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What to do to the child eat? 10 steps in the right direction on

What to do to the child eat? 10 steps in the right direction

We often hear from parents: “My child’s food is completely uninteresting, it’s impossible to shove anything into it!” So ​​here’s a dozen practical advice for the case of “cramming”

1. A child’s diet should be varied, children even quickly get bored with even their favorite dishes.

In such cases, simply eliminate the annoying food and enter a new one — the appetite will not take long. After all, we often remove toys to the far shelf, which the baby is no longer interested in.

It will take time, bored other bears and cubes, and those from the shelf will again become the most beloved.

2. Do not be afraid to use spices, herbs, spices and exotic foods in children’s dishes.

The sooner children learn to understand and distinguish the taste of food, the more they will be picky in their food afterwards.

3. Change the mode of feeding the baby on hot days.

At noon, offer him no lunch, but a second breakfast (for example, kefir, cottage cheese, light porridge, fruit, diluted juice), and after sleeping a fairly hungry baby will easily cope with the dishes that you have prepared for him for lunch.

4. Do not force the child to eat when he is sick, nervous, or upset.

5. Do not put the child at the table immediately after the active game.

And of course, do not try to feed the kid running around the apartment: such a race will not lead to anything good.

Moreover, it can be dangerous: you can easily choke on food.

6. Do not separate the food into “good” and “bad”.

Instead, find the connection between food and what’s important to your child, such as appearance.

7. Encourage healthy choices. Praise the children for preferring the right foods. Replace harmful potato chips with oven-baked potato sticks or homemade muesli.

That is, always have on hand a healthy snack instead of sweets.

8. Never use food as a reward. This can create overweight problems in later years. Instead, encourage your children to do something that requires both of you to be active — walk in the park or play in the fresh air.

In our world of busy parents, such joint leisure is often in itself a great gift for a child.

9. Let the children go to school in beautiful plastic boxes and in no case in polyethylene.

And only one that does not deteriorate in a warm room and does not lose appearance after the “tests by the portfolio”.

10. Try not to feed the child with yesterday’s food. It is much less appetizing and useful than from the heat of the heat.

And to save time and effort, freeze broths, greens, vegetables and fruits, including in the form of mashed potatoes.

Food may be uninteresting because it appears who knows where.

If you involve a baby (yes there is a baby, sometimes a teenager would also be nice to engage) in the process of cooking, the situation can change radically.

Something we do not recall a child who would refuse to try the dish he prepared himself.

The main thing in joint preparation is not to be afraid (we are talking about parents). Even the smallest child will not be cut with a sharp knife if you show him how to properly hold a dangerous tool, and do not slam his wings over him while he cuts.

Yes, there are definitely dangerous things: hot oil, a large pot of boiling water — all this, of course, not for kids.

And teach children safety precautions for adults — and they will be fine too.

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