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What to cook for lunch: winter soup with meatballs from Frau Marta

What to cook for lunch: winter soup with meatballs from Frau Marta

Only on weekends, most of us have the time to stand at the stove with pleasure in order to feed our family and friends in a hurry. Culinary blogger Marta Zdanovska has many ideas for the weekend menu.

Read Frau Martha on Fridays and cook at the weekend!

In my opinion, the most important part of the weekend is a collective meal. The team at the same time should choose the most carefully and thoughtfully.

For example, I prefer the time-tested members of my family, but you, of course, decide for yourself.

In addition to pleasant company, I have to perfect have dinner Weekend there are a few more requirements: vivacity and enthusiasm (let’s paint the gray everyday life filled with the same type of meatballs with buckwheat), the absence of «extreme»Products (an ordinary child from 0 to 18 would never believe in the edibility of something that is not chicken, pasta or ketchup). Then there is still the heartiness — for some reason I need everyone to just roll out from behind the table: probably, to be sure that somehow, the family will somehow make it to the evening.

Oh, and the perfect dinner must start with the soup.

«Winter soup with meatballs in Italian«- a great first course option for a Saturday or Sunday dinner.

This soup — almost like «Irish stew»Jerome K. Jerome: it has everything.

Variety of vegetables (for utility), meatballs (for menn) and pasta in the form of letters (for children), and even classic Italian pesto (for originals).

What do you need:

  • 500g ground beef
  • 2.5 l broth (beef or chicken fits)
  • 150 g of small pasta in the form of letters
  • 1 medium carrot
  • 1 red bell pepper
  • 1 small zucchini
  • 1 tbsp. l mustard
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 1 egg
  • salt, pepper to taste
  • cooking oil for frying

For pesto sauce:

  • 1 bell pepper
  • 1 bunch of green basil
  • 1 bunch of parsley
  • ½ onion
  • 3 heads of garlic
  • 50 ml of olive oil
  • 2 tbsp. l pine nuts
  • salt pepper

What to do:
Heat the oven to 180 degrees.

One Bulgarian pepper should be washed, dried and sent to the oven for 30-40 minutes — until black tusks appear on the skin.

Do not worry, we will remove the skin, and our pepper will be a cucumber-well done!

Peel carrots, onions, peppers and cut into small pieces along with zucchini.

In vegetable oil fry vegetables until golden brown.
Broth bring to a boil, add the roasted vegetables and cook for 15 minutes.

In a separate bowl, mix the minced meat, mustard, egg, crushed garlic, salt and pepper.

Form meatballs and add them to the broth with vegetables.
Now let’s digress from the soup, which in the next 30 minutes will perfectly cope without us, let’s do pesto sauce.

Fry nuts in a dry frying pan.

By the way, it is not necessary to use pine nuts, although this is the most correct and classic option.

Walnuts or almonds are perfect as a substitute.

We get the same baked pepper out of the oven, peel it off the skins, entrails and send it to the blender bowl.

Add nuts, greens, half an onion, garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper according to individual needs.

Punch to a state of mashed potatoes.

That’s all!

And in vain you thought out cowardly about buying ready-made pesto in the store!

The final touch: add 2 tablespoons of pesto and small pasta to the soup, leave to cook for another 10 minutes.

Winter soup with meatballs in Italian is completely ready to lead any Sunday dinner!

P.S. You have an impressive amount of pesto.

Cook some small letters, fry bacon or ham, mix with grated cheese, greens and a slightly beaten egg, add in small letters with pesto — and your lunch will continue with the second dish all in the same Italian style.

Martha Zdanovskaya:
“I love to eat since childhood. My mother never had any problems with my appetite: I didn’t have to beg for another spoonful of porridge for my dad, finish eating the remnants of soup or rattle, finally, a poor chicken.

After me, the plates always remained sterile.

When I grew up a bit, I first learned how to cook, then I got my own family and started struggling to feed her.

Because eating alone is not at all mine, I like all this fame, thanks and cries of “God, how tasty!” And “How did you do it?” I cook it out of absolutely selfish considerations. And recently my husband started a blog for me “Culinary diary of Frau Marta” and now I’m talking about my experiments with nutrition to a wide audience.

I also work as an editor, I have a wonderful family, I love opera, snowboard, the sea and a strange movie. And of course, eat tasty food! ”

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