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What to cook for a festive dinner

Pies make a pleasant variety in the daily diet and simply delight. Bake for.

We offer a very quick recipe for cooking spaghetti bolognese with mushrooms.

The most difficult thing about these dumplings, dumplings — to fasten them correctly. Will have to up.

Lamb leg, baked with anchovies and rosemary, will be exceptionally fragrant and c.

We cook this dish only once a year, on Easter. Therefore, for him to buy the best.

Surely you have tried the Italian focaccia tortilla, which is made from the usual yeast dough. We .

This baking can be called whatever you like, from the change of the name its appetizing and tasty essence is not.

This is a very festive dish. Let it turn out to be expensive and take time.

In summer, when the circle is full of different greens, you can use it in a pie with cabbage.

On the question of the origin of Kubdari — a pie with meat — there can be no different interpretations: this.

Created from what was in the cold.

Ceviche — Latin American dish of raw fish, pickled in citrus juice. In each .

After baking the cakes, you probably still have the dough trim. Collect them, unite,.

Universal crumbly dough can be the basis for open pies. For example, you can bake.

The stuffing for these meat patties can be made not only from boiled beef, but also from meat on.

Skewers can be made from any red fish — salmon, salmon, pink salmon. I have a salmon this time. .

This dish was probably prepared by the shepherd, who lived a long time ago in Ireland, for his beloved. We .

Classic fish pie does not require complex ingredients. Snow-white fillet, eggs and green onions -.

By Gastronom.ru Natalya Volkova lives in Italy and offers her view of the traditional.

Olivier with crabs is not Olivier at all — you will say.

And no! Try replacing classic meats.

Baked meat with various sauces — welcome guest at the festive table! Pig blade for.

Unusual shape will make this loaf a star of any table. This kind of bread is completely self-sufficient.

In the post people especially zealously begin to experiment at home. Moreover, who knows them, these.

I want to offer you a recipe for the most delicious duck we will.

Yes, you will not cook such a cake every day, in a hurry, from “what is in.

If desired, you can add not bacon sausages to the pizza toppings, but, say, tuna and shrimp. Or .

Young sorrel is an amazingly tasty thing. Do not tell your guests or home with what.

The original appetizer in the form of a sausage in a sausage dough will appeal to both children and.

Patties with cabbage — this is not to you pies with meat or onions. This is a separate category of pies. .

Duck — decoration of any table. To make the bird juicy, soft and fragrant, pickle and.

Salad worthy of the festive table.

Serving in small cups is good for a buffet table.

The royal galette (Galette des Rois) or the Pie of the Magi has traditionally been prepared in France since.

The most simple patties, even in the most severe frost, are a bit like.

Do not be deceived by the appearance of the dish!

It is not red, but white fish-sig. Marinated in delicious.

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