excellent salads. Extinguish the cake a little in a skillet with onions. Remove from heat.

Transfer to a salad bowl.

Add boiled eggs, grated cheese, chopped sweet pepper.

Dress up with your favorite sauce and you’re done!

Bakery products

Use a small amount of cake to make cookies, muffins, and even bread.

Just add it to the dough and stir it.

If there are large particles of vegetables or fruits in the cake, chop them in a blender.

Dry crackers

We take any cake or mix of several and add seeds, nuts, dried fruits, spices, spices, sugar or honey.

What the soul asks for in the amount that you personally like.

Mix the mass in a blender until smooth. Cover the baking sheet with baking paper and lay out the mixture with a thin layer (2-3 mm).

Set the minimum temperature, remove the pan in the oven and dry.

After 8-12 hours, you will have ready crackers that are stored for a long time, crunch pleasantly and are excellent as a healthy snack.


If you get a very dry cake, try making candy from it. Mix fruit cake with thick honey, chopped nuts and dried fruit.

Then manually form round candies from the mass and decorate them on top with whole nuts.

Refrigerate for a few hours.

The same can be done with oilcake from vegetables, only honey should be replaced with thick sour cream.

Decorate the ball with parsley or cilantro.

Children will be interested to eat such useful sweets instead of a boring salad.


In the boiled rice, add vegetable oilcake, chopped onion, vegetable oil, spices and spices.

Extinguish the mixture slightly.

This filling is universal. It can be eaten separately, but it can be put in pies, dumplings, manty, stuffed pancakes.

Or just wrap it in thin Armenian lavash.

From the fruit cake make a filling for pies.

Prepare it as you always do.

If necessary, pre-soak the cake with water.

The drinks

Is it possible to make a drink from the mass in which there is not a drop of liquid left? Of course! For example, smoothies.

Mix cake in a blender along with juicy berries, fruits or vegetables.

Pour some herbal tea or mineral water.

Depending on the type of smoothie (fruit or vegetable), add spices, sugar, honey.

And some craftsmen make moonshine and chacha from apple or grape cake.

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