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What to cook for the New Year of the Dogs?

Officially Year of the Yellow Earth Dog It starts on February 16, but you can well meet him on New Year’s Eve!

And we will tell you what to wear, how to decorate the table and, of course, what to cook.

The Yellow Dog is a homely beast, friendly and convivial, so it’s great if a big cheerful company gathers at the festive table. The table should be hospitable, generous — everything and more, and the dishes are quite simple.

And, it is desirable that it was not necessary to spend a lot of time and effort on their preparation.

Of course, preference is given to meat on the bone, baked in one piece in the oven, for example, lamb leg, pork loin or beef side. Special skilled workers can bake the brain bone — so you show your respect for the dog.

You can also bake the whole bird — chicken, goose, turkey — after having first stuffed it with apples or oranges. Prepare cold meats: cold asses, aspic, pastes, cold cuts, sausages, and salads with meat.

By the way, I can please guests and hot dogs, but not ordinary, but gastronomical — with interesting sauces and fillings.

Serve any root vegetables as a side dish — they will like the Earth Dog, and it does not matter how they are cooked: you can fry the potatoes and bake the sweet potatoes and carrots with spices and herbs.

But the sweet dog is not very useful, so for dessert you should cook something light, but always with tangerines or oranges — jelly, mousses or sorbets.

Sample treats for the holiday table

A friend of the Dog is the Rabbit, so you should not put dishes with this meat on the festive table, and it is also better not to experiment with horse meat. In no case do not cook the fish: firstly, the Dog can choke with bones, and secondly, it will not be satisfied with one fish. Maximum — caviar and "herring under a fur coat".

And be careful with strong alcohol — Dogs do not like drunk people.

According to the rules of Feng Shui, it is better to set the table in the center of the apartment or in the south-east. For the decor, use simple accessories made from natural materials: linen tablecloths, wooden figures, wicker baskets, wax candles. Of course, it would be nice if they were gold and yellow, but do not overdo it!

By the way, the number of the next year is 9, which symbolizes success and prosperity!

Put 9 candles on the table, and in general, the more nines in the decor, the better.

For example, you can make a hill of nine oranges, which also symbolize wealth in China.

The Earthen Dog is also called the Dog, sitting on a mountain, therefore such an installation will be very symbolic.

Festive table decoration example

Yellow Earth Dog loves coziness and comfort, so you can choose an outfit easier. Or wear something suitable for home pastime, for example, pajamas, but beautiful — from velvet or silk — it is now in trend. Ladies should abandon shoes with heels, pick up shoes with low heels or slippers, but only new ones.

Nevertheless, it is better to be closer to the earth in the coming year, rather than soaring in the clouds.

And, of course, do not forget about the color of clothes — the focus is on gold, orange and yellow.

Of course, I would like to write — give gold bars — but no! Keep it simple — this year things are good for the house: from household appliances and furniture to the elements of decor and kitchen equipment.

You can give something wool, for example, socks or a sweater, better knitted with your own hands.

But it’s not worth giving dogs figurines, especially to those who were born this very year — two dogs may not get along.

Sample holiday gift wrap

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